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  • My new favorite show. With the departure of "JAG" I was at a lost regarding "my stay at home and watch show" but I found it on ABC Tuesday at 9:00. I think the show is awesome. I also think Geena Davis is stylish as the president. A Great Choice.

    I like the show's overall intention of including the ups and downs of the country as well as that of the first family. So far, everyone seems to be on cue as first as their role and what it
    represents in regards to the show. Geena Davis'
    character seems to have great chemistry with all
    of the other characters on the show, including
    Donald Sutherland's character. It is a welcome
    change for me. I have tired of the "50" law dramas, and the "100" reality shows. I have never been a big fan of sitcoms. I hope this show maintains it present ratings status.
  • The campaign has begun...

    Despite claims by the series creator that this show's main character is patterned after some woman executive working for Martha Stewart, this is clearly an in-kind contribution to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. However, as with Dan Rather, the guy simply lacks the stones to admit the truth and lacks the imagination to make up a believable lie.

    There's nothing really new about this show. A woman head of state? Been there, done that -- Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Elizabth I, etc. Republicans as the bad guys? Just watch any show that touches on politics and you get the same thing. Geena Davis? She was already over the hill when she did Thelma and Louise. I do give her one thing, though -- as is typical with female politicians, she is a rather manly woman. And no, manly is not the same thing as strong; I mean manly. Why not a black woman as the lead character? Oops, might make people think of Condoleeza, and she's one of those "Evil Republicans", isn't she?

    And if I needed any further convincing that this is a campaign piece, when did ABC star re-airing episodes of new shows the same week they first air? Okay, they just did it with Lost and Invasion, but Lost is an established hit, and Invasion is paired with it in the schedule now.

    This is a show that I do not want to miss by accident -- I want to intentionally not watch it.
  • Where did this come from? From the future where everything is awesome? It must have tv world, because I am rolling awsomeness when I watch the new drama, Comander in Chief!

    In my history as an avid television viewer/connoisseur, I have never been so compelled to write my feelings towards a new drama on television as I am now. With all the convoluted new dramas revolving around murder, death, ufo's, and ridiculously concocted plots that do little to stir the imagination, I have found peace of mind in the new political drama "Commander in Chief" (CinC). Gina Davis endorses it, she also dated Brad Pitt! Kiefer Sutherlands dad does it, he gave birth to Kiefer. Special agent Elderson played by Ted Porter is keeping it real, he's Ted Porter, that's what he does friends. You can hear it in the voices on the show without even seeing the faces that speak, how confident they are in their craft. Confidence is not a word to be used lightly here, but it is the feeling I have with television drama that chooses its actors so wisely. Especially like the new up and coming actors such as Special Agent Elderson played by the extremely well spoken actor Ted Porter. He brings a strong voice to the already well cast talented crew. Dare I say superb acting and character development? Yes. I. Do. A crew of this caliber, of this dynamic, can not miss. Bravo to Gina Davis, bravo to Kiefer Sutherlands dad, bravo to Ted Porter, and BRAVO to Commander in Chief!
  • People may dismiss this as a "West Wing" clone, but it's not that at all. This show's focus will be on an historic idea: the first woman President of the U.S. We certainly will see some West wing staff, that's inevitable, but this show is going to ex

    The premise is intriguing, and any chance to watch Donald Sutherland chew up the scenery shouldn't be missed. Geena Davis shows a tougher side of herself than I've seen before in her acting, and this makes her newly-sworn in President believable. I'm not emotionally committed to many of the characters yet, and that's an important element in staying with a show for me. On the hopeful side, the relationship between the new President and her reluctant chief of staff and carryover cabinet should be fertile ground for the writers to come up with some interesting storylines.

    The gender-bending IS the focus, folks; it's not the only focus, and the show won't be a "one-trick pony", it can't be. No successful show can run with one idea for very long. Anyone who talks about focusing on the fact that the President is a women misses the point.

