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  • Creative show!

    It was one of the most original and clever shows ever! It would be great if the channel re-starts the serie. Today the world has women in presidential positions. Geena Davis did a great job!
  • Cammander in Chief?? Gone??

    I loved every episode- fan ratings down? I doubt it! I was on during the 2008 primary- I can't help but think the "powers that be" pull the show due the to fact that a woman was kicking the H*** out of the former Presidents (except for Clinton). Shame on the station that pulled this series- I never missed one
  • An excellent series

    I enjoyed every episode. When you see some of the rubbish coming out of the US, you wonder what was wrong with this series, maybe a bit to much thinking needed.
  • Who Is Afraid Of This Program?

    This program was educational, inspirational, realistic and entertaining. In this day of so many reality shows, and so few worthwhile programming, how has this program been canceled? There was nothing wrong with it. Everyone I knew who watched it agreed with me. So, surely the only thing that makes ANY sense is that someone who was threatened by it "bought it off the air in some way.....
  • OMG...The Best... Bring it back!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this back. I missed it when it originally aired. Now since I have been off for the 4th, I have had no sleep due to watching it 8 hours straight watching on instant streaming. This actually is thought provoking and an alternative to "The Real Housewives of XXXXXX". Don't get me wrong, trashy behavior can be entertaining as well. I hope the network sees all the 10 ratings.

    I didn't know about this show either. Just finished the last episode this morning. Best show ever! At least do the movie with same characters and a well deserved ending.

    I've watched this show for the 10th time ever since I saw it on tv and bought the DVD's. It is THE BEST SHOW ever! Hate that it was cancelled!
  • I just love it! Please bring it back!!

    I didn't know about this show until a Week ago. And I finished all episodes. We need more of this. It's awesome ! Please bring it back!
  • Wonderful trendsetting - ahead of its time - show! ABC is losing an outstanding show that examines the positive of this country instead of the conflict.

    Commander in Chief is an outstanding show and well ahead of its time (as the original Star Trek was in the 1960s). ABC is making as big of a mistake by cancelling the show as NBC did when cancelling Star Trek.

    As with Star Trek, Commander in Chief shows the positive side of humanity can win out over our greedy and short sighted past. It is about the transition between where this country should be heading and how it can either be in neutral or backslide.

    It is a shame corporate America looks at short term result instead of being willing to stay the distance even with beginning losses.

    The Sci-Fi channel and Star Gate SG1 is an example of being willing to take a risk. Without a first season, Sci-Fi committed to three (or was it four) seasons. This allowed the procedures to do two things most shows can't consider. SG1 could do story arcs and put extra resources into the first year. These two items assisted in the bold success the season has even in its up coming 10th season.

    Many view (such as myself) won’t commit to a series until its second or third year because none of the three major broadcasters will take a multiple year view.

    Commander in Chief is one of these shows. I broke my rule by watching it and again the broadcasters meet my expectations. Shame on me for hoping an old dog can learn new tricks.

    (Fortunately, cable channels (TNT, HBO, Showtime, Sci-Fi, etc) seem to have a better grasp on economics of today’s viewers)


    P.S. The only way I was able to keep up with ABC moving Commander in Chief around (WHY????) was because I use a DVR (Digital Video Record) with Comcast's version of Tivo.

    Broadcasters would be less likely to mess around with the time slot of a show, if they committed to shows as Sci-Fi did with SG-1.While it is true broadcasters would take fewer risks, we would have a better chance to keep great shows around (past their first year).

    TV shows today are superior to those of 20th century because they are willing to go beyond a cookie cutter script. Today a Lost in Space would allow the Robinsons to get home and then find another adventure. SG-1, Prison Break, 24, etc. are willing to go beyond the old cookie cutter scripts where no one accomplishes their main goal. Many of today's fiction shows are realistic (in this regards).

    Three cheers to those willing to those who have, are, and will take risks.
  • Bring this show back please! One of the best shows ever!

    I just love watching every minute of this show! And I have never seen a better ensemble on TV than this show's ensemble. Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland says it all. And it really gives me pain knowing that this show was canceled. And it didn't have a well deserve ending. One of the rare substantial shows on TV! I have never watched a series with better cast, storyline and etc! Everything about it was just unique and just great! And that says it all!

