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  • Commander In Chief, a political show to get people to wake up and think about who they put in office and why.

    I love this show. commander in chief shows us that a woman really can make a good President....hmmm, Hillary Clinton & Oprah...what a good team that would make for 2008..I like this show because it really shows what Washington is like, how vicious they can be to each other and how favors are traded and bills are passed for those favors. Excellent reality show.

    The concept of this show is inspiring. Its production is... long overdue. Geena Davis is the PERFECT actress for this role. She allows you to see that it can be done. You can visualize a strong, smart, sophistocated, humane/human woman taking point in this country. She's FIERCE! Fearless. It's about damn time! Way to go ABC!
  • The presidents daughter is going to bring problems to the white house. Her husband should not take that job bieng the comissioner of baseball.

    This show brings to the world a new look on what our society could be in the next ten years. I love it because it shows people what our nation could be when a woman is president. I love the fact that they also show her being a mother, a wife and a president at the same time.
  • What a joke! We (I) are not impressed with this show. Geena Davis is a wonderful actress, but this show is not well written. The plots are foreseeable, the supporting cast is poorly written. Better TV is available during this time slot.

    Geena Davis is one of my favorites. I will watch that dumb movie "Earth Girls are Easy" because of her. But I will not subject myself to this piece of poorly written and thought out program. I have watched about 10 mins of 2 episodes and found it dull and repetitive of the same old same old. The West Wing really shows political life inside of the White House. This is a poor ripoff and we all should find better programing to watch. Please watch anything else, but this program.
  • A TV show about a woman vice president that suddenly has to become President. And it shows more about the person of the president and its family than all the politic overtures.

    I have to say I was very sceptical about this show, but I think they have proved me wrong.

    It got hearts and you feel connected with the issues that arise even if you’re a man, so I think this show will be a success for both men and women viewers.

    Telling more will spoil the fun of watching this great show.

  • A little dull

    I have been watching the show for one reason, and one reason only: Deputy Press Secretary Alex Williams (just so you know). But I personally find this show a little on the dull side. Kelly shows little backbone and really isn\'t suited for her job.

    I honestly don\'t know if I will watch the show as I find the show a little dull. The storylines and the dialogue seems to be slow and very much contrived. Maybe I am comparing this to the West Wing, I don\'t know.
  • When you take amazing actors and throw them into a very dramatic tv show, you have Commander in Chief.

    Despite the lack of advertising for this show if you were too watch it you will be hooked from the first episode you see. The high speed drama and realistic issues make this show a big success.

    Aside from the drama you have the all star team of actors including Gina Davis, Donald Sutherland, and Donald Sutherland's secretary (I can't remember her name). It's great to see such a great bunch of stars coming together to make this great show. Hoorah!!!!
  • Best new show of the 2005-2006 season.

    I picked only one new show to watch this season, and this was it, and man am I glad. The great thing about this show is that it's not purely political, like The West Wing, but it also does a great job of showing the impact being the president's family has on the first family. Geena Davis does a fantastic job as President Mackenzie Allen, and Donald Sutherland (Kiefer's dad!) is superb as Nathan Templeton. One cool thing is how with every important person in Washington the producers put up the name and title of the person. Especially helpful with people that came later in the season, like my dad. Although, assuming each season is one year, this show can only go for 6 years. But, hey, maybe the producers can find a way around that. One problem: too many commercials!
  • This show is quite different then the West Wing and is a great show in its own right.

    This show is quite different then the West Wing and is a great show in its own right. When they show the dynamics of the family within the White House as opposed to strictly politics it adds to the show's depth and feeling. Geena Davis is a great actress whose arch nemesis she deals with constantly as a threat to her administration. It really adds to the entertainment of the show when they offer scenarios the kids deal with as children of the president. Every time she deals her arch nemesis a blow and he loses a battle, the viewer feels great. Great acting, great stories so far and a great show altogether. My Rating a ten.
  • This show grows on you week after week, great content, great acting, great story lines

    I really liked this episode, very interesting and
    as it said in the show it was the first major crisis for the new Madam President and I think she passed with flying colors
    You can\'t help but want her to succeed !
    There are so many characters that are starting to develope which Im sure will only help to have the show grow more
  • This show is hands down the best new show on TV!

    This show is without a doubt absolutely fabulous! It shows politics in a more interesting way! Plus Genna Davis as a very strong-willed powerful president is excellent! We need more strong characters on TV that will stick to what they believe in, no matter who they are talking to! This is definilty one to catch every tuesday!
  • Finally some good TV

    Ok, love the show. I had a few plot twists swimming around in my head. Besides wanting Templeton to either get an attack from a Gran Maul, OR he is caught in a huge scandal, where he is sleeping with that blonde devil of a woman. And Mac uses him as an example for public display of morals for the American people. I almost thought her son was gonna end up being gay, he was blowing off the girls at school, and seeing as how he's a twin... it's possible, and would make for interesting storyline, with a mother who is very open to civil rights for all.
  • Thank you for finally presenting informative, riviting and entertaining all in one spot. One hour isn\'t enough. This should be a book. A series in fact. Now if you can just keep the writing interesting and relevant, you will keep me as a viewer.

    The characters are relevant, easy to associate to the actual characters they are playing. Madam president is a no nonesense, intelegent woman of strength. Thank you for making her realistic.

    The issues and crisis she has faced so far seem real enough. YOu have kept her level headed and focused on doing what is best for the whole. If only our real life government could make a decision and stick to it without worrying about their approval rating. Ahhh, to dream the impossible dream.

    Continue to keep the stories sharp. Please avoid the usual wishy washy sex sex and more sex stories. Believe it or not but the public really enjoys intrigue, mystery, and strong uncorupted heros and heroines. I know, since I\'m part of the public!
  • I find Commander-In-Chief....a waste of time.

    Commander-In-Chief, the new show about the first woman president. I find this show a little interesting, but mostly boring. I mean, they don't really do anything. They just talk about all the people who are against her and finding a new vice-president, and.....finding her daughter's diary? I wouldn't recommend this show and advise you all to watch house which is on at the same time as this. C ya!
  • Intelligent and thought-provoking

    Any good movie or Tv show must begin with good writing - this show has it.

    The show is believable and inspiring.

    Geena Davis does a great job as President and Donald Sutherland is perfect as Speaker of the House and would-be President.

    With all the stupid trash on TV today, this program is a welcome relief.
  • There can be some good in a mobster... so I can enjoy the Sopranos. Even lawyers aren’t necessarily evil... I can watch Boston Legal. But politicians embody the worst aspects of both without any of the redeeming characteristics of either... so I can’t enj

    This will be an incomplete review since I couldn’t force myself to sit through the pilot. It did seem to capture the essence of politicians, mainly their arrogant belief that they are superior to everyone else and therefore must make as many decisions as possible. As a non-US citizen, it really drives home that the only people US politicians hold in lower regard than their own subjects are the citizens of every other country on the planet.

    I can suspend my disbelief enough to really get into a show where a vampire with a soul is the hero. A show where elves and dwarves fight dragons alongside human wizards? Why not? But a show with politicians as the good guys? That is just too far fetched for me to go with.
  • This is so realistic! DC is power-crazy. The wimpy West Wing cannot compare with this accurate portrayal of life within the Beltway!

    This is so realistic! DC is power-crazy. DC, especially those in any federal government position, are totally obsessed with power--the accumulation of it and the blatant use of it. This show truly gives a realistic picture of those people who use and abuse their power.

    It really does not matter whether or not Mackensie Allen is a woman or a man. The point is that she is an \"outsider\" who does not play the games. That is what got her into trouble before she even knew it. Now, she knows what\'s going on and who\'s doing. It is going to be a duel!

    I never could sit through The West Wing because its characters were so good and so concerned with doing their jobs well. They even had ethics. Get real! That is not how power operates.

    The wimpy West Wing cannot compare with this accurate portrayal of life within the Beltway! I love this show and hope it will continue.
  • A Worthy Companion to West Wing

    Geena Davis pulls it off. She is totally believable and darn good looking at the same time.
    Donald Sutherland performs the rightwing villain wonderfully. He out Delays Delay.
    The rest of the cast is nice if rather bland. They don't grab you and hold on tight like the folks at West Wing did from the first. But they may grow on us.
    The first few shows give us hope that West Wing may have a rightfull successor.
  • Complex Plot Weaving Continues

    In FIRST DANCE the writers keep the many plots going well. The overarching plot question is will Mac succeed as President against Templeton\'s scheming. In this episode the turning point of Mac\'s chief of staff again comes when Templeton shows his sexism and racism by trying to appeal to ?\'s racial pride. And the results go the opposite of the way he wants. ? doesn\'t resign.
    The first husband continues to grapple with his reduced status. One wonders whether he will have temptations from the other women in the white house. Each of the children has his/her own sub plot. I particularly liked the nightmare of the youngest about not being able to find her mommy. The two kids in high school begin to learn about the additional pressures their status places upon them. I like the way the writers activate these sub plots in each episode and continue them. Keeps things interesting. Shakespeare, from whom they learned how to do this, is still the greatest screenwriter.
  • One of the best of its Genre!


    Not only it is reasonable, its believeable.

    Geena has finally found a place in series T.V. and done it as only she can. The show is topical and it's attacking the thoughts of the general population for 2008. Dems are thinking Hillary and Repub's are thinking Condi. If this show takes off as a run away hit as it appears to be heading towards, we could be looking at some real history riding on its coattails.
  • Subliminal. I am not a fan of shows that have a political agenda. When I heard the name of the show and learned the premise, I could see the clinton handwriting all over this show and I was right

    IF this were just a show . . . BUT it it is not. What part of the budget for this show is funded by the Clinton campaign? I know that the infamous Clinton staffers are part of the writing stafffor this show, perhaps you should BILL this as the beginning of the upcoming Hillary Clinton Democratic campaign for the White House. I am totally against Hollywood trying to influence, subliminally or not, the political scene and I really do not want them using a weekly tv show to try and get a certain person elected to the highest office in the land. Will at least a part of the budget for the production of this show, etc. charged to the Clinton campaign fund or is this just another version of White Water
  • The best new show of the 2005 Fall Season.

    Commander-In-Chief is arguably one of the best, if not the best, new show of the fall season. It stars actress Gena Davis as the vice president who succeeds the current president when he dies. Gena Davis does a fantastic job on the show. She keeps it realistic and informative. Commander-In-Chief will keep you glued to the television and incapable of moving from the edge of your seat. It anyone has not seen it yet, I truly advise you to give it a chance.
  • Well its about time we see an intelligent and witty woman in office!

    I really think this show is going to be a big hit! I love the way Geena Davis' character sticks to her guns and tells it like it SHOULD be..and doesnt follow the lead on what everyone else thinks she should do. She at the same time takes time to listen to her advisors around her and doesnt slack off under pressure. If a woman can raise a child she should be able to run a country! You go Geena...I mean Mrs. President!!
  • This is by so far one of my favorite series. Gina Davis is absolutley fabulous.

    Commander in Chief is on of the best tv series on the air and we are only in the 4th episode next week. A women president? Wouldn't that be awesome. It's nice to get away from the real world and if only for an hour, see what it's like from a woman's perspective. I am into politics and this show made me realize how sad the U.S. gov. and the people are that there has never been a women president. Ginda Davis is believable and strong. I can't believe that people don't like it.
  • Are you prepared to enter the Oval Office with the first female President? Well if you want to you could watch Commander in Chief but why would you want to do that?

    Commander in Chief doesn't have all that many original qualities. If you want to boil it down a lot of the show is borrowed (that is my being nice to the CiC team) from other shows particularly The West Wing. The show is based around the first female President played by Geena Davis. And that is all the show brings in originality. I am a fan of The West Wing if you haven't already guessed but I would like this show too if it were original in anyway. The show seems predicated on the idea that hey why don't we take the West Wing's viewing audience, by the way that task hasn't been that hard since John Wells took the helm). The show could have potential but it would require Hollywood to come up with an original idea and put together a team that wouldn't screw it up. And that seems impossible now days. If you have nothing better to do with your Tuesday evenings then sure go ahead and watch Commander In Chief. You will see some decent acting with completely boring and unoriginal storylines though. In my opinion go read a book during this hour, it would be a better use of time.
  • boring,does not hold my interest

    I found this show VERY BORING.The acting isn't bad,but the show does not hold my interest.I have watched it only because I new a few people on it,but i turned the channel each husband felt the same as I.It had a lot of hipe but was a real let down.
  • Great show worth watching!

    Great action and suspense moves right along. They choose good actors to play off each other. Not sure about where they going with the oldest daughter. Hope the writer's got a lot in his or her bag they have a hit! Look foward to every week so far great movie so far with good values. Great writing and director and cinematography.
    Andrew Galletti
  • Unbelievable--feels like I am watching a movie!

    Superior, well-written, driven script that facilitates discussion with family, friends, and co-workers.

    We tape and re-watch each episode to catch the innuendoes, i.e. "I probably won't be re-elected... That's why I can spend the next two years doing what's right for the American people....What are you doing with the next two years of your life?" .

    The leadership style portrayed by President Allen is one to be emulated: definitely firm but not overbearing, willing to team-up with a former opponent who offers strengths for the good of the whole, standing by one's conviction even when it is not popular, giving a promising rookie press secretary a chance to make a difference.

    I also appreciate the manner in which the first family faces everyday struggles with love and humor reminescent of the Cosbys.

    Commander In Chief entertains and inspires me. Thank you, ABC!
  • Incredible

    One of the best series I ever saw. I'm from Puerto Rico, and last term was governed (by the first time) by a woman, Sila M. Calderon. It's time for US to be ruled by a woman. They know what they do, without a doubt. Does not have to be Mrs. Clinton, search for a good one. ;)
  • It ain't no West Wing.

    Sometimes hacknied. Very slow moving. Tired and cliched plot lines. Unfunny gags. Unrealistic scenarios. Auto-cue being switched off by Majority speaker in first episode yawn. Stroppy daughter with teenage agnst yawn. Cute youngest daughter who solves problem in episode two yawn. Wise but young oldest son yawn. The list goes on.

    This premise had so much opportunity. I only hope Stephen Bocho can rescue it.
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