    It's great to see a forward-looking drama (doing the math sets this show at about 2014, but seems very much like right now) that shows young American girls (and indeed the rest of the country) what another kind of President might look like. Someday, and I hope to see it sooner than later, we'll have a woman as President, not elected because she is a woman, but because the American people agree she is the best and strongest candidate for the position.

    I hope this shows takes off strongly this week; based on the pilot, it's off to a fair start.
  • An impressive new show.

    Commander-in-Chief is one of the best new shows of 2005. It's characters are real and fairly believable, and it's plot lines are interesting and move rapidly, unlike some shows (Invasion). The show puts a large emphasis on the partisan politics between Democrats and Republicans that are so prevalent in Washington, and I think that's a good thing. It makes you wonder what's really going on, and if there really is a Nathan Templeton somewhere. Although most of the shows actors are great, Donald Sutherland delivers the best performances of the show, as a Republican villian out to influence the president with crooked schemes. All-in-all, Commander-in-Chief is great, and I hope it stays around for a long time.
  • Nothing better than Geena Davis playing the powerful role of the US President! Excellent!!

    Absolutely fabulous! I've never been a big fan of political shows but Geena Davis is a personal favorite and the steals the small screen. An excellent depiction of woman power! The story seems like it would be difficult to write, but they're doing a great job! I recommend it to everyone, even if you're not into political shows, check it out!
  • Great show.....Woman pres, opposing political daughter,....what about a gay son.....

    First of all this show is really really good. I think it is quite an eye opener of what could happen. Now on to my question. During the second episode when the daughters diary is lost, she approaches the family about it and everyone stays calm about it except the brother.
    When she tells him that the diary also had some stuff about him in it he got mad at her. That made me wonder what it was that was in there. Now if they are going to make a woman president in a tv show, a daughter with opposing political views, why not make a gay son? It seems quite the path to follow. The all-American looking sports boy and the Presidents son...quite the combo. Now. if you look at the preview for the next episode a friend says,'You are the president's son every girl wants to lose it to you?' We are left hanging again when a girl says, 'So what's it like being you and living there'. What does everyone else think. I think it is a way that the show could go...
  • I will give this show a chance. It isn't spectacular. Just good when nothing else is on.

    I will give this show a chance. It isn't spectacular. Just good when nothing else is on.

    Geena davis is a rather odd choice to pick as athe first president. If this is the show to replace the West Wing than it has to do more on the writing front.
  • Loved the second episode. Missed the first, but am impressed with the show overall. Interesting characters. A little over-acted, but not enough that it makes you want to change the channel. Probably will become an addiction, and will be well worth it!

    Although this show is a little over-acted and sometimes is guilty of a cliche here and there, it seems that it could be a winner. Impressive that it even got through to a second episode. Makes you believe networks and studios are stretching their muscles a bit. We'll see what happens.
  • Geena Davis is remarkable and deep as the first Female President. The rest of the cast adds up as well.

    This show, was as exciting as any show could be for the 05-06 season. Alas, as a show of this grand nature would do, it moves my soul to the highest nature to see a woman as the President Of The United States. This is a first, on television, but the thought of a female president has long been a thought in the minds of many for the past years. Now, with \"Commander-In-Chief\", we can see a glimpse at was it would be. I think the idea is fantastic, and powerful. ', a word that men do not usually associate with women, but it is a possibility. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, we will see this as a reality. Women have been displayed with power over the years in film, as Geena Davis stood up for feminist rights in \"Thelma & Louise\". How about Helen Slater in \'Legend Of Billie Jean\'? Even earlier, Katherine Ross and Paule Prentice in \"The Stepford Wives\"?

    Geena Davis is remarkable and deep as the first Female President. The rest of the cast adds up as well. Beyond any doubt or utter in vain of the women of America, this can be a reality, and this show proves it, and proves it well. Shall this show make a difference in life and politics. Many people don\'t like the idea, but others do, so were I anyone other than myself, I would give this show a chance! It\'s actually really good !
  • This show is ahead of its time, and is hopefully a glimpse of our future. Time to catch up with the rest of the world.

