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  • Not everyone can pick up ER or cbs stations due to rural areas or satellite choices. Its not fair to pull a great show such as Commander in Chief !

    I was looking forward to tonights episode only to see primetime in its place, then abc has nerve to place on Tuesdays against my other fave House[8pm on fox]. Was already upset that they pulled Crumbs, then Sons and Daughters. Lost and Invasion, Evidence is ALL abc has to offer,.and love Greys Anatomy, so Im sure abc will drop it next! ABC did this with home makeover[Sabine Pass,TX ]last month. moved to Friday without notice unless you can pick up cbs. [local]which I could not. Have to check my local weather online. nothing was mentioned until after aired. on wrong night!
  • Best show this season.....Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland compliment the roles of heroine and villian....Hope to see it back on the air soon.

    My husband and I feel that this is a great show. We make sure to find out when it\'s on so that we fit it in our busy schedule. Geena Davis is great in the role of president and we like Donald Sutherland as the so called, \"bad guy\". His character makes you not want to like him, but you can\'t wait to see what he comes up with next in order to make it harder for Geena Davis\' character. Stopped watching \"Without a Trace\" when \"Commander and Chief\" was moved to Thursday nights.
  • Its the Geena Davis , Stupid.

    Its gotta be said that you can throw all the production value you like at a show and it won\'t make a stitch of difference when the lead actor is, well, there\'s no polite way of saying this, just plain annoying.

    Quite why Geena Davis has survived in the entertainment industry so long is beyond me. Her filography is nothing to write home about, and can anyone remember a truly great performance of hers.

    My best guess as to why she was cast was name recognition, but they\'d have been far better off getting a complete unknown and letting the series sink or swim on its merits.

    I\'m sure it would have been a better show for it.
  • Finally a good one

    Now don't get me wrong, I luv commander in chief like I luv cheerleading, i do nothing but watch it!! This episode kept me glued to the TV, and really thinking about what goes into getting a nominated person, (for an office in the world of politics) confirmed!!
    Geena Davis played a very well written role, and played it well!!
    I luv the idea of making this show like a soap opera in the white house!!

    Keep Um' Comin!!!
  • Needs to find a footing fast.

    Initially I really liked this show. I liked the idea of exploring what it would be like with a woman president. But I think that making her an independent as well, seems to bog the show down too much. President Allen is not well received by either the Democrats or the Republicans and I find this situation unbelieveable, since nothing ever seems to get done or is done a a great price. I also dislike Donald Sutherland's character. He is too much of a moustache twirling villan. I think that there is too much of the back dealing/stabbing and not enough of the political intrigue for my liking. Perhaps I have been tainted too much with The West Wing brush.
  • It is finally back!

    Commander in Chief is an excellent show with brilliant writers and a marvelous cast. Geena Davis plays the first female President that won her Presidency "by mistake" in American's eyes due to the former President's death in office. This show tackles some 'faux pas' current international issues with factual detail as well as tact. This show within reason shall be the 'Mary Tyler Moore' of our times possibly as political scientists predict over the next several decades we shall see our first 'Madam President". Geena Davis also won a Golden Globe this year as Best Actress in a Drama. This show is well worth it and it will set a precedent for future political shows to come.
  • Awesome Show!!! I Love it

    This show is my favorite. I watch it every week. I love to see the political issues that rises and to see how politicians take advantage of one another. I love to see how Mac handles Templeton in every episode. I don\'t like Templeton a lot but some of the things he does is just fin to watch. I have noticed how some of the events that have taken place in America have made it\'s way into the scripts of some of the shows (hurricanes in gulf coast, etc.) It is just an awesome show and I do hope it comes back for another season.
  • First female VP becomes President after sitting President dies in office. She's an Independent and upsets both parties by not resigning her post and refusing the Presidency. Her goal: to outsmart them all.

