Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 3

First Strike

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2005 on ABC

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  • Waste of great talent.

    I was so excited when I heard that Jason Wiles was FINALLY going to be on a new show. I fully expected him to have a much larger role so, imagine my disappointment when I realized that, if I were to blink I would miss his appearance. Wiles was OUTSTANDING on Third Watch. It wouldn't have been the same without "Bosco" and I don't think another actor could have pulled the part off. As far as the episode itself, also disappointing. I'd rather see more emphasis on character development than to watch the writers pack as much "action" into one episode as they possibly can. However, I must say that Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland are SUPERB. Their chemistry is outstanding!
  • El asesinato de 9 agentes infiltrados de la DEA en algun pais sudamericano hace que Allen tome una de las decisiones mas difíciles desde el inicio de su gobierno. Ademas, continuan las tensiones con el vicepresidente por parte de los republicanos.

    Presidenta Allen es informada sobre el asesinato de 9 agentes infiltrados de la DEA en el Putumayo, y se siente obligada a tomar represalias contra aquellos que realizaron este acto. Después de llamar al Presidente de ese pais (suponemos que Colombia), y al saber que el es un dictador que derroco bajo golpe de estado a su legitimo Presidente, decide hacer uso de las ramas para llevar a cabo su plan.
    Mientras tanto, el VP es asediado con muchas preguntas para saber su posición de lealtad hacia Allen. Este trabajo es realizado por su esposo, quien interrogara sobre el pasado del VP y su paso por la armada, asi como sus declaraciones durante la campaña politica.
    Los hijos se ubican en un plano de acecho mediatico, pues son seguidos a la escuela y tratan de tomarles las mejores tomas, lo que incomoda a Rebecca (la hija), mientras que a Horace (el hijo) parece no incomodarle.
    Las decisiones no se hacen esperar: Allen, mediante un mensaje a la nacion, informa que ha decidido usar la fuerza aerea para atacar los sembrios de coca y asi doblegar el gobierno golpista. Ademas, pide a la población que reaccione ante este hecho, motivando que ellos salgan a las calles y derroquen, pacíficamente, al tirano; gracias a ello, el presidente elegido por la población regresa a gobernar.


    CIC sigue siendo una serie en camara lenta. La dependencia presidencial en una sola persona es patetica. No cuenta con el apoyo personal de un abogado, y la falta de confianza en la oficina de Comunicaciones se hace sentir en la serie. Ademas, la trama familiar quita el sabor politico que necesita.
    Sobre este episodio, si bien ha mejorado el guion, las actuaciones y manejo verbal sigue siendo decadente. Ir contra el Congreso y hacer batir las alas de mujer independiente hace que el espectador se pregunte la veracidad del mismo. Queda mucho por definir en esta serie que, insisto, tiene mucho por aportar, pero deben seguir una linea de accion mas rapida, pues en muchos casos dan ganas de pasar a otra serie donde nos llene mas las expectativas.
  • shapping to be a good show

    as i said before the writers have a great plot for this show to be the next west wing, in this episode reveals how dificult is to be a president in te US and worst when you are a woman in that position. I am looking forward to see how the writers shape the next episode and make this my best show to see
  • Davis' character echoed my own feelings of suspense.

    I know it is a very new series but if they continue to have episode like this, I will continue to watch. You could tell Mac was not 100% about her decision but she knew she had to go with it. My favourite scene was at the very end when she was sitting by herself just waiting for the outcome. Very well written. An excellent drama.
  • The halls of Washington pwer are as dangerous as in the world of tyranny.

    This was my first time seeing this program. What I saw was inpressive. The mixing of real life events and situations combined with the fictional world of this show make great entertainment. Gena Davis delivers a knockout performance and her charcters state of the union adress was the most awesome thing I'd seen in a while.
  • Ending too contrived for a show with a political bent. Need more Asian American players.

    The Madam President part was somewhat convincing. The story line was way too contrived. The war on drugs is a sham. Without a more progressive way to reduce the demand beyond just throwing addicts in prison, killing the supply side only enriches the drug lords.

    A more nuanced ending with ambiguities of the war on drugs would have been more interesting.

    There was one Asian speaking role. No Asian extras in the background. Darn. There goes my pay day.

    The Asian speaking role goes to Laura, played by Hiro Ambrosino. She has dialogue with Madam President's daughter.

