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  • For the first time in American history, a woman holds the office of U.S. President.

    Commander in Chief was the story of Mackenzie Allen who after the death of the sitting U.S. President became the first female President in U.S. history. The show followed her through the regular problems a leader faces, to the back stabbing that is so common in Washington, to her on going political battle with Speaker of the House, Nathan Tempelton. The show had great stories as well as awesome characters but was doomed by behind-the-scense problems.

    Rod Lurie, who created the show, was bogged down with writing episodes, prodicing and directing began turning in scripts late. ABC replaced him with Stephen Bochco only after the first four episodes had aired. While Bochco did come up with better stories he faired no better in dealing with ABC. He left the show only months after signing on do to creative differences with ABC. He was replaced by one of CiC's head writers. She had the show for only 2 weeks when ABC canned the show. While alot of the blame belongs to the Creative forces behind it, alot belongs with ABC as well. During the break it took when Lurie was let go ABC opted to show no reruns, not giving the show the chance to gain more viewers. They then put it on a two month hiatus from December to late January. The show's Christmas episode aired in February!! It was a great show that was killed not becuase of creative problems but becuase of behind the scenes problems.
  • You CAN make a difference, petition ABC and their parent company Disney to bring back Commnader in Chief by signing online petitions like and bring it to the attention of others.

    By the ABC network\'s own admission, this was a show of historic poportions, enjoying the #1 ratings and market share for its timeslot on Tuesday night television.

    Commander in Chief almost immediately dominated the Tuesday night ratings. ABC bragged about the show’s historical success, \"Delivering the most-watched Tuesday drama debut on any network in the last five years, Commander In Chief has remained a strong performer for ABC …the most-watched new TV show this season, ranking among the Top 20 television series overall (No. 16) … continuously generates strong tune-in for ABC during the 9 o\'clock hour on Tuesday night.\"

    In my opinion, ABC got greedy, moved the show to Thursday to compete with CBS, and it failed. Through their own actions, ABC sabotaged the show. Rather than admit the errors, please loyal viewers, and move the show back to its original timeslot, ABC cancelled Commander in Chief. It should be noted that Commander in Chief was nominated for ten (10) Golden Globes and Geena Davis won for Best Actress in a Drama.

    Internet users can cast a vote, sign the petition, and demand that ABC bring back Commander in Chief at
  • Keeping Commander-in-Chief on the air.

    I was activated to go overeseas to Iraq the day \\\"Commander-in-chief\\\" premiered. When I saw the previews, before getting deployed, I was very anxious to watch the show. I found the show on I-tunes, purchased all 18 episodes and was amazed by the acting and the chemistry between Mac and Rod and how well of a president Mackenzie Allen would make. As soon as I got done watching the 1st Season. I found out they had cancelled the show on ABC. Shame on ABC!! Gina Davis makes a great 1st 1st lady. With knowing the intellegence she has off the screen, they definately cast the correct person for the role. Donald Sutherland, another amazing actor, is also what keeps the story going because you never know what he is going to do next to try and get her to fail. The show has so much story line for the future. I just don\\\'t think ABC realizes how much they are losing by taking it off the air. Either ABC should put it back on the air and put it on a different night or another network should pick it up and show ABC what they lost.
  • Not original, but still good!

    As people continously point out, CIC isn\'t a brand new concept. It is a political drama, which West Wing was a well. But that\'s where the similarities end. It focused a lot more on the personalities of the differnt characters. It was kinda a family drama that happened to be set in the white house. The main plot point of the show, however, is the \'what-ifs\' behind having a female president. I watched the West Wing and enjoyed it quite a bit. But I can definitely relate more to this show as there is more of a human element to it. Geena Davis was also very convincing as the First Female President.
  • Eh... Great concept, began good, but needed some major fine tuning.

    You have to admire the idea, a female president, and a great premise. But something just didn't click. Politics is a serious subject, and Commander in Chief became a very serious show. There was little humor, and when they tried to lighten it up, it didn't work. I really did like the characters, and it really could have been great! Maybe West Wing set to high of a standard for any following political shows, but i don't know. This show had potiential and great politics. I'll watch the TV movie and remember it, but I can't help but feel like this show and the audience was cheated out of something.
  • i hate it

    come on i cant beleive i just watched that though the geena davis show which was so good i watched every episode. The first episode was alright then it turned rubbish. That was okay but it is just not my type of programmes but i still like the geena davis show.
  • Great Show. Shame on ABC.

