Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 6

First Disaster

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2005 on ABC

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  • A most enjoyable show.

    I must say I am enjoying this show, immensely. I have not been so glued to a show in years. I disagree with the reviews that seem to paint the plots as predictable or dull.

    This episode was no exception. The twists and turns in the never ending saga of the barbs, slings and arrows between Mac and Templeton are interesting to watch.

    As usual, Templeton cannot be trusted. I am glad, though, that the writers do not, even for a second, allow Mac to be manipulated or weak. I am glad she stands her ground. I believe it is an accurate portrayal of the cunning, yet, fair-mindedness that a woman could bring to the highest position in the free world. It is refreshing to see a show willing to go this far.

    I really loved the fact that Mac beat Templeton and the FL governor within the creative confines of existing laws. I like the way she is earning the respect of other officials who are more than glad to help her thwart the various obstacles (usually originating with Templeton) being placed in her way. It gives us all a chance to rally to the support of our heroine.

    The portrayal of the first family is, probably, pretty accurate, as well. I can only imagine the experience the “first man” is going to encounter. I find the portrayal of the three kids - two teenagers, to be believable, as well, but care should be taken because it is a bit too predictable which brings me to underscore this aspect of the shows so far. That the oldest daughter is, constantly, in trouble is a bit too predictable. This show continues the tendency. I would like something a bit more original in this area. The slip in judgment of the secret service person, the hounding of the daughter to the point of danger, etc., then the replacement of the agent, even the regret of the daughter were all very predictable. We have seen this before – many times in other movies, shows, etc.

    The intrigue of the first man having the enticement of the commissioner of baseball job offer is an interesting twist. It should offer some great possibilities in future episodes.

    Finally, my highest praise for the most enjoyable part of this episode – I can’t help myself – has to be the scene where Mac is reading the book to kids at the hurricane shelter. When whispered the disastrous news in her ear of the damaged tanker, rather than wasting even a second – no pensive, darting glances, either; no pondering how a president should be conducting him or herself; no hesitation, whatsoever; Mac, immediately, smiling, all the while, recruits one of the kids to take over the reading, as she is jumping up to handle our nation’s crisis. I LOVE IT!!!!

    My mouth dropped open. My kudos to the guts of the writers. May you all avoid the IRS audits in your futures. I await your next efforts to right the snafus of the all too real “actors” in our current administration – if only for an hour every week.