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  • I continue to find C-in-C worthwhile in many ways: love Geena and Kyle and Donald, but the supporting cast leaves me kind of bleah. It ain't Sorkin's WW but it's good stuff. This week: Mark Paul's "Want to go again?" had me giggling wildly.

    I agree with another member that amplifying the role of Peter Coyote as the VP would add a shot of zing to this show. I want to slap Rebecca. Next week's show with a hint of sexual antics by The First Gentleman looks like a sort of cheezy plot line.
  • This show is a winner! I can't wait until Tuesday so I can get my fix!

    I have fallen in love with this show! I find the writing fresh and exciting. The concept of the show itself is a great one in my opinion, and I think the concept allows for endless possibilities regarding storylines. The show was born from the writer of \"The Contender\", which is one of my favorite films. Geena Davis, deserves every award she wins for this role. She continues to surprise me with how well she embodies the character, Mackenzie Allen. That said, I think that the entire cast is wonderful. I like the direction the show is taking and I like the way that they mix business with family! This one is a winner!
  • A luke-warm West Wing knock-off for those less inclined to honour substance over this goo.

    The only thing this show has going for it is that more people can find it accessible, as it uses less big words, less seriously researched situations, less true drama and more hankerchief and good-for-a-cheap laugh tactics.
    It is politics for soccer moms and that is all.
    Just one example of fleeting writing:
    When Gina calls in her Vice-president-to-be, she builds the scene up by hinging on the sole fact he is a soldier and she is giving him a direct order. She then reiterates this when he does arrive. However, after a HOPELESS exchange of words, it comes down to "well, you wanted to be here, right?" Well, which is it?
    And the good ol' pat in the back of the "Wow, won't the make a GREAT team, eh?" line really brought it down for me. Watched three episodes to give it a chance - no way.
    Luke warm, getting colder by the minute. Throw out with the rest of tasteless porridge.
  • To DDuran109 I saw your post on the I saw that you recorded the show \"no Nukes\".

    Hi DDuran109
    I saw your post on the I saw that you recorded the show \"no Nukes\". I had a friend recording the episodes for me and was waiting until this week to give me last weeks 1st part and this weeks 2nd part (no nukes) He has held the 1st part (not seen by me yet) but he forgot to record the 2nd part! He never saw the 2nd part either and can\'t tell me what\'s up with the show. IS there any way I could get a copy of the 2nd part \"No nukes...\"? My e-mail address is
    P Barnard
  • It is a shame that the show has lost one of its best possible plot and script lines when it shipped the vice president off to oblivion. The Speaker of the House is placed in staff meetings,decision making situations etc. that are totally unreal.Thi

    There is an obvious flaw in the plot. A speaker of the House is usually not in the President's inner circle. Templeton is included in staff meetings,intimate conversations,parties,consulted on decisions that are not in his purview.
    The vice president, who in this day and age, plays an influential role in our government,is notably absent. The initial plot line with tension between the V.P. being chosen by Mack from a different party with different views looked to be interesting and real.You lost a really fine actor as Peter Coyote .
    The show went off track as far as I am concerned. Tighten up!
  • Awesome show . . . wish this wasn't just a TV show!

    I think this show promotes the United States as a proud country lead by an intelligent person who is not afraid of making an informed decisions. Of course, I realize that unfortunately this is just a TV show. But it delivers a story line that melds intelligence and information gathering and the uniting of differing political ideals into a united government. This is an absolute opposite of where we are today, but it gives us a goal of what we could build when the corrupt politicians of today are thrown out of office in upcoming elections.

    Commander in Chief is the greatest new show! It can only be discribed as Cutting edge! I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat, just waiting to see whats next, and rushing home to watch it! You Go Madam President! You Got my vote!

    Mike B. - Reno, Nevada
  • Why do people watch this.

    I don't get how (Commander in Chief) is so popular. I guess when Desprite Houswifes started people started watching ABC more often. I mean this show is copying off anouther bad show (The West Wing) instead changing the character to a women. Donanld Sutherland; I find anouhter screwup in this show which I am very surprized. People just chose to watch (House) its a way better show."
  • Great show if your new to this genre.

    I have never been interested in political shows but for some reason I gave this show a chance. To my surprise I really enjoyed it. After watching this show for about 5 weeks I decided to pick up the West Wing on DVD. After watching the first 5 seasons of the West wing Commander in Chief starts to feel kinda slow and dumbed down. This is a great show to get your feet wet in this new genre but if you really want the goods check out the West Wing.
  • This is an amazing, influential show that indicates to the world how wonderful a woman leader would be.