    This show really could have been one of those 8 year shows that lasted two terms for McKenzie Allan. I tuned in every week to watch the episodes, and I was never disappointed. I really wish I could be able to tune in and see how next season turned out. However, the show has been cancelled. It really makes you wish you had one show to bring back for next year and this would be my pick. However, \"American Idol\" is to blame for this show\'s failure. The show opened very strong but flopped when \"American Idol\" came back on the same night in the same time slot. Now my only hope is that another network, NBC or CBS, would revive the show and bring it back.
  • AWSOME show bring it back

    this show was so cool and it sucks its off the air.
    The cast is perfect and Gena Davis is an awsome actor. The storyline is awsome, A women president, so sad its gone. Since its not happeing in america, and all we have is bush. It wouldve been a good idea for the show.

    At least get Gena Davis acting in another show.
  • Unoriginal idea - it end up looking like a copy of the series The West Wing. The audiences did not forgive this lack of originality. After a very good start, the series kept losing steam…

    It started has one of the biggest promises in the Fall05 schedule, but ended up be one of the biggest disappointments.
    The series “The West Wing” had a run of 7 year and was going into it final 8th season before Commander In Chief. So the audiences already had enough of White House drama, but, nevertheless, the first episode of Commander in Chief promised a different kind of show and an interesting development was expect. However, the show did not live to its expectation. It kept losing steam, trying to following all the First Family, but leaving a lot of lose ends, without having a coherent story line or maintaining an interesting character development.
    Donald Sutherland is probably the only actor that was able to make is screen character work well.
  • Excellent, to the point, invigorating, enlightening. Couldn't be any better. Refreshing to see something other than the status quo. This should be retained for those of us who believe there really is an answer out there.

    I believe this show portrays areas of politics that many are afraid to travel while others are fear someone may. It projects a very strong willed individual who is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and the fact that she is a woman only adds to the difficulty factor as it would in a real situation. This is a show that sending fear up the spines of the politicians in DC, perhaps that is the reason for its eary demise.
  • After the stroke and death of the President of the United States, the Vice President takes the stage, becoming the FIRST Female AND Independent President of the United States! As her first act as President, she saves a foreign woman's life and brings her

    I can't believe ABC treated this show with such little respect. This show has got to be one of the most critical shows to politics. It's definitely a classic, and gives us a real insight into politics and polticians. It promotes good role models for not only women, but the underrated Independent Party (and Third Parties in general) as well!

    The people at ABC are cowards for the injustice they've shown to "Commander in Chief"!!

  • Gone before it had a chance.

    Seems like the show was just hitting its stride when it got the axe. Sure, it wasn't The West Wing, but it was showing real promise. It boldly tackled real issues and gave a no nonsense insight into the political process. The perspective and consequences of the first female president were explored in a very realistic manner, and the show never lost its integrity and sense of humor. I'm sorry it didn't get a chance to fully explore its themes.
  • Commander in Chief. Cutting Edge.

    Commander In Chief. This is one of the best and realistic (although it is drama) shows on TV. Gena Davis is an icon in her own right. This show portrays the inner workings of the White House balanced with the problems of being the first female President of The United States. There is a great balance between the president's personal and professional life and many unexpected twists and turns which are all believable. Donald Sutherland's portrayal of Nate is excellent and he does his job of making us hate the character he plays. He is quite the back stabber and unfortunatly this is how most polititians actually are. Although i hate Nate, his portrail of him is excellent and gives us a fresh and true look at how most of our representitives act today. It is truely a great show but a sad commentary on our politicians.
  • Cancelled??? What the hell!

    Poor Gena Davis....she gets this role of a lifetime and it is squandered by a network with no vision.

    This show, while having some scripts better left undone with some innane dialogue, is THE bright spot for drama on television.

    The character Davis portrays is so well defined and she is perfect for the role. She is strong when she needs to be and is totally in charge. Her battles with Nathan Templeton portrayed by veteran actor Donald Sutherland are classic!

    Let's talk about Donald Sutherland.....This wildy un-rated actor is the other gem in this show. He is the consumate antagonist to Davis's President Allen.

    This is a show that deserves more time to be appreciated. It came out of the blocks as a hit and then stumbled due to producers and network nonsense. If ABC doesn't want this show it should go to another network!

  • Who can watch it, give it the ratings it deserves, if you never know when it\'s on??????????????? This wonderful show got a really raw deal from ABC. Sad, I tell ya, a waste really.

    It\'s hard to imagine this show being canceled. In the beginning the ratings were great, everyone was talking about it, then bam! nobody\\\'s watching!?. It\\\'s not because of Geena Davis or the awesome cast or the great writing, or the idea of a woman president being ahead of it\\\'s time - it was ABC or whoever takes it upon themselves to constantly keeping moving this show to different days and different times.