    Surely, Madam President Geena Davis, doubling as a co ex-prod has heard of General Eric Shinseki, the maverick General who testified in Congress about troop numbers needed to win the peace in Iraq.
  • Well Done.

    This show remains my favorite. Geena Davis owns the role of Mackenzie Allen, Commander in Chief. Her portrayal of this character is so natural. I love the combination of Commander in Chief and Mother. This was an excellent episode. I look forward to Tuesday at 9:00 on ABC. It is an awesome show.
  • Would that we had a real president who was so sharp and bold!

    The solution to the drug and international problem in this episode was spot on. Maybe our real government will learn a thing or two from this show!

    I love the issues represented -- the first female president is almost overshadowed by the issues the first spouse is clearly going to face.

    Maybe an independent would be a good idea!

    Geena Davis is incredible!

    I can not think of anyone besides Geena Davis who could pull off such a show. She definitely has grace, poise, elegance, everything needed to be convincing as the first female President.

    I love the fact that the President can be smart, but at the same time I love that the show and writers are not forgetting that besides being the ruler of the free world, she needs to be a mom above all else. Kudos on that one!
  • All is fair in love and war...

    We've got to see how Mac reacts in her first encounter with security related problems. Although she's already proven she's not afraid of taking chances (which we saw in the Pilot episode), this time we saw an excellent thing; she managed to get ALL information, all advices and all options. No matter from whom they were coming. The solution was a winner. And I understand how Keaton changed him mind about her.
    I liked the scene where Templeton is recalling his conversation with Bridges. It's interesting how he didn't jump on the chance to become a Vice President.

    Personally, although I still have split opinion about Mac's husband, I liked that he gave that First Lady's duty to Bridges's widow. It doesn't mean, just because he now stands behind the title of the First Gentleman, that he is capable of doing all things which that title involves. He's duties should change according to his possibilities.

    And one more thing, I'm loving the role of the Chief of Staff, Gardner, more and more with each episode. He's character shows a person who's stable and knows how to approach things all the time. A true politician. :)
  • The backstabbing is getting real old real quick.

    This show is coming along but we need more from the son and less from the older daughter. The husband is annoying and the backstabbing storyline is getting really old. I'm waiting on her to call the speaker on his s**t. I like the press secretary, she is acting like someone struggling with a new job.
  • Nine american citizens are killed. Their attacker is caught. Mackenzie's kids are back at school (a public school, surprisingly). I would expect that they would be at a private school, but then again, their parents went to a public school, so that would e

    I think that this was a good episode. If Becca wanted to go to a private school, then she should. She obviously doesn't feel secure and comfortable where she is. It honestly was a good episode. I like the way that Mackenzie handled the situation with the nine DEA agents.
  • "Don't mess with my kids!" Great work, Mac. :)

    Last night's episode was brilliant. Simply brilliant.

    I appreciated getting some more backstory on Templeton, and I liked the realism of what the first family has to go through. I wish the eldest daughter wasn't so stuck up -- it's incredible to me that Mac has allowed her to think of the world in such elitist terms -- but she's never been comfortable with Mac, so she's being her own person.

    I liked how Mac brought her press secretary into the loop, and she did a good job of being poised and capable, giving some very good statements in the face of Mac's going off text.

    And I enjoyed the First Gent's prep work with the veep candidate.

    Mostly, I thought that the writing was interesting and it made me think of what was possible in the face of a situation like that -- murdered DEA agents. Mac's response was intriguing. She thought well outside the box. She took the seasoned advice she was given and synthesized a new approach that ultimately -- and I recognize this is one of those things that really shouldn't be resolved in an hour, and it's likely there will be some blowback -- empowered the people of a nation to take back their government.

    That was some good storytelling.

    Geena Davis is just incredible. She's so tall and beautiful and she really carries this role well. I can so entirely believe her in the role of president, and together with the writers, they are really paving the way for not only a female president, but damn I miss having an intelligent president.

    I loved the closing scene with her young daughter having fallen asleep with her mommy and daddy. It was touching, after Burgess' son told her she'd never see Mac again -- she just wouldn't -- and after she tried to get to see Mac and didn't have an appointment. Poor little thing. She's just the cutest little kid in the world.

    I also loved Burgess' son pointing out the spelling mistake in the plaque. I'm guessing that that must be real, right? Fun.

    All in all, an excellent episode and a deeply satisfying show. Keep up the good work, everyone.