Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 4

First Dance

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Alex: It's just not done.
      Mackenzie: What?
      Alex: You. Ma'am, you can't dance with President Kharkov.
      Mackenzie: Why? Is he a bad dancer? A good dancer?

    • Mackenzie: Oh, what a town. You can't even trust the backstabbers.

    • Mac takes Amy's breakfast muffin
      Amy: Hey!
      Mackenzie: Hey, I'm the President. Go get yourself another muffin.

    • Rebecca: Just because you're four minutes older than me doesn't mean you have all the answers.

  • Notes

    • The song played by the band in the closing minutes of the show was "Mack the Knife" composed by Kurt Weill and lyrics written by Bertolt Brecht.

    • What Mac does not mention about President John Tyler is that he only got to serve out the term that his predecessor William Henry Harrison was elected for and left office without being elected in his own right. In fact it was not until Theodore Roosevelt who became the first Vice-President to accede to the Presidency due to the death of his predecessor to be elected in his own right. Perhaps that's why President Bridges was named after Roosevelt.

    • Despite what is being stated on-screen, the National Security Advisor is not a member of Cabinet.

    • Ratings: This episode garnered 16 million viewers.

    • This episode aired a special 61 minutes, while "Boston Legal" got cut to 59.

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