    This is an amazing, influential show that indicates to the world how wonderful a woman leader would be. It so accurately describes the delicate balance between mom, wife, and leader of the free world.

    If you take it out of the context of President, this show does an excellent job of showing America what it's like to be a career woman and juggling everything at once.
  • Good show, but it needs alot of work to be the next west wing.

    I think this show has potential and it is the most plausible way for a women to be president as of right now. The american people would never vote hilary into the office, no matter how liberals would love it.

    The drama is a good mixture of family and politics, but it lacks the dramatic muscle from the west wing, its closest predecessor (also most likely to be cancelled). The problem is that the writers need to take a couple a steps away from the show and look at the landscape and cultivate the some more action. The pacing and the culture this show comes from is good, not too much glamor or grit. The characters are weak though, they seem to be in endless disarray with problems in every episode. The dynamic has to be limited a bit.

    I can easily see a season two, at the pace the show is going, but it would involve a terrorist attack and a cast member's death. This is one possibility i hope they will not attempt. The show needs work and cheap gimmicks will not help it in the long run.
  • First female president takes office because the president was murdered.

    Good Show a breath of fresh air from your average tt v show. it deals with family issues and yet the president can deal with any thing the world can throw at the United States vit is not as chessy or corny as you might think. it seems very believeable a great show
  • A great show!

    I lost the first episodes because it is in the same time of other tv show, but then when I started to watch on the day after when they put it again I liked very much and now I can't wait the time to see it again.
    I like very much of this tv show because it's different it is not like The West Wing that I hated, the story it's very cool because have kids and tennagers on the show and I liked that.
    Now Geena Davis was the perfect choice for be the president she is amazing and I actually think that she is the president.
  • a sequal of west wing

    a good show so far that has all the making of a great show if the writers and director keep the tension and drama to a maximum. A good sequal of the hit show the west wing, people will stay and see if the drama keeps going on like the west wing
  • The fate of the nation lies in the hand of the woman. Vice President Mac took an oath to be the president eventhough his predecessor asked her to resign. Will she be able to handle the politics goes with the job?

    The first female president of the US, and with it comes great responsibility. This show is not only empowering woman, but it only shows all aspect of womanhood. Any mother can see herself being refelected by this show. She works hard and she plays hard. Thumbs up to all the actors and actress that plays in this drama, and specially to those who work behind the scenes.

    All in all this maybe one of the best shows that i have seen in this lifetime. It can not be doubted as it is also being nominated for one of the best of 2005 shows, it only goes to show that it is a great show.
  • Great show! I have seen only the first two episodes and I'm hooked. Gena is great for this role. She would do a much better job know who.

    Gena Davis is great as always. I love the fact that this series makes you think what the first woman president will probably have to go through. I think is great that a show like this has finally made it to mainstream T.V. Many kudos to the producers and the cast. Keep up the great work!
  • C-I-C isn't cancelled (yet)

    Show has not (yet) been cancelled by ABC... next episode airs Jan 10 entitled...
    "Sub Enchanted Evening"
    Trendsetting because of Mackenzie Allen... rest of cast except for Kelly needs a swift kick in their personalities... C-I-C has yet to graduate from being West Wing Lite.

    Desperately hoping I'm not backing another lost cause...
  • Love the show.

    My whole household loves this show and is actually the only show we watch on Tuesday nights. The actors are wonderful and the writers of the show are excellent. They allow the american public to remember that the President of the Unted States is human. And that they to have everyday personal strugles just like the rest of us, while trying to balance a Job and a Household. One of the best shows on TV right now.
  • They didn't announce it, but they squelched the best show of the new season purely because it was thought provoking -- which is not politically wise in this Nation any more. I read the reviews by others on this web-site -- the negatives are all from Bus

    I posted my review of "Commander in Chief" -- a positive review because I feel the show is well done and thought provoking. Then I began reading the reviews others posted, and all it did was confirm for me what I said in my review -- the cancellation was a totally political act by the Administration and its supporters running scared after all their fiascoes. Read the reviews and ask yourself the political leanings of the writers. It was clear to me that most of those knocking the show were "Bushies."

    But in judging the TV show, consider some history. Jefferson as VP was totally opposed to the Adams Administration and this created chaos (and the birth of political parties in our National Government). What if Adams had had a stroke? Or this one -- Mark Hanna was the undisputed leader of the Republican Party (and the Nation -- at least in his own eyes). He had Teddy Roosevelt placed on the ticket as VP purely to "balance" the ticket. Then McKinley is shot and this reformer lands in the White House totally outside Hanna's control. Or worse, note that until Spiro Agnew was no longer VP, the impeachment of Nixon was stalled. Or consider that Kennedy's Viet Nam policy was the antithesis of Johnson's.