    Who wouldn\\\'t watch a show with Geena Davis or Donald Sutherland? Two of the best actors of our generation? Does everything on tv nowadays have to be a reality show or be geared towards kids/teenagers? Believe it or not, being 40+ means you have some time to watch tv - and we have the money to buy what the commercials are selling.

    Commander has been on Tuesdays, Thursdays and now Wednesdays? I don\\\'t watch tv ever single nite. But if I knew when Commander in Chief was on, I\\\'d make a point to be there. I have no idea how many episodes I\\\'ve missed, I certainly missed 5/31. Last I heard it wasn\\\'t coming back until June. That\\\'s what ABC had written on their website!

    I\\\'m told they move shows to better their ratings, to find what slot works best. But if you don\\\'t advertise it, no one will come.....

    How many wonderful shows have been killed off this way? Countless. Moving your time slot = cancellation.

    Hopefully it\\\'ll be put out on DVD or resurrected some other way. Be nice if NBC picked it up. They certainly didn\\\'t do so bad with West Wing all these years...
  • This show is a good example of how the good of everything a show has, can be used and abused to the point of cancelation!

    I was well informed about this possibly wonderous show when Geena Davis was first signed for it. The first project involving a female President, that was taken seriously. I waited for this show to air, and when it did, it was what I was expecting. The introduction was quick, but affirmative. We understood the characters and their positions on the show. We got to see a bit of how the family of the President functioned. We also saw some of the politics in the Oval Office. The Pilot was very agreeable for many people, and thusly, it debuted in the top ten weekly Nelson ratings. That said, I can also remind you that the following eight episodes that followed were just as nice to watch. Some had their slower moments, but the total outcome was the same.

    That's when the trouble came. For reasons too lengthy to describe, the producers hired Steven Bochco to take the leading hand on the production, involving the writing, the direction, and the style. It turned into another Bochco show, with the main focus on the situation, and the way to solve it. The characters began to become 2-dimensional. The main charm of the show was the intimacy that we saw in the characters, and how the situations effected them. Forget the original charm, and intrigue. The stories became boring and reminisant og NYPD and Hill Street. Eventually, the heads at ABC realized the problem when the ratings dropped drastically. They then brought in Dee Johnson of such hit shows as "Melrose Pl." to retool the remaining episodes of the freshamn season of CiC. Unfortunatly, it was too late. Fans didn't care, the damage was done. The show is now cancelled, and ABC can only blame themselves. This show could have been great, but alas, it was not meant to be.
  • After being cancelled, show IMO got a raw deal in the end!

    After the show was cancelled just recently, it got a
    Raw deal in the end after starting out so wonderful in the ratings but I blame a few things:
    1. Trying to be a West Wing wannabe towards the middle and end that lead to it being canned
    2. Focus off family to politics, which IMO, "Jumped the shark" as they say
    3. Switching producers from the original to Steven Bocho, who should had never come in at all in the first place
    4. Deadly time slot which shouldn't had moved to Thursday nights!
    Just got a huge raw deal in the end
  • Commander-In-Chief is one of the most intelligent shows on television and it is darn shame that it will not be a weekly drama come next season.

    I consider this show to be one of the most intriguing and intelligent shows on television. Unlike Desperate Housewives and Lost (although I enjoy those shows), this applies more "real drama" and "real world" situations. The chemistry between Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland is unparalleled. This is also one of the few ways to exhibit what really happens inside the Beltway and the pressures that the president (male or female) faces from Congress, the World, and her family. In other words, a softer version of The West Wing, which is ending its run this May.

    I was really hoping that ABC would renew the show and allow the show to be in a timeslot where the show could grow for years to come. However, they killed the show by moving and pulling the show numerous times. This could've been another Boston Legal, a modest drama that would pull through. Even though the show was very promising before American Idol and has a Golden Globe Winner in Geena Davis, the best possiblity of the audience seeing a C-I-C is on DVD or in a made-for-television Movie. It is really sad, and plus certain shows that have been renewed and are coming back for sophomore seasons were not as good as this one and did not have the star power like Commander-In-Chief.
  • What an extraordinary show that has it all: great actors, credibility and accuracy. It's easy to start thinking the situations are real. It pays a tribute to ethics in politics, and makes one wish our world had more "President Allen type" leaders.