    This show deserves a comeback! even if for at least 1 season more or few episodes. Just give this show the ending it so deserves.
  • Bring It Back! Sign the petition at

    Bring It Back! This is one of the best shows ever. It was entertaining, and it was smart. Fight to bring it back for a new season or at least a TV movie. As Mackenzie Allen once said, "There is too much work left to do, there is too much unfinished business. We will keep our hands to the plough, because I ask you. If not us, who? If not now, when?" Tell all your friends to sign the petition too, and post bulletins all over the web. I already added the link all over the CiC Wikipedia page. Sign the petition at
  • Please bring it back it was the best ever this was the show that really have a lot to say... what can we do what is it that you guys in tv needs to bring it back please let us know

    please all of you that are here lets agree to do anything it takes to bring this tv show back in tv. my name is Joffre Rodriguez and I really think that this show can brig us to a different world and a real world in the same channel our society right now is trying but this tv show will defenetely give us more idea on how important minority is in USA and it will also encourage us to do things that sometimes we dont ever dare to try just because of what people think.

    thank you so much and i hope that we bring this tv show again to all of those people participating in this tv show you guys are great love you
  • What a shame that it got cancelled due to some other show which came on, on another network halfway through Commander in Chief! It was ahead of its time, but NOW it is the time to bring it back!

    Please bring this show back! What a shame that it got cancelled due to some other show which came on, on another network halfway through Commander in Chief!
    It was ahead of its time, but NOW it is the time to bring it back!
    From its first chapter till its cancellation, it was a fantastic, very realistic show!
    I know so many people that were as in love with Commander in Chief as our family was.
    What does it take to request of you for its return? You can redo it with McCain and Sarah Palin now, and what a success it will be!
  • Commander in Chief was first of it's kind.

    Commander in Chief will be missed. The show was a first for all TV showes. I did not know Commander in Chief went off the are at all in till there were no more shows. If they told us, they need to say "this it the last show of all time". It's not faire to the people of the good people of the U.S.A. I wish it would of never of ended at all. I don't know if the U.S is readdy for a woamn Commander in Chief for real. All I care about is those with disabilitys. Meducade and Medacare are not going to last foreve I don't think.
  • One of the best series ever!!!

    Geena vs Hillary??? That should not the cause. We spectators wants her back no matter how many ladies wants to go in the White House.

    and as a matter of urgency!!! One of the best series I ever watched, and whats happened? Some stupid machos in the White House started liking the idea of Hillary gets an unwanted and "FREE" of charges advertisement.
    And thats the whole story I strongly believe! Why in the world shoud one stop a serie which wins a Globe and being nominated for an Emmy.

    Guys jump over your stubbornness and bring Geena back. The best would be together with the Swearing In of Hillary...*ggg*
  • Commander in Chief was one of the highest quality T.V. programs to come along in the past 10 years. It's cancellation reflects the low intelligence of today's T.V. programmers.

    Commander in Chief was a very good show. The plots were always well thought out. The characters were well developed. Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland played off of each other in a most intriguing manner. You could almost feel the polite rivalry between their characters. We enjoyed watching the show and had made it part of our regular T.V. shows. There are so few enjoyable programs to watch on T.V. these days and Commander in Chief stood head and shoulders above the rest. When it was cancelled, we felt hurt and betrayed. Please find a way to bring it back!!!
  • what happened to this show? i thought it to be one of the best inspirational shows for women. i was sad to see this series end, and would like to know if there is thought to bringing it back. geena davis is outstanding in her role.

    ms. davis and mr. sutherland were great in their roles! when this series started, my daughter-in-law and i watched it together, and we both could hardly wait for the next show to air to see what happened next. this series was a great way for us to spend some time together, and discuss the possibilities of a women actually becoming president, and what it would do to this country. to think that a woman could be a wife, mother, and hold a very high profile career was very inspirational to women of all ages. we both would like to see this series brought back to television.

    l. meinert
  • Commander in Chief - a show about the first female president of the USA. A truly interesting drama!

    Geena Davis did an immaculate job portraying the first female president of the USA. As former vice-president, she is constantly having to prove herself to an array of people, not to mention those out to bring about her downfall. The political drama was skilfully crafted and a pleasure to watch, while the simultaneous familyt drama brought a nice contrast to the show. Commmander in Chief featured a highly talented cast of actors and actresses. It is such a shame that it hasn't been renewed for a second season. The show had, and still does have, so much potential. Come on ABC - do the right thing and air season 2 soon!
  • I heard possible talks of a 2nd season. That would be great as this was a powerful show with a great cast and blanced stories.

