Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 2

First Choice

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on ABC

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  • Inspiring Epsode...Mac continues to increase her boldness and fortitude in the face of politics-as-usual, and issues a challenge for all of us around what-the-hell-we-are-using-our-lives-for. Writers continue to develop characterization of Mac's family,


    President Allen deals with presidential, political, and family conflict in an episode that provides an insightful set of flashbacks to the election that brought her into office. (Of course, how there came to be two competing Republican 'tickets' with both a presidential and vice-presidential candidates vying for a nomination isn't explained.)

    Best quote in the series thus far:

    "What are YOU going to do with the next two years, Warren?"--by a determined and self-assured Mackenzie Allen making her pitch to a reluctant General Keaton why he should join her.

    Next best quote:

    "It's like being in the shadow of greatness."--by an expressive General Willam Fitzgerald Keaton, answering the press on what it's like to stand by Allen instead of sitting across from her.

    The one concern I was left with after the rush wore off from the end of the show was whether EVERY episode would see President Allen "pulling it off" in the last 10 minutes...I think we can trust the writers, however, to make sure there is at least some suspense and even disappointment from time-to-time for fans of Mac.
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