    The politics in the show are right on track - the hate and contempt are hardly contained among the jealous and the powerhungry, just like in real life. It doesn't matter who is in office - someone else will always be manipulative and look for ways to destroy the administration. It is refreshing to see a presidential character who refuses to play to political parties, and the fact that she's an Independant helps, although it adds to the unreality of the story as an Independant would never be elected in today's partisan government.

    As a liberal, I take great pleasure in the squirming contempt that is felt by the right-wing conservatives who still believe that a woman could never be president. All I can say is get over it, it's only a TV show. For now.
  • Geena Davis is positively splendid, surrounded by a vibrant, credible cast. The importance of this show is revealed by the very critics attempting to diss it, using words like “stale” and “outdated” when this topic has never been explored on a major netw

    Geena Davis presents a complex, determined and ethical individual and we are willingly drawn into the characters as they are unfolding, although we remain uncertain what their allegiances will be and if we can trust them. So far, the writing has been not only credible it encourages our confidence in the portrayals as genuine. Donald Sutherland is practically a perfect counterpoint to Ms. Davis’ character and gives us the needed conflict to reveal the underlying depth and motivations of the surrounding players.

    The story moves rapidly maintaining several themes, keeping our interest on several levels. The direction and camera work is excellent and without distraction. As a drama, the storyline has a freshness that taps into the believable with just enough nuance to bring it on! To the critics I say: The portrayal of a strong, committed and effective female leader occupying the most powerful office in America is long overdue. We have examples of very effective and powerful female leaders in the world, but not in America, not occupying the White House. Well, there is one now! And to the future audience I say: Get in at the beginning and enjoy it for yourselves and don’t let prejudices, critics, and other such foolishness spoil the genuine article!
  • Short story shorter - first female president of the USA.

    First of all, I was very surprised that I liked this show. I thought it's going to be a poor copy of "The West wing". However, it still has the original touch. And I love Geena Davis as the President.

    And Donald Sutherland...what to say? He brings the charisma in the show. Since "West wing" has their own Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda), so should "Commander in chief"! :)
  • The show idea fine but idiotic first episode idea and some very bad actors included.

    The main purpose of a vice president is to take over in case the president cannot perform their duties. Period. There are other things for them to do but that is the main one. So in the fist minutes of the first show some horrible black actor with an attitude steps way over the line and asked the VP to resign. (Now later the president also does and that is plain stupid as he would just not do such a thing but as far as the first guy to ask - he would have been fired in a heartbeat. Maybe this is the same casting people who but a total failure black man in a presidential role on the show 24. If I were a black I would be livid. In The West Wing one of the best actors was Fitz - a black man and they have many blacks that are suburb actors so to place a grade b actor in the first couple of minutes is nuts.

    They are trying to copy the idea of West Wing and that is understandable as like with one hospital show or lawyer show they tend to multiply.

    Moments after the president asks her to resign there is a flashback of him years earlier explaining how her independence and Middle East expertise is valuable and how her other inexperience is not important. Duh - idiot writers as the president would not ask he to resign now wound a vive president ever ever even think of it as that was the reason they ran for VP was to some day become president - have the writers a mind at all.

    The music is a try at the WW music idea and the overhead shots of the government building as establishing shots - WW2 - such blatant tries to copy are so unprofessional.
    The speaker of the house (a good actor)has foolish lines in faulting an adulteruse woman in saying she could not keep her legs together. I think most leaders would act as the VP did in her abhorance to his comments. But why would the writers put in such stupid lines. There are tons of dumb people in the congress but cannot imagine any acting the way that man did.

    Much of the world accepts women in power better then the USA so would not have any problems with a woman president. (heck - I voted for Kerry but really wanted his wife and hoped at least some of her ability would be put to use as we all see the failures of the Bush administration)

    So - after a few more minutes the awful chief or staff i the opening minutes completely changed and the new president wants he to be here CoS.

    The music is way overdone and the sets are moderate - they are trying to copy but they fall short so why try.

