Coming of Age (UK)

Tuesday 10:30 PM on BBC Three Premiered Sep 30, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Fear Itself
      Fear Itself
      Episode 8
      not yet known.
    • Lesbian Jumper
      Lesbian Jumper
      Episode 7
    • Penguin
      Episode 6
      Matt ends up becoming involved with a gang that loves gentle humour following his break-up with Chloe. Jas is worried after Ollie's foul-mouthed Auntie Olwen pays a visit, and DK finds a gun.
    • Dib Dib Dib
      Dib Dib Dib
      Episode 5
      After much reluctance the principal finally agrees to let Mr Palmer sign DK up to his scouting group for boys. Jas is excited as she launches her modelling career and Ollie is terrified he will lose her as she jets off around the world on glamorous assignments. However, his fears are put to rest when he spots her modelling in the local shopping centre. Tensions between Matt and Chloe come to the fore as the two have to seriously consider their future together.moreless
    • Robbery
      Episode 4
      Having lost his mum's engagement ring, DK is distraught and tells the principal about everything that has happened. However, the gang are on hand to help DK get the ring back. Realising they could never raise the cash needed to buy it back, they plan to rob the local pawn shop, but they are going to need some unusual disguises. Jaz and Ollie end up in Jail, Matt and DK go into hiding and Robin and Chloe go on the run.moreless
    • My Idiot BF
      My Idiot BF
      Episode 3
      Ollie believes he may be the next big thing in the art world as he bares his bottom art, with the support of his muse, Jas. DK can't believe his luck with his dad Jim back in his life and things really starting to look up. Jim is a professional poker player and it looks like he may soon make enough to support DK and his mum. However, trouble may be afoot when he asks his trusting son for a favour. Meanwhile, Chloe starts tweeting about Matt's idiotic behaviour, and Robyn thinks Chloe is giving Matt a harder time than he deserves.moreless
    • Badvert
      Episode 2
      Enrolment at Wooten College is at an all-time low, so the principal decides to hold a competition for all the students to enter. They must all make an advert for the college, with a first place prize of 500 pounds. Ollie and Matt team up against Chloe and Jas, though their adverts reveal that they are not as different as they may think. DK and Robyn team up, forging a bond between the two of them. But the good times are about to be disrupted by a face from DK's past.moreless
    • Kissy Woo!
      Kissy Woo!
      Episode 1
      Ollie and Jas are still separated, though not for long if Ollie has anything to do with it. Matt has made a new friend, Robyn Crisp, who he spends all his time with. However, Chloe is in for a shock when she finally meets them. How will the gang react when Matt introduces his new friend, Robyn Crisp, to them? Meanwhile, DK discovers he's a genius.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1