    I like the players in this show (Geena, Kyle, Donald, and many more), but I find it a little too overly "wrapped up" at the end of each episode. I love the idea of a political player beating all the odds: a woman, an independent, someone with a family, obvious moral values, but the show comes off a bit contrite. It's too pretty. She's too smart, too savvy, too many things work in her favor. I just don't think it's realistic. The history of the show indicates that a creative change was made mid-way by bringing in Bochco and trying to tweak the output- I don't think it worked. Production may have been slow, but I think the earlier episodes had more substance and promise that those that followed. Also, it's new time slot up against ER and Without A Trace just seems like suicide. It'll never hit in that time slot with neatly pinned story lines that don't really make you think at all.
  • At first glimpse, this show appears to be a cutting edge political drama. However, once you sit down and watch, you will find out that it is anything but. There are times while watching that I wonder if the writers just couldn’t decide which show that the

    If you could ever bring yourself to actually watch this show, you would find out that it is really a family drama that happens to be set in the White House. Unfortunatly, the family drama part is not good enough to drive an entire episode, so the writers come up with some kind of major catastrophe every week to keep the plot moving. This show aspires to be The West Wing is, which is a show that can, and has been, driven on the power of good story telling with out the constant use of flashy political gimmicks.
  • This is a fantastic, new, origianl show. From the comercials it appears to be a corny, women\'s rights drama but in reality-WOW! The characters are likeable-the actors from Mac Allen the President to Amy the first daughter, the acting is impecible. Super!

    This is a fantastic, new, drama. From the comercials it appears to be a corny, women's rights drama but in reality-WOW! The characters are likeable-the actors from Mac Allen the President to Amy the first daughter, the acting is impecible. It definatly has great potential to be a classic.
    Its a new show about the first female president in the United States starring Geena Davies. With Donald Sutherland playing the underhanded opponent. It's quickly become one of my 'must sees' and I strongly recommend it to everyone. It is excellent, I believe, that the president does not act as a helpless woman, but neither is she perfect. She makes plenty of blunders, her career is placed above her family and she does need help. Really, the show is sliding off the fact that it has its First Female President but rather, it has a new president. I love it.
  • This show sucks.

    Ok this show just sucks its just such a stupid idea anybody could have thought to make a show like this! Nobody watches this show that I know its just so stupid is this show like to inspire women to become the president or something? Its just ridiculas I mean its just another stupid frickin show! A far as ive seen she gotta be the worst president ive ever seen! TOO DRAMATIC!
  • A female becomes President of the United States for the first time when the sitting President dies.

    What can I say? When I saw all the commercials and hype for this show I thought wow that show is going to be crappy. I figured they had wasted a bunch of money on production and were hoping that people would watch if they hyped it enough. I was almost to the point where I wasn't even going to watch it. ABC was smart enough to run the pilot the following Saturday and i happened to be home. WOW ... I was wrong on so many counts!! This is really a very good show. It has an excellent cast and some good writing. If you have never watched this show, give it a shot.
  • Commander in chief

    This show is the greatest.From day one I new it was a hit.Geena Davis does a great job in portraying Mac.Not only Geena but each and every acter and actress on the show weather it be major or minor character,did a great job.Commander in chief really got my attention.Commander in chief tackles almost every topic weather it be little things like raising teenagers to major things like weather or not to retaliate against a threat.Geena Davis really puts her all in her character, she shows us as females how to take charge and not to let anyone stand in our way. This show is a great inspiration and entertaining,all of the acters and actress has done the greatest job of bringing there charaters to life.
  • Propaganda

    This program is very clearly a vehicle by which America is to be force-fed large doses of "Hillary for President" propaganda. After only a handful of episodes, this America and ABC have spoken -- the show is on hiatus for at least a number of weeks. This, after hiring and firing Bochco, an advertising blitz, and some crafty time-to-air modifications designed to dummy Nielsen ratings.

    Some decent talent has signed on for this piece of political campaign nonsense, but poor writing, poorer development, and an even worse ancillary cast buries any hope of said talent shining.

    The Golden Globe Geena took for her performance in this sham is every bit as real as Ray Romano's "most watched TV show in history" claim. It's nonsense.