    I was slow to get into this show, but began to look forward to it when it was temporarily cancelled. It was great to se it resume, only to end again. I really liked the cast, and the topics. The tension between Gina and DOnald Sutherland was great. Weekly stories were done well and the continuing story was building up as we learned the characters, but then they pulled the plug. They were able to restart teh series and it picked up where it left off. I hope they pick it up again and make a full 2nd season. I'd take Gina for President (ANY female but Hillary).
  • Let advertisers know that we will stop watching network television if they cannot keep quality television on the air!

    I don't get it! The show was one of the best on television in a long time, and it had good ratings, but because they had some problems with production, the network just decided to drop it? How about helping to FIX the production problems and bringing it back?! It's no wonder that people are leaving the big 3 networks in droves in favor of cable programming!! We all need to let advertisers know that we do not approve of the decisions being made, so they stop supporting the networks! I'd rather watch cable programming any day than to continue to support ABC, NBC or CBS.
  • US power and Girl Power hand in hand

    It's ironic that this show, which showed so much promised, got literally axed because a few individuals forgot.. that it was a TV show.. a fictional TV show.

    It was actually good TV, hell it was great TV!

    Oh yeah, As President MacKenzie, Geena may have been solving issues faster than what reality would say it would take , but you know, it was all fictional to begin with. It borrowed from real life scenarios as it suited it, and placed it in the storyline as it suited the story.

    But Wow, so many folks got offended over so many issues it's mind boggling.

    Yet it was nevertheless great TV.

    I think the producers of the show, should have put a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, something like "What you see is not real, this is a dramatization of a fictional scenario".

    I mean let's face it, Geena Davis was a convincing actress as MacKenzie and Sutherland's Templeton was as riveting a character as it could be.

    All of the support cast where good, quite frankly, the only reason this show is off the air, is because of narrowminded idiots who didn't, couldn't distingues between TV and reality.

    It would be way to much to ask to resurrect this show and continue its intrigues.
  • \"Commander in Chief\" is what \'cutting-edge\' TV SHOULD be! It has everything! I was disappointed every time an episode ended and couldn\'t wait for the next.

    Television has deteriorated badly of late (especially with cheap reality shows) and when \"Commander in Chief\" came to our screens in the UK, it was not simply refreshing to have something decent to watch, we were given the \'icing on the cake\' also because it is truly superb. It has everything including intelligence, sensitivity, tension, intrigue, plots, family relationships - to name but a few - but, above all, the ongoing message of \"honesty and integrity eventually wins\" comes through with every episode. It is well done because the result is neither patronising nor insulting to our intelligence. This is a programme which evokes discussion and in which one cannot help but become \'involved\'.

    A programme of this quality should appeal to male and female tastes alike. It assuages every woman\'s dream and yet has enough \'testosterone\' to appeal to men. I love every minute of it and, for me, the most salient point is the honesty with which this president tries to serve her country. She\'s not perfect but she really tries. Today\'s world is a harsh reality and few heads of state run their countries with such integrity and the sincere wish to serve their people. Oh that they did! Whether, during our lives, we shall ever see such a person is something we will discover as time passes but to be able to dream for a while whilst watching this riveting piece of television makes it a pleasure to turn on the TV. PLEASE bring it back.
  • This show follows the Presidency of Mackenzie Allen. Who Becomes President after Teddy Bridges dies. The Series closly follows Allen as she must make life changing desisions as president and a mother.

    Overall i think this show was very under minded, when it was first released that their was going to be a show about a president people cheered thinking another show like the West Wing was coming. However when it was released that the show would focus around a female president people began to talk. Me, myself couldn't wait to see where this was going to go. I watched every episode when it aired and even purchased a few episodes off itunes, However i think people began to view this as no that likely of a story line and with several behind the set disbutes over scripts and the staff the shows talented script writers began to focus more on Allen's career as a president and not has a mom. Where in the begininning episodes you see both struggles. I really enjoyed this show i would like to see a two hour movie event or even possabliy a continuing of the series at a later date like this year in 2007. I still think there are people out there like myself that would like to know what happens at the end of the campaign.
  • Outstanding cast and great storyline... Some of the topics were very much in touch with today's political climate, and that makes it rather dangerous for television...