    The "Commander in Chief" TV show is actually about more than just the gender of the person holding the Presidency -- it is about whether political party loyalty, or ethics and loyalty to the Nation, should be primary. That is a question which has been debated in this Nation for two and one half centuries, and which will not go away. We finally have a good TV show which poses that question intelligently with both modern themes and personal problems mixed together (as they always are), and what happens?

    The politicians place pressure to cancel it.

  • The first female President of the United States of America --- it's about time.

    I strongly suggest that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should find the time to watch this series ... at least when it starts to air here in the local cable channels.

    I love how MacKenzie Allen (Geena Davis) is level-headed and principled, and calm and collected most of the time. She has the support and understanding of her family so she is able to do her job of running the country, while fending off the "challenges" thrown her way by her political opponents. Despite the rigors of her job she still makes the time to be mom and wife.
  • Saw the preview. Where have I been?? This will make our America begin the envisioning of a female president. Long overdue. Geena Davis...a personal fav. Beaucoup tension. Writing is decent...her firm jaw sets in on those telling slams onto feminity. Yay f

    Saw the preview. Where have I been?? This will make our America begin the envisioning of a female president. Long overdue. Geena Davis...a personal fav. Beaucoup tension. Writing is decent...her firm jaw sets in on those telling slams onto feminity. It does not bode well for her to have this rabid partisan beginning. Sounds like the election of 1800. And away we go....Yay for for Mac!!!
  • She let her husband in! Some would say that this is a huge mistake. If the rest of the show unfolds as it has, this will be proved to be a correct move. The mystery and drama of true and right leadership and mastership.

    She let her husband in! She revealed that she herself was not a virgin when she was married! Yet she is still on top. She is still very moral, noble, true, and great. It is great! "Open their eyes and they will see." This show has rose a notch in my book! Of course, this could be like the calm before the storm! Do you really think a little video is going to hold Templeton down! If he were to measure what the president has gone up against without even a hesitation, he would realize that he has to face the video to prove that he has bigger... courage than she does! :) Very nice!
  • What a disappointment! It reminds me of the Susan B. Anthony dollar...sized the same as a quarter so that it was doomed from the start. The casting, acting, directing and writing here is awful.(Southerland is the only exception) Shame on you!

    What a disappointment! It reminds me of the Susan B. Anthony dollar...sized the same as a quarter so that it was doomed from the start. The casting here is awful except for Donald Southerland. Is it the director or writer or both? Simplistic plots, unrealistic solutions, a president with no emotions, and unbelievable characters. Like many women I was excited about this show. I have watched all of them to date and actually turned in off in the middle last week because it was just so phoney. It is set up to fail so that the "powers that be" can say, "oh yeah, a woman president, we tried that and it didn't work." Shame on you!
  • This show has moved to the top of my TIVO and I find myself waiting (happily) for the next episode. But, is there trouble on the horizon with a new leader (Bochco) at the helm.

    We didn't know what to expect from this show when we saw the first episodes, but this show has really become a favorite in our house. Geena Davis is great and the whole cast is well balanced. What really makes this show exceptional is how they (for the most part) side-step the politics and stick with the drama of the situation and premise of the show.

    That being said, I fear the "chief" is going to be making a change very soon. With only six episodes in the can and a new Executive Producer at the controls, the original concept of the show is in trouble. It is no secret that TV veteran, Steven Bochco has a strong political opinion, and that seems to slip into every project he has ever made.

    I'm pretty sure that "Chief" creator, Rod Lurie intended to tell a compelling story about people, not politics...but the danger is rising. I fear the show I have come to love will soon be a show (like West Wing) I can't watch for all the politics. I'll watch CNN if I want political commentary, not a drama on ABC.

    This show has become a success because viewers, like me were happily surprised to see a story, not a Bush/America bash-fest...and we keep coming back for more. I can't say that will happen once the original 6 episodes air and we are face to face with the Bochco "re-tooling."

    I can only hope that Bochco understands what makes the show appealing. Davis and good old fashioned dramatic story telling. About life, family, love, and stress that happens to take place in the White House. I pray that the show will only get better with the new leader, but history is the proof...and this show's popularity may be numbered. we'll have to see.
  • By far the worst show of the year or any years.