    Oh, "Commander" is ahead of its time all right: 60-minute campaign ads are a thing of the future.
  • So much potential, such a waste

    Now that West Wing is painfully crawling to its series finale, we deserve something that takes its place as a show that actually makes you think about politics and behind the scenes moves.
    Commander in Chief could well take that place.
    But with all the discontinuities and postponements, who can actually enjoy a show that goes off the air for months at a time in the middle of its first season...
  • The time has come for America to realize what the rest of the world already knows,that a women can be soft,motherly,intelligent,and a hard ball when the need arises.This show lets you see what the White House and Politics are all about.truly a show whos t

    this is an edgy program that is up to the minute on its politics and global events.too bad that somebody got a little nervous that perhaps they were getting to close to personal feeling is that anytime we can get the likes of Genna Davis as well as Donald Southerlund on TV amazing,but to have them on the same show simply genuos.when this show returns from hiatus I hope it is as edgy as before.A must watch.the casting is perfect the timing is a joy to watch the intimate workings of a family and how that life affects each and everyone.
  • Everything I hoped it to be

    There was a big build up before this was aired in Australia and I had heard a lot about it while it was showing in the US. It was everything I had hoped it would be. A great show unlike some of the new ones that have started this year.
    I really like the show and Geena Davis is a great actress and suits the part perfectly.
    I can't wait to see more episodes
  • It appears that all the good shows are being cancelled for whatever reason. Let's home CiC stays around!

    Commander in Chief is a great TV show. It is full of excitement that keeps fans watching. I personally think this show deserves a 10 but I am not quite happy with the fact that NBC has been
    using Commander in Chief's time slot to put another show on the air.
  • Wonderfully entertaining, very well written and well acted, and always a pleasure! I'll be so glad to see it resume in April. . . it creates a fascinating new model of what a presidency can be!

    My favorite show in a long time. We really should make sure to support this one when it comes back so that it can continue on for many more seasons. Geena Davis is incredible in this role, and the rest of the cast is also extraordinary. The episodes are both imaginative and very believable. . .a tough combination to achieve! It's fascinating to watch a woman in the role of President--this makes it seem very, very plausible. . .
  • A woman is the president of the United States!

    This show it's great! If you are a woman, you are going to like it even more.
    Between this show and Pink's new song, it makes you realize that girls should dream about becoming the president some day!
    Every episode you are going to be glued to your tv. I recommend to watch it at least once, try it, and fall in love with it!
    I'm a woman, and it defently makes me want to be the president! It is that good!
  • This show started out good, not great and it was a decent watch, but ever since Rod Lurie got a smaller role in directing and writing it has taken a turn for the worse...

    This show started out good, not great and it was a decent watch, but ever since Rod Lurie got a smaller role in directing and writing it has taken a turn for the worse.

    Now every episode is filled with lame comments like "I'm the president of the United States, I do what i want." (That’s what teenage girls with hormonal-problems say, not the president) And let’s not forget the superlame terms that everybody has heard a million times to many e.g. "the west-wing". In addition to that the nemesis, that speaker guy, whose name just slipped my tongue, has gone soft. Way too soft. And he keeps saying that she's good in front of his henchmen and that is totally totally lame they should be badmouthing her and plotting some evil scheme or whatever, as long as they don’t glorify her.

    Ever since Rod Lurie stepped back something about this show just feels like a morale-boost for all single-moms; that has been dreaming about being presidents themselves. But I don't know, maybe it's just me. Anyhoo, let Rod do the thinking and directing again, because the show was better when he was in control.
  • UPDATE: It's better than I expected, and improving! I'll be fair. I've seen 1 episode, and it's just the pilot. Pilots are usually pretty bad, and this one is no exception...but it does show promise, and the potential for

    UPDATE: I must give the writers credit. The show is not as bad as I's actually watchable. This is about as far as I'm willing to go, as I can't stand the preachy attitude. And, get over it already -- a woman is the president, and we don't have to hear about it in every scene.

    Bottom line: If you can stand the acting and the actors (Mark Paul Gosselar--what were they thinking?!) this show actually has a little something going for it. If they continue improving at this rate, it may actually be good by the time Mac runs for reelection.

    I've upgraded my rating to a 4, from a 2.5. It has the potential to actually last a whole season, if they don't kill it off playing musical-time-slots.

    Geena Davis is one of my favorite actresses. Her role in "Earth Girls are Easy," starring beside Jeff Goldblum and Downtown Julie Brown helped produce one of the funniest kitsch movies of the 1980s.

    But apparently Earth Girls are now Presidential material? Like, gag me with a spoon! Totally!

    This is not the first show depicting a female President...there was a previous, short lived comedic series, also from the 1980s named "Hail to the Chief." Patty Duke as the President?! Funny, but not sufficiently memorable.

    This one, being a drama, has the potential to remain interesting. And, considering the role of women throughout most of the world (Islam, especially), it has the potential for some volatility...