    This is one of the most interesting shows I've ever watched... Not just because it revolves around the first female being President of the United States, but also because of the events that happen throughout the series and how the situations are handled... The political rivalry between MacKenzie and Nathan is really fun to watch... It's too bad that the series was cancelled... I would love to see how the show progresses... But I think that the reason the show was cancelled was because of the direction in which the show was heading towards and that the writers of the show were making it too bold... The studio executives could not handle that kind of drama and so CIC was cancelled...
    It's really sad as I feel that it was good and I liked the way it was played... It's too bad really... ;(
  • I can't believe you took it off...Bring it back!!!!

    Bring it back..I just loved it and so did a lot of people I know. They are waiting on the next season. I miss watching it. Great story and lots of twist to it. Please bring it back. My husband and I watched it everytime it came on. Geena Davis did a wonderful job and gave great speeches. Mark Paul Gosselarr did a grat job too and I just loved him being on the show. I love the way she kick butt and takes names, but does things in the best way for them to know she is not playing games with them...
  • Great show... great concept ... what happened?

    the studio shouldnt let this one go by it is an echo to the movie the contender ... which is another great movie ... the canceling of this shows again shows that the american public isnt ready for a women president ... if it was loved then it would have shown that we are ready ... but we arent yet ... the characters of the show are well developed and the actor / actresses were great. The show gave an inside look of the white house and the problems facing the president of the united states of america. Great show
  • I didn't care for it and finally ABC got rid of a show that wasn't really all that great

    It had potential to be great the story was a good idea, but once again it used the format to bring out it's own political beliefs, which I didn't care for. There are a few shows like that on ABC, but I think it's getting better. If they just stuck with the story it would have been great. They could have kept with him wanting her out of office and her staying in and how she was doing in office, but Hollywood thinks that everyone should think like them for some reason, and have the same beliefs which shows you how out of touch some of them are. HHMM HMMM sorry I'm back to the topic if they changed it up then they could possibly bring it back in a few years or so.
  • Another great show cancelled by ABC to make room for more of thier usual reality show crap.

    Another great show cancelled by ABC to make room for more of thier usual reality show crap.
    Another great show cancelled by ABC to make room for more of thier usual reality show crap.
    Another great show cancelled by ABC to make room for more of thier usual reality show crap.
    Another great show cancelled by ABC to make room for more of thier usual reality show crap.
    Another great show cancelled by ABC to make room for more of thier usual reality show crap.
    Another great show cancelled by ABC to make room for more of thier usual reality show crap.
    Another great show cancelled by ABC to make room for more of thier usual reality show crap.
  • This country is not yet ready for a female president,,on or OFF the screen

    Of course the show is cancelled this country isnt ready for anything that puts Women first,,,Oh hell a woman could never run this country,,i mean after all we still live in the dark ages women belong decorating a mans arm,,,or barefoot and pregant in a kitchen,,NOT RUNNING A COUNTRY,,,see how dumb that sounds,,???? The real problem with this show wasnt the show,,,its the jumping beans they installed in its schedule,,,i could never find it,,i waited for it to come back and then couldnt find it to watch,,its here,,,no over there no,,,ut its over there,,,bite me ABC Gena Davis was the best representitive of what a female prez should have been,,,her acting was impecable,,,the story line was going great,,,it was the very best series about the white house i have seen ,,,and there have been a few,,,it was fresh and strong and showed women in positions of authority could keep it together like any man could do and better,,but then that may have been its problem,,,she did it too well,,,WELL I GIVE IT A 15 STAR rating,,,oh i know they go to ten here but this one breaks the records!!!
  • Commander-in-Chief feels like The West-Wing-Lite but that is not meant to be a negative assessment. It's a good, intelligent show, that stacks up well against a show I consider to be one of the best ever (TWW).

    I watched Commander-in-Chief because I was such a huge fan of The West Wing, a show I stuck with even after Sorkin left (as even at its worst, it was still one of the best things on). I was a little nervous of how they would handle a woman in the White House, would it be full of cliches of woman-as-caring, woman-as-compassionate with lots about here family.
    Well, they did emphasise her caring, compassionate side, and yes, her family did get a look-in every episode but she also came across as strong, commanding, intelligent - a worthy televisionual successor to President Bartlett in fact.
    It does have its moments of sentiment, and sometimes, as a non-American, there is some stuff I just don't get but overall the stories are handled well.
    The downsides are simply that I just don't like any of the characters enough to care about what happens to them - I don't dislike them, they just don't engage me in any strong way. Nathan Templeton works reasonably well, but I found the episodes where he and the President work together, still clashing and disagreeing over the approach, but having more scenes together, better than the scenes where he spends time with anonymous blonde no 2.
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