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  • Dull and un-original ... plus, it stars Geena Davis. Enough said.

    Let us begin with the fact that this show is pratically a carbon copy of The West Wing, minus the talented cast and starring a female president. The premise of the show hinges solely on the fact that there is a female President, which simply will not sustain any medium-to-long-term plots. The West Wing has already tapped into the Political Science and [politically-oriented] drama audience, and has amassed a solid, loyal fan base, both of which give it an upperhand right from the start.

    Then, there is the fact that the star of the show is Geena Davis. Before all else, I have two words for her: Buffalo Bill. Aside from that, I do believe she returned to television (from the big screen) with The Geena Davis Show because she was sick of archery.

    I expect some fanatical feminists will tune in to the show exclusively because the President of the U.S. is a woman. Some will tune in because of an interest in Political Science, while others will watch strictly out of curiosity. But after a few weeks, I foresee interest waning quickly and the lack of any fan base becoming apparent in the ratings.
  • It's West Wing meets a walking anti-Plastic Surgery ad. No originality and poor casting makes for a dull ride....

    Well if you think that a female version of The West Wing constitutes originality, you have a different definition than I do. Yes, the whole "woman president" thing will create some unique storylines in the beginning, but after that gets old (and probably after it gets overused as well) what sets it apart from The West Wing? The woman as a president thing can only take them so far, and Geena Davis won't be able to take the show any further than that.

    Geena Davis is washed up. I don't know what happened to her but she looks hideous. Did she have some plastic surgery go horribly wrong? I don't need a hot actress in her mid-20's to play the role, but at least get someone who you can stand to look at and has sophistication about her.

    I think I'll probably at least be checking out the pilot episodes of every new fall show this season, but this one I'm almost certainly skipping. Especially when it's up against House, Supernatural and My Name Is Earl.

    I just hope women don't watch this for the simple reason of it showing a woman as president. It's a disgrace to television viewing if that's the only reason someone checks it out. The only reason I gave this a 1.0 and not a zero is because I think some people will watch it for this reason (and I think I heard Oprah give this show good remarks, and her word always leads to instant-popularity unfortunately).

    Don't let the networks think they can get away with unoriginal, badly-casted garbage like Commander-in-Chief.
  • The campaign has begun...

    Despite claims by the series creator that this show's main character is patterned after some woman executive working for Martha Stewart, this is clearly an in-kind contribution to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. However, as with Dan Rather, the guy simply lacks the stones to admit the truth and lacks the imagination to make up a believable lie.

    There's nothing really new about this show. A woman head of state? Been there, done that -- Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Elizabth I, etc. Republicans as the bad guys? Just watch any show that touches on politics and you get the same thing. Geena Davis? She was already over the hill when she did Thelma and Louise. I do give her one thing, though -- as is typical with female politicians, she is a rather manly woman. And no, manly is not the same thing as strong; I mean manly. Why not a black woman as the lead character? Oops, might make people think of Condoleeza, and she's one of those "Evil Republicans", isn't she?

    And if I needed any further convincing that this is a campaign piece, when did ABC star re-airing episodes of new shows the same week they first air? Okay, they just did it with Lost and Invasion, but Lost is an established hit, and Invasion is paired with it in the schedule now.

    This is a show that I do not want to miss by accident -- I want to intentionally not watch it.
  • By far the worst show of the year or any years.

    By far the worst show of the year or any years. Only thing missing is Hillary stating her approval of show at end. Just plain dumb show. Liberal play book is plot and script for the show. Even the people that work on the show were part of St. Hillary's campaign staff.
  • Subliminal. I am not a fan of shows that have a political agenda. When I heard the name of the show and learned the premise, I could see the clinton handwriting all over this show and I was right

    IF this were just a show . . . BUT it it is not. What part of the budget for this show is funded by the Clinton campaign? I know that the infamous Clinton staffers are part of the writing stafffor this show, perhaps you should BILL this as the beginning of the upcoming Hillary Clinton Democratic campaign for the White House. I am totally against Hollywood