    From episode 1, I think the plot is a true representation of what real women are, as it describes so well the complex responsibilities of being a working matter if you are the President of the United States or just any working mom. But the most original edge this show presents is related to the possibility of the end of politics and politicians the traditional way, the chance for earnest, honest, dedicated, capable and commited individuals to be able to provide their countries with a new work ethic, the true government for the people. This show is inspiring. From a very personal point of view, I would say I would really like to be able to act as Mac, be as firm as she is, take risks the way she takes them in order to stand for my beliefs...Congratulations to the producers, and it's a shame a show this deep may not be popular enough as much of the trash leading rankings. I hope there will be more seasons. And...a confession...I find myself quoting Mac in my own work...and I find it amazing Mac's favorite book (or at least, one that she quoted) is The Art of War by Sun this book is at my office and at home, for my constant personal use.
  • One of the \\\\\\\"best\\\\\\\" political shows that has been on in a very long time and it is great to see that someone believes that a woman could hold such a high position and do the job very well.

    I feel that Geena Davis is the perfect actress to portray a woman president who takes NO flack or gets manipulated unless she wants it that way to obtain a specific goal.

    I personally don\\\\\\\'t want this show to disappear. I think there are more followers than the network might be led to think. I don\\\\\\\'t believe in polls and ratings to determine the outcome of a show staying or going. The polls seem to only generate ratings from those THEY choose to poll and not necessarily the general public who actually watch it every week.

    I hope the network gets some political guts and keeps it going.
  • ABC is stupid in canceling this show. This is an amazing show!

    When Commander In Chief first premiered, we opened our eyes to see what are life and our country will be like with a female president. Commander In Chief had gotten amazing reviews and was in the Nielsen Top 10. Now, once a show reaches the Top 10, you don't cancel it. Also, if the main character wins any big award (cough,cough... Golden Globe), you don't cancel it. Watch, Geena Davis will be up for an Emmy, I am positive. Her role is so amazing and so fantastic, why would you want to throw away an amazing show. If I were head of ABC, I would renew Commander In Chief. A lot people are dedicated to this show and love this show and will continue to watch this show. So, ABC, rethink your decision and at least bring Commander In Chief back in midseason or whenever you get the chance.
  • The best show out and I can't believe they want to cancel it. Why don't they cancel West Wing instead. This show is fresh. West wing has become so predictable.

    This show should be given another chance. I don't think they marketed it enough and then removing it mid season was a bad idea. I hope the TV heads will reconsider bringing it back. You can move it to Friday nothing good comes on TV that night anyway. I bet people will set there DVR's for this show. I know I did.
  • on of the the best shows ever geen davis is absplutely fabusous

    this is one of the best shows. i love it geena davis is one of the best actress of all time and one of the most tallented i think she doesn an amaxing job of playing the first female president of the united states. if she was the the real president she would just as an amazing job as she does on the show. this show is exciting you never no what is going to happen next and thats what makes it so cool
    im in loce with show it is one of my all time favorite shows it is absolutely fabulous
  • "Commander in Chief" had great ideas and was ahead of its time. Unfortunately, backstage issues essentially killed the show before it was really given a chance to shine.

    On paper, "Commander in Chief" is a great idea which may have been a little ahead of its time. Geena Davis stars as not only the forst female president of the United States, but also as the first independent to hold the high office. Co-starring the always strong Donald Sutherland, and you have two great actors in a show with a solid premise.

    Ratings were very good during the first few episodes, but tailed off from there. Unfortuantely, behind-the-scenes issues helped tank a show with great potential. Any show that must endure three different showrunners, three extended hiatuses, and a day/time change all within its first season is essentially DOA. And, as expected, ABC will not air the show for a second season.

    On the political front, the show highlighted the under the table dealings that take place in Washington on a daily basis. Geena Davis's character was strong and balanced, and Sutherland's role as the kniving Speaker of the House was fun to watch. The battles between President Allen and Nathan Templeton were very interesting. The show faltered a bit when it came to highlighting the role of the president's family. Storylines regarding the missing Declaration of Indpenedence and teen sex in the Oval Office werew unbeliveable, but early attempts to focus on the children's struggles in public school were handled better.

    This show deserves a second chance somewhere down the line if ti could get its production house in order. Pick one showrunner, a long-term story arc, and a single uninterrupted season with an established day and time, and this show would have a good chance at staying afloat, as long it remained topical on the political front and a little more realistic on the family side of the coin.
  • I would classify it as a West Wing like franchise...