    I do like the premises though and think it may have a chance to be educational- but it is not yet. We know that West Wing should be mandatory watching in schools so kids can learn about politics and get idea of freedom and big how big business and big pharma controls the government now. This show may in the future raise some good issues but the first episode needed an editor to take out the silliness like thinking the husband could be chief of staff and having him allowing himself to be treated like a first lady... just not at all logical.

    We will check next week.

  • Are you kidding me with this show...

    Now I am not saying that this show is bad because a woman is president. I don't really care about that it is that there are just so many scenes that are poorly done.

    1. Having the husband of the Vice President be their Chief of Staff is ridicolous. That would never happen.
    2. If the President was ever in any risk of dying then the VP would be so heavily guarded by the Secret Service she would not have had to find out about the Presidents condition in a back alley. And the fact the COS for the president flew all the way to Paris just to tell the VP that the President is sick is crazy. I would imagine that he would be a little bit more busy at that time than to be a messenger.
    3. I highly doubt that the VP could be telling nationally classified information like the Presidents condition to her 6 year old daughter!
    4. Why in the world would they be having high level meeting about the condition of the Presdient in a living room. Makes no sense.
    5. And finally, the teleprompter going out in the middle of a speech...come on!

    All in all a very bad attempt to compete with teh West Wing.
  • To me, this has proven to be an incredible premier. In just the first episode you can sense the scope and realism of this drama. I think ABC has done a profound job and I know that Commander in Chief will be a top drama.

    It's a very true to life show. The sheer scope and taking that this show is tackling is intriguing. It's in my opinion one of the best new series to hit primetime in quite some time. It's definately on my list. I encourage all to sit back and enjoy what promises to be a very enjoyable ride. Thanks ABC.
  • Great Show! I have never watched The West Wing or any other shows that may follow the premise. The fact that she is a woman who is unwanted as the president is what drew me to watch. I am glad I did.

    A woman in the white house? Even in 2005 after several scandalous presidents the mere idea of a women in the Oval office scares people. As humorously stated by Madame President -There is the monthly issue of whether or not she’ll push the button. - I enjoyed the show very much. It was humorous and dramatic. She is met with opposition from nearly every corner and in fact it was the challenge that convinced her not to resign. The show did a good job at pointing out thoughts on why her being president is a bad idea. An example given was, how other nations leaders may not take women in power seriously (Middle East). It didn’t do a good enough job to show the sabotage from within. Maybe I’m too skeptical, but I think the rich white fat cats would do anything to destroy the credibility of a woman in charge of the free world. There would have been slander, threats, and blackmail…but then again, maybe that is still to come. I’ll keep tuned in to see.
  • Well, It's no West Wing, but it is a good show. I think Gina Davis is wonderful. She gave a great performance. I loved the interactions with the first gentleman and the woman from

    protocol. I almost fell out of my chair when she referred to him as FLOTUS. I wonder why the writers didn't make Davis's character a republican. Why an independent? That seems to me to be a mistake. She will not have a powerbase in the congress and will be unable to get anything accomplished. I think it would have been more interesting for Davis to have been a member of the party and have them ask her to resign because she is a woman not because she doesn't share the President's vision. The Tele-prompter going on the fritz was a little hard to believe. All in all the show was very well done and I look forward to seeing where they will go with it.
  • This new program is so exciting! I'm thrilled to finally see both positive female role models and breaking through the glass ceiling represented by the US Presidency. I am telling everyone I know to be sure and check out this excellent new offering - and

    The core topic of "Commander in Chief" is one that is long overdue in the national dialogue. This program raises important issues that need to be considered, and promises to be fairly even-handed in both the promises and the pitfalls in addressing key gender issues and changing the traditional image of the highest political office in the US. I am also glad to see the relationship and family issues included in the story lines, and hope to see some different approaches to power and leadership than the traditional offerings. This is definitely an exciting new program; one to watch - better yet, with friends who would enjoy having follow-up conversations about the issues raised.
  • A great show!!