    By far the worst show of the year or any years. Only thing missing is Hillary stating her approval of show at end. Just plain dumb show. Liberal play book is plot and script for the show. Even the people that work on the show were part of St. Hillary's campaign staff.
  • What would life be like for the first female President of the United States?

    This show gives me a real-time depiction of what life may be like behind closed doors in the White House. I appreciate that the show gives us a realistic view of how a woman president might be received by other politicians [especially male politicians] and the American public. Mac makes informed decisions and is true to her duties as the President. She is sometimes unsure of herself but shows great power and grace when carrying out her orders. She does not make you want to take her side because she is a woman. She is proving to the public and her peers that she has the capacity to get the job done. She is proving that soccer moms\' were not wrong for helping bring her to office. Not because she is a woman, but because she was the right person for the job as VP as she has shown herself to be thus far as the Commander-in-Chief.

    The only thing I do not like about the show is the first husband. I feel he is very jealous of his wife and has or will betray her. He seems to feel as if he should have been the one offered the vice presidency. He has been less than supportive on several occasions thus far. I think he leaked her resignation letter for the expose book. I do not like that he pressured her into giving him a position on her staff. I wonder how far his alterior motives will take him. He is the first in his position as first husband. However, I think he is essentially trying to work his way into being the only person Mac will listen to. He is headed toward making his wife a figurehead in the office of the President of the United States.
  • You know, I normally enjoy TV shows that make me laugh, like FRIENDS, but the characters in this show just pull you in. It is very intense and I can't wait to watch the next episode. I'm disappointed that I missed one week because of the awards.

    As I've stated in the summary, I normally enjoy shows that make me laugh. Geena Davis is one of my favorite actress' and I have to admit that she's the reason I watched the first episode. I don't think you could have chosen a better actress for her part. She's perfect in it. I have to say, I don't know if the issues she deals with in the show are what the real president deals with, or if it's that intense in real life. But if it is, there isn't enough money in the world that would make me want that job.

    On a lighter side, I agree that her TV daughter is going to cause alot of problems. Her brother seems to be borderline too. Cheating by using his moms autograph machine for his test paper proves that point. The youngest girl is the only one that seems to be excited for her Mom, though she's young and if this show makes it, I'm sure she'll go through the trials that her sister and brother are dealing with now. But, it seems to be issues that just about every teen goes through at one time or another.

    I think she needs to watch her back around her Assistant, Jim. He seems to be one of those guys that doesn't have his own idea of what he's all about so other people are using him for their own agenda.

    Donald Sutherland is the perfect bad guy. He sure does make you hate him. At least I hate him.

    I don't know if I like her husband pushing her into creating a position for him. I understand that she does need someone she trusts to watch her back though, so I'm torn on that one.

    Well, hope you enjoy the show as much as I do.
  • I was excited when C-in-C first aired, what a great show. Slowly it has been sliding downhill a bit with the hubby's insistence to be in charge. Drop him.

    I believe initially the show was one of those you had to watch, very compelling to see what the next episode was going to bring. The Speaker's undermining of the Presidency outside the White-House is great, the plot is particularly interesting whenever the Administration can dig stuff up on the Speaker as well. I do believe the husband (the First Husband) is being too overpowering, his character is lame to say the least. He is the "significant other", let him take that role. I think the last series did it for me, the whining is intolerable and the Pres caved in. I think you should produce a show where there is an attempt to assasinate the Pres and hubby takes the hit, then two or three shows later he bites the dust.
  • Hail to Chief (Commander in Chief, that is)!

    Well written
    Excellent acting by Ted Porter (Limo Agent Elderson)
    So awesome
    On TV once a week
    Move over, West Wing
    Everybody is talking about... Commander in Chief!

    What I have written above is an acrostic. In it there is a secret message... Or maybe it's not so secret, since everyone already knows this show is awesome! President Mackenzie Astin hadn't been heard from since "The Facts of Life", but it is now a fact of life that she reigns over TV land. Deal with it! No problemo, I say, because one of her secret service agants is sensational new star Ted Porter (Limo Agent Elderson). If you only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, this has got to be it.
    Davis. Porter. Sutherland. Now there's a ticket that's got my vote.
  • Interesting topics, boring though! :(

    I saw the first episodes and it were interesting ones but not to watch the show again, it's a great idea to put a female president, but to be honest I really don't like the plots, the writers on the show create plots of the quality of soap operas, and I feel this series is goin downhill, writers better start working in new ideas to increase the shows quality! Good luch ABC u have 3 eccellent shows, why not more?
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