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  • It Bled Sap....

    As political shows go... oh, my, what a smell....

    How anyone can sit through weeks of watching a "new" President having to get a new administration together is bad enough. Now we have to watch it "just because she's a woman President?" And all her problems with it?

    The sufferage years are over folks... this show will become tedious and boring.... and as of the pilot show, it had "agenda" written all over it.
  • Well done ABC!

    After watching the pilot version of Commander In Chief I had to write a review. These past few weeks I have been eagerly awaiting for the show to officially begin. This evening at 9 p.m. (PST) I saw the pilot. What can I say about the pilot, it is definitely a show I want to watch. Throughout the episode I got what I wanted, political drama. The show broadcasted the first woman president of the United States very well. I congratulate ABC for this series. This series now ranks among another political favorite of mine, Jack and Bobby which sadly ended after one season. I look forward to watching President M. S. Allen and the issues she will face. Bravo!
  • An Independent Woman President with a Republican Congress, A Speaker of the House who would like her job, and a newly formed staff. This is a complicated life for our newest first Madame President.

    I liked the strength of Commander In Chief.
    Geena Davis does a pretty good job of being Mommy and still acting strong enough to run the country.The fact that she says outloud that she feels she can do this job is a very good moment.
    I loved her face more before the botox/lipjob-I could do with some real wrinkles--this is high pressure occupations here.

    I had some trouble with a President that takes on a VP and then doesn't actually believe in them, and asked them to resign--that did NOT make it with me, but however--she is in the White House now so let the show begin!!!

    I loved Donald Sutherland as the Speaker, their discussion about power defined who they are, and helped us know them better, and he is going to be a great foil and nemisis for her--the fact that he wants her job, and the fact that he doesn't think she can do this job is going to make for some strong drama moments for us.

    I am also really really going to like her Chief of STaff, I think he brings an honesty to her viewpoints. They are not going to agree or even probably get along very often, but their conversations will be interesting and I think his character is a major asset to the show.

    I am going to be disappointed with how they treat her husband if they continue to treat him like Nancy and Hillory, and leave him in a bright pink office---that is ridiculous!! IF he was smart enough to be her Chief of Staff as VP-he certainly rates a personal assistant or deputy assistant to either the PResident or Chief of Staff---to suddenly have him think he has to worry about the menus--did NOT ring true to me at all!!

    They are going to have some great guest shots coming up--Jason Wiles will be a deputy press secretary, and I don't know what he plays, but having Peter Coyote in anything will up the ante for viewing this show. I did enjoy most of it, and I will be tuning next week.
  • Love the show. Keep it coming. About Time.

    Geena Davis would be a great President. Finally a woman President. Someone to clean up the mess that this men have created. Someone that understands the human part of socity and not afraid to get into a man's face and tell him what is going to be done and there is nothing he can do about it. HA HA
  • Excellent political drama - much more realistic and gripping than the West Wing ever was! Really shows the shape of things to come!

    Perfect casting! Geena Davis is a very strong actress who stands behind her character - a very committed woman president! Sure, it's controversial, but that's what makes it excellent. Definitely shows the difficulty any VP would experience in assuming the office of President of the United States. Her decision not to resign might just prove to be the best decision ever (if only it were reality!)
  • Geena Davis, an independent, becomes the first woman president after the president (a republican) dies of a stroke. The series follows the drama and shock surrounding the first woman president. Not only does she have to care for a grieving nation, but h

    This is a terrible show. Not only does the show have a weak premise, with no real promise of a continual story line, but the acting and direction is terrible.

    Beginning with the premise, this is an absurb idea; not the fact that a woman could become president, but that a republican would ask an independent who hasn't been involved in politics for years to be his vice-president. As the speaker of the house says in the episode "you're vice presidency was a whole lot of nothing." It's a prank played by the eventual president to get votes. Her decision to become president revolves around her desire to spite those who want her to step down, and because she desires the power that comes with the office.

    Not only does the show lack a premise and a story line worth watching, but the acting and the direction is terrible. Most of the speeches, especially the "feel good" speeches seem fake and forced. None of the actors seem to believe their characters and deliver their lines in a very rigid, wooden fashion.

    I saw nothing in this show to make me want to watch it again and I feel that I lost a valuable hour of my life. It almost seems to be a show that tries to combine West Wing with a teenage drama like Gilmore Girls or Everwood. It is a combination of a number of shows already on TV and does a poor job of combining them. Jack and Bobby, a show on WB last season, took a premise similar to this and did a much, much, better job with every aspect of television.

  • Dull and un-original ... plus, it stars Geena Davis. Enough said.

    Let us begin with the fact that this show is pratically a carbon copy of The West Wing, minus the talented cast and starring a female president. The premise of the show hinges solely on the fact that there is a female President, which simply will not sustain any medium-to-long-term plots. The West Wing has already tapped into the Political Science and [politically-oriented] drama audience, and has amassed a solid, loyal fan base, both of which give it an upperhand right from the start.

    Then, there is the fact that the star of the show is Geena Davis. Before all else, I have two words for her: Buffalo Bill. Aside from that, I do believe she returned to television (from the big screen) with The Geena Davis Show because she was sick of archery.

    I expect some fanatical feminists will tune in to the show exclusively because the President of the U.S. is a woman. Some will tune in because of an interest in Political Science, while others will watch strictly out of curiosity. But after a few weeks, I foresee interest waning quickly and the lack of any fan base becoming apparent in the ratings.
  • It's West Wing meets a walking anti-Plastic Surgery ad. No originality and poor casting makes for a dull ride....

    Well if you think that a female version of The West Wing constitutes originality, you have a different definition than I do. Yes, the whole "woman president" thing will create some unique storylines in the beginning, but after that gets old (and probably after it gets overused as well) what sets it apart from The West Wing? The woman as a president thing can only take them so far, and Geena Davis won't be able to take the show any further than that.

    Geena Davis is washed up. I don't know what happened to her but she looks hideous. Did she have some plastic surgery go horribly wrong? I don't need a hot actress in her mid-20's to play the role, but at least get someone who you can stand to look at and has sophistication about her.

    I think I'll probably at least be checking out the pilot episodes of every new fall show this season, but this one I'm almost certainly skipping. Especially when it's up against House, Supernatural and My Name Is Earl.

    I just hope women don't watch this for the simple reason of it showing a woman as president. It's a disgrace to television viewing if that's the only reason someone checks it out. The only reason I gave this a 1.0 and not a zero is because I think some people will watch it for this reason (and I think I heard Oprah give this show good remarks, and her word always leads to instant-popularity unfortunately).

    Don't let the networks think they can get away with unoriginal, badly-casted garbage like Commander-in-Chief.
  • God Save the Queen. Er um President that is.

    Well, All I can really say is that I hope among hope that this show is well done and succsussful.
    Genna is one of the best actresses alive (IMHO) and this shows premis (west wing meets buffy the vampire slayer.. well kinda) I like ALOT!
    So heres to ABC please don't pull a fox and keep this on the same night and give it more then 4 epsoides to gain steam!
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