Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 4

First Dance

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on ABC

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  • good start for this show

    i had the chance to see this episode on a re run this week. Like i said before this show will be the next west wing tipe. the actors are good in a 95% i do not like the actor that plays the speaker of the house. I think that his role is note rich onogh and does not exploind the real truth on how politic are doen in the capitol
  • I like this series but I hate Templeton...

    This series is really very nice, it gives me good feelings, it makes me wanna see a woman do the same one day. Will it be possible? Well, maybe I live in a fairytale but I really don't like when there is the whole plot about Templeton and whatever he's doing. Okay, the episode shows that it isn't the first time in history but I feel like forwarding the episode just not to see all that bad coming out from that Republican team.
  • Templeton...give it a rest!

    What a well written episode! I love that the show not only explore the politics going on in the White House but problems a family in that situation could face, being thrown into such a spotlight at the bat of an eye. Poor Rod! hahahaha.... I'm sure any man in his shoes would feel a little jealous of his wife and not know how to deal with his new duties (what color should the napkins be?) Each week I fall more in love with this show. Geena Davis continues to portray her character wonderfully...what talent!
  • I will be glad when she kicks Templetons azz. Her daughter needs to get a grip, this the life her mother has chosen not just for her but for all Americans as well as her family. We know it is a much for her to diget, but try to adjust.

    The Russian/American dance of the Heads of State was excellent writing. Who said we shouldn\'t be human. Heck you know what, is this a hard concept in REAL LIFE? Tempeltons time is coming, good cliff hanger over the winter break, and holidays!!! Somebody grab girlfriend oldest daughter. Teach this child about acceptance, arogrance, and maybe Your Mother is The Prez, blip. Writers please don\'t leave this kid in the liability column, then will be force to look at Britney Spears, think of our daughters!
  • Excellent SHOW!

    I really like this show being a fan of Geena Davis. Having this president an Independent rather than Republican or Democrat is great. What I REALLY like are the identification tags for characters coming on screen. Sort of like an on screen program so we can keep track of the players names and functions.

    What I DONT like are the media comparisons to McKenzie Allen and Hilary Clinton. Saying this show supports Hillary becoming president is both wrong and plainly unattractive. Could a woman be president, DEFINATELY, could Hillary be the president, not likely!
  • I'm really about to give up on this show!

    The daughter is getting on my last nerve. The Speaker of the house is annoying and the husband is a brat. I like the show when it is her or the press secretary and the daily business. The show sucks out loud when they show the speaker and his plotting against her. The oldest daughter just needs to get over herself.
  • Political forces conspire to tae the President down.

    Though I wish Donald Sutherland would enunciate, he's a perfect villian in this drama. His character, Templeton is doing his dead level best to thwart President Allen's administation. We get a glimpse into the halls of power and the unscuplous people who inhabit them. Again the President is able to maintain herself and her administration.