    West Wing has come to a close. Commander in Chief looked to me like it was just in time to grab the West Wing fan base left still hungry for more of fast pace, intricate, politically charged drama. I find it appealing to see how different personalities, with often different if not totally opposed agendas, resolve their differences or achieve their goals. In contrast with West Wing, Commander in Chief adds a perspective into how such high profile personalities attempt to balance the demands of running a country with that of holding a younger family together with such exigent circumstances. (Admittedly something Jimmy Smith could have offered - had WW continued...)

    The added family aspect perspective in CIC is, in my opinion, a nice addition when comparing it to WW. I found it difficult to keep-up with such fast paced dialogues offered by WW on topics that I know nothing about, but even though CIC brings us more of the same, CIC by way of focusing a bit more on the family issues, gives us a chance to breathe - and this in turn helps us assimilate and comprehend the political issues and ramifications, whether they be invented or inspired from actual events.

    I think Geena Davis is doing a great job of her role in this Drama series, and wish her the best in her future endeavors. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to see her lead Commander In Chief into a second season.

    From a Canadian fan.
  • Great show, appeals to the intellect, keeps my interest, want to see more.

    Enjoy watching Geena Davis in her role. My husband and I look forward to seeing it. Wish it were on more frequently.

    The role of a working mother is difficult enough-being a President and it's impact on family, spouse, etc. is quite stimulating to see. The kids impact would be the same even with a male president, but it is interesting to see the reactions.

    Like the interplay between Geena & Donald Sutherland-but would like him toned down a little or kill him off, but someone else would probably take his place in real life. Spousal relationship certainly changes with the roles-fun to watch the challenges.

    Love the show, would like to see more like it. Tired of reality shows and mindless, stupid shows. Would rather not watch TV with the selection. Shows like Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, and the like are fun to watch. Miss the comedies, like Tool Time.

  • Without question Geena Davis is superb in her portrayal of the first female U.S. president. For many reasons this show has lost it\'s audience. Geena\'s acting is NOT one of them.

    I watched several episodes of Commander In Chief, each time feeling that something was missing from the formula.
    Perhaps what is going on in the \"real world\" since the 9/11 terrorist attacks does not allow for television fare dealing with similar situations to be enjoyable.
    I don\'t know.
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar\'s role as \"Dickie\" is all wrong.
    This charming, very attractive actor is terribly miscast.

    For years Mark-Paul capitivated audiences with his realistic portrayal of Zack Morris, a mischeavous, girl-chasing charmer in \"Saved By The Bell\".
    His agent needs to see about someone developing a classroom based lighthearted drama/comedy for him.
    Mark-Paul, now 32 years of age would be perfect as a high school teacher that interacts with his students BUT NOT in a \"Welcome Back Kotter\" styled series!
    After all, we fell in love with Mark-Paul in a classroom setting once........WHY couldn\'t it happen again?
    Geena Davis\'s considerable acting abilities insure that she won\'t be lacking movie offers should Commander In Chief bite the dust.
  • Geena Davis plays as a new woman president. She is really awesome in this!

    This is a really good show! For me it a one of the few shows I really look forward to each week. I think ABC has done a really good job of this show. I think it gets better and better every week. Or at least it has so far!

    I've thought about this particulary. It's really good because it could show the potential of a woman president which American knows that we could have one of our own in the near future. It shows the women have just as many rights as men do and we can fight and conquer.

    I also admire this show as well. I've been a big US President history geek and I can concider if I really do want to run for president or not.

    This show is definately on the line that the fact ABC can see that it still needs to be on the air. I will be deeply hurt if it gets pulled! I hope that they can make up their minds and keep this running.
  • getting use to it

    only just started watching the show, but what i have seen of
    it is good (no west wing but its getting there) i have always like watching Geena and Donald its nice to see them in some thing on regalar bases, having Jason Wiles (third watch) guest starring in it didn't hurt
  • It's about time somebody made a series like this. The world is ready for a new kind of American President and I can't imagine a woman being off that list. Especially this particular woman.

    The entire series is terrific. The whole concept of a woman as the President of the United States is fabulous. Geena Davis masterfully plays the first female US President, who is under huge pressure first to not accept the job of president when her old boss falls out of the picture, let's say, and under constant pressure on a daily basis as President.

    Additionally, the writing is superb and it is wonderfully cast with a broadly talented group of supporting actors who carry the ball with aplomb. This series really delivers the goods.

    Donald Sutherland has never been better, and as the antagonist, frankly he is the linchpin behind this series. The drama is heavy and sometimes wordy but overall it is a great TV experience and ranks in my All-Time Top 3. They really hit it out of the park with this one.

    Geena Davis' supreme portrayal of this woman is worth the price of admission alone.

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