Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 11

No Nukes Is Good Nukes (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2006 on ABC
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While trying to coordinate the rescue of the crew of a damaged U.S. submarine off the coast of North Korea with help from Chinese, Mac must deal with war fever among her advisors and a leak from China to the North Korean government that threatens to start a nuclear war. Meanwhile, Speaker Templeton’s wife secretly encourages Jayne Murray to accept Nathan’s offer to rejoin his office as chief of Staff.moreless

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  • woaaah!! nerve wracking is a real good classification for this one.

    i actually felt the stress of being responsible from a huge country and indirectly the rest of the world.that kind of power is so scary.i dont understand how anyone can pull so much stress.i could,personally,but i\'d be crying in breaks instead of the cold strong face of our woman.i dont know the name cos i just started watching in the previous episode but i already adore her.And i kinda hated Kore government :) Great job.moreless
  • Great conclusion.

    Another great episode and conclusion to last weeks episode.

    Keeping everyone calm is a tough job even for the president. I think she was very lucky but handled things quite well given the fact she doesn't not have a lot of experience. I also like that she stuck to her guns and didn't cave in.

    Templeton’s wife is one person to watch. She secretly encourages Jayne Murray to accept Nathan’s offer to rejoin his office as chief of Staff. I would hate to get on her bad side but be interested to see what she would do to try and destroy Mac so Nathan can become president.moreless
  • Ok. Wondering whats going to hapopen between grey hair and pressy.

    We get some good character background, some decent action and good PR.

    Bit dissappionted with the kiss though. It happens and then.. it doesnt no reaction anywhere. And it was a bit premature- Pressie could have blamed it all on the other guys and he reacted when?

    Also the mother is a tad too perky for my liking.

    But.. there was action. And it was easy enough for me to understyand while doing work.

    And it also had none of those annoying US based area where you just go ok and move on not understanding a thing.

    Good on you tho. :) :)moreless
  • More episodes like this one and we could have a great series & season!

    Commander in Chief started weak, weak, weak, but by the time it was placed like one of the shows that landed to stay for more seasons so why writers don't effort creating stories like the one in this episode where you can see the quality that the series can affoard and even more can increase with a more focused attention of creativity and intense moments like the ones we lived on this episode when it was really close to see a great but devastating war. Mac ruled succesfully in this international huge problem and we get to see a more complexity in many of the characters. Commander can be a great series but needs a lot of commanding from the creators.moreless
  • Good show and good episode

    i think this show will keep going and going if the writers and directors do a good job. In this episode we can see how diffucult is for a presdent to deal with top secret situation. They relay a good feeling on how the first family deal wiuth the problem and that they are olso human been
Christopher Allport

Christopher Allport


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Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia

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Robert Harper

Robert Harper

Owen Latimer

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Anthony Azizi

Anthony Azizi

Vince Taylor

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Polly Bergen

Polly Bergen

Kate Allen

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Alex Fernandez

Alex Fernandez

NSA Anthony Prado

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    • Jayne: How was she in the crisis?
      Templeton: Well...the good news is, she did a hell of a job for the country.
      Jayne: What's the bad news?
      Templeton: The bad news is, she did a hell of a job for the country. She's not gonna be easy to beat.

    • Mackenzie: I wanted to tell you all how proud I am of you, of us, of this team. We accomplished something amazing in the last 48 hours, and I can't help but feel that there's so much more we could accomplish.
      Dickie: You're going to run.
      Mackenzie: I think this team deserves another four years.

    • President Allen(to her Mother): Its a rush. Being the world's most powerful person is a rush.

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    • This is the second epsidoe of the two-episode storyline revolving around the submarine disaster and rescue effort in the seas near North Korea.