    The treatment of the First Gentleman was unnecessarily comical, and his emasculation was quite offensive to me as a straight man. It won't surprise me if the "Queer Eye" Fab 5 show up to give him a makeover and redecorate his pink office, in next week's episode.

    Were this being presented as a serious drama, and not just as a way to prepare the country for Hillary's presidential bid, it might show some promise. The American people are not this dumb. With an agenda so blatantly transparent, I expect this show to last only a few most a season, if they pre-filmed all the episodes.

    Bottom line: A minor disappointment, but the premise has some potential, if they play it right. I doubt they will.
  • All in all the show keeps you coming back.

    This show is cutting edge. It has all the good stuff in it, family fun excitement and drama. The show when the daughter was being filmed without her permission was good. She\'s just a regular teen but the other kids cant resist setting her up for trouble. Then ofcourse she has the secret service to run interferance. The husband is a little wishy washy but you are sure his heart is in the right place.
  • Fantastic show! Great to watch.

    I'm not really a fan of politics, but I still like the show. The show is quite relaxing unlike other 'white house/politics' type of drama.

    Geena Davis should get a special mention as she is fabulous as the United States' first female president, I couldn't think of any other actress who could perform the role better.
  • This is such a great show. Please everyone watch the show.

    This show is a great and amazing show to watch. The show keeps you intrested durning the whole episode. I am so glad ABC has this show on air. I give this show 5 out of 5 stars in my book. The first time you watch the show you will fall in lovw with it. I think the show has the best actors and actress a TV show can have. This show is my personal favorite and I will watch this show from beginning to the end. Please, I hope you can watch this show because you will absolutly love it.
  • Oh Please!

    I can't believe that people are liking this show and even more I can't believe that Geena Davis won the Golden Globe for it.
    It gets more than a zero for the idea.
    I think it misses the mark by miles.
    And what is with Geena's stiffness; it's like "I'm acting like a President now."
    I would hope a President, man or woman, would have more to deal with than whether or not their gender is being accepted by the public and their staff.
    She was once one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and to see her put on this air makes me cry for Thelma & Louise.
    From the actors point of view I understand why she would want to be the first woman to play a President on TV, it'll go down in TV history and she will be the player to claim that honor, but...oh, please!
  • Best show on TV! I love all the actors in this show. I make sure i am home and nobody bothers me when it comes on. I hate watching those reality show they are soooo boring and stupid, there are alot of others shows on that are to smutty.

    Finally something GOOD too watch other than the so called \"reality shows\" that are stupid and boring. Hope commander and chief has a good many years on tv. I heard that it may be going off the air. I sure hope not, if this happens then i will be VERY un happy with ABC. There are other show on that they can take off.
  • Read that "show in danger of being a single-term series"... I'm very disheartened! Show's creator left... so this meaningful show has to crumble? It shows WHAT REAL compassion and MINDFUL leadership CAN & COULD look like in this world. Best show on tele

    Why is it - any worthwhile and thought-provoking show that has ANY REAL substance to it... can't survive the "Survivors" and "American Idols" of this world? What does this say about our country's value systems? Important issues can't be faced - - blood, guts and mindless entertainment rule instead. Pitiful!
  • Great new show; Gina Davies is fantastic..

    I really like CIC. For me, it is better then Lost or Desperate Housewives. Only Prison Break is better this season. I like politics, perhaps this is the reasoning behind me liking the show. In fact, the show deals too much with the children of the family - an understandle fact, which drew younger viewers - but for me the real action is between Gina & Donald (Sutherland) - what a great combo there!! delicious.

    My only regret is to hear about the production difficulties. The production level is very high indeed, and it shows in every camera shot. It is a very expensive show, that is for sure. But I guess that what makes it such a complete, wonderful show.

    I really hope ABC will give it a chance. Maybe they should produce all 22-episode in advance, and then broadcast them all together.

    Far fetched? perhaps. But it might just keep the viewing share for more seasons.

    More of CIC, please!!!!
  • WOOT!! The first show about a female President, and there will be one soon!

    This show is excellent! Now, I can't wait for Tuesday nights! Geena Davis is fantastic (as always!), and so are the other characters. I don't see how anyone could dislike this show,I would never EVER miss it! To people who haven't seen the show, all I can say is it''s... it's...BRILLAINT!!
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