Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on ABC

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  • Rough start with a bit much overpreaching...but has potential.

    Let's face it, the idea of a woman PResident is an intriguing one for a series. How would Muslim allies react to a female leader? How would veteran military officers feel about a woman bossing them around? The show has potential and hopefully will get the chance to show it.

    I admit Davis is a bit wrong for the part. She seems a tad too soft at times but can show backbone like when she makes the decision not to resign. You can tell how hard it is for her to face a White House where no one wants her and even the PResident's secretary says she doesn't like her being here. That's a great touch, showing that women will not automatically follow a female PResident. I hope that's played with more.

    I am worried the family stuff will overwhelm things. Having her husband dealing with being "the FIrst Gentleman" and finding out he won't be her chief of staff was good. Not as good was her daughter predicatably dumping a drink on her blouse before her big speech. And while it's good to have that conflict with her other daughter, many teenage girls rebel by becoming conservative?

    Sutherland, I can tell, is going to be the reason to watch. He's great in the scene with Allen, joking and throwing out those incredibly backward sayings and believing them too. I loved the shot of the look on his face when Allen throws her resignation down and he realizes too late that he's just pushed her the wrong way. Messing up her teleprompter was a wicked touch and how he says "I'll always be right behind you" is truly chilling. I look forward to seeing him try to play around and no doubt that'll push Allen to get a VP as soon as possible.

    I was a bit thrown that the first act of a woman President would be to send armed forces to rescue a Nigerian woman. That seemed rather much and maybe not saying the right thing about her administration. Still, this does have potential and hopefully, it'll grow as it goes on. Maybe not the next "West Wing" but hopefully a good drama nonetheless.
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