    I decided to watch the show all due to the fact that Kiefer\'s dad is in it, and that I\'m Kiefer\'s #1 fan. I\'m glad I watched the first episode. What an awesome storyline - a WOMAN president! A great cast. I can\'t wait for the next episode to air!!
  • It seems as if you are really going to love this or hate it and no in between. But whoever said that any show on television is 100% believeable hasn't watched much T.V.

    A female president, what a thought! I think this sparks imagination and interest at the same time. This was made for entertainment, suspense, and nothing more. Anyone who gets wrapped up in all the serious political issues and discredits this intriguing show as "unbelieveable" because of party conflicts or for any sexist reasons has definately missed the mark. For God's sake, lighten up people. Its about a women becoming president and can she do it? It gets my approval!!!
  • Commander in Chief: Contrived and Lacking in Verisimilitude

    I was thoroughly disappointed with last night’s premiere of “Commander in Chief.” In a nutshell, the show is a combination of “The West Wing,” and “24.” Unfortunately, “Chief” lacks The West Wing’s integrity, and 24’s sensationalism. It is clear, that with The West Wing taking in its dying breaths, that ABC is looking to capitalize upon a soon to be orphaned audience. If that is their intention, they need to do better. The West Wing is a show built upon great writing and realistic situations. Commander in Chief has neither. In fact the only thing I found entertaining in Commander in Chief, was the scene where Vice President Allen’s speechwriters are told to write her resignation. The moment turns to unintentional hilarity as one of the writers says “Woman… President.” Why didn’t he just say “Premise… Show?”
  • The "Right Wing" Protestants exposed

    Great show! Very realistic story lines. I love The West Wing as well. This show will continue to spark much needed dialogue for the makeover that our government needs! The diversity incredible. It gives American politics a sense of humanity. While exposing the sad egos of people we elect to run our country.
  • Make Room in the White house everyone there's a new president in town. A First woman president name Mackinze Allen. She takes over the job after the death of a president who died of stroke and wanted her to resign. But she plan on being the first female p

    I really like this show alot cause it has more focus on the president then on her cabinet members like the west wing. I'll admit I thought it was going to be ok and not that great. To my surprise I wanted to see more of it. I look forward to see more of this episode with Mrs. Davis. It's really good.
  • Don't even bother with this garbage!!!!!!

    Worst show of the new season!!! The premise is patently absurd. A Republican President selects an independent female running mate!?!? Are you telling me that there were no qualified female republican candidates out there to choose from? I can't believe that these producers try to pass this President off as an independent when in fact she is a bleeding-heart liberal. This program doesn't even pretend to be impartial when it comes to bashes republicans at every turn. The other President show, the liberal leaning West Wing is written well. ABC's rendition of oval office politics is worse than watching William Hung on American Idol.
  • I was surprised that I lasted the full hour of the debut episode of CIC....

    I was surprised that I lasted the full hour of the debut episode of CIC. My thumb was on my own "red button" -- the one on my remote control -- after the first ten minutes.

    For one thing, Geena Davis' lips have been overstuffed with whatever the latest cosmetic enhancement potion happens to be, and they dominate the screen in ubiquitous closeups. My thought was that they alone could intimidate any opposition, domestic or foriegn.

    More seriously, before she was even sworn in, she's standing in the control room of Air Force 2, her private government jet, deadly serious, ringing up the Supreme Commander of the Navy on a huge TV/phone that would make Sony envious, ordering him to move aircraft carriers around the world's hot zones like chess pieces. Of course, he "didn't say boo" or ask any questions.

    The idea that she might be forced to resign so the Speaker of the House could become President, struck me as treachery of the highest order. Wouldn't even our currently brain-dead press "go bananas" when it learned of this Machiavellian maneuvering? Yet it was presented on the show as a fait accompli, because it was the dying President's wish, so his personal "vision for Anerica" might continue. Sorry, any V.P. with half a spine would say "too bad for you" after about three seconds of reflection. Yet Geena was ready to do her duty and step down, until....

    House Speaker and shameless over-actor Donald Sutherland, who's trying to persuade Geena to resign, plans to do this via a brilliant scheme to insult her intelligence. The kicker was his deprecation of her plan to rescue an adulterous woman in Nigeria from a political execution (Geena's apparently ready to send in the Marines, which is ludicrous for a dozen reasons) by shouting that it's too great a risk "just to save a woman who couldn\'t keep her legs closed!" Well, of course that just clinched it for Geena; she's going to be Prez, dammit. At least good loser (and now-and-forever-adversary-and-pain-in-the-butt) Sutherland was kind enough to let her use his handy Bible during the swearing-in ceremony.

    Add to all this the nation's "Mr. First Lady," three cheeky kids, one of whom seems to be a Young Republican (yecch!), and another an innocent ten-year-old girl; staff members more Vulcan than human, and you have a prime candidate for impeachment.

  • Expected West Wing, got Soap Opera...

    Why did ABC spend so much time and money promoting this show? It is nothing like what they promoted. There is very little in the way of political insight. There was bickering (OK, some Beltway insight), there were miraculous make-ups that seemed more like Days of Our Lives.

    On top of that, did nobody at ABC watch the final product before it rolled out? There were so many technical problems (audio especially), that it just put another nail in the coffin.

    I hope they can work this out and make this a good show, as I like shows about the presidency. But unfortunately, this show will not keep me watching...
  • VP, the first woman in that role and an independant to a Republican president, assumes the 1st office when the president unexpectadly dies. Most of the plot of the pilot is the staff and other members oft he Republican party trying to get her to resign.

    I liked it enough to keep watching. I found much of the acting curiously flat, like all of the actors were saying their lines but didn\\\'t really believe them. Since there was some very good actors in this show, I\\\'m not sure why that was...maybe the characters will grow into themselves.
  • Highly predictable; needs to go much further

    The pilot to "Commander in Chief" seemed to follow a "check-box" approach to telling the story of America's first woman president. Even the best actors can't save a bad script, and the usually interesting, but clearly way too caged Geena Davis is no exception. "Commander in Chief" moves scene by scene through what could easily fit onto the back blurb of an old Fletcher Knebel-type paperback - the obligatory interruption of business as usual from the whispers of a staff aide, all the trite comments about the country not being ready for a woman president, the comedic "man-as-First-Lady" that appears to be lifted from 1940s screwball yarns (think Cary Grant in "I Was a Male War Bride.") The sprinkling of characters falls squarely into the dime-store novel recipe, too - the rebellious teenaged daughter (check), the grief-ridden presidential secretary wanting to throw her career on the funeral pyre of the fallen president (check), the macho but "surprisingly" deferential military commander (check), the ambitious, Machiavellian Speaker of the House who plans to undermine her while acting nice (check). Let's add to this something right-wing critics are bound to pick up - this new (so-called Independent) president is a liberal, following liberal, humanitarian (and need I add feminist) agendas, and the entrenched conservatives are all aging, backward-thinking power mongers. I am shaking in my liberal shoes thinking of how Hannity, Limbaugh, Fox, and Company will review this one - more to show how Hollywood is the play-child of the "Liberal Elite" - and now we have a propaganda piece to convince us how great a president Hillary will be.

    In short, this show needs a lot more development. We will need more (much, much more) than a constant replay of how a woman president conjures credibility out of the cold, male-dominated world of Washington vested interests. If this show keeps falling into the trap of wanting us to ooh and ahh over how talented she is when all hope is lost, like our (next checkbox) never-to-be-trusted teleprompter flubbing up to prove how she can still deliver a syllable-perfect, stirring ovation right off the top of her head (a contrast with Bush? who'd have thunk?), I will much more happily save my week's TV time for Wisteria Lane.

    By the way - was there anyone else that thought this past summer's promotions really blew all the passable dramatic moments on this show? Come on, promoters - don't give away the store next time.
  • Past time!

    This show may not show all the incredible work and capabilities of women currently in positons of leadership, but it scores high in my book because it brings to the table the conversation that is well past due... a dynamic women in the White House.
    Booooo to Desperate Housewives. Women are so much more. It is time they are shown for the leaders that they have always been, usually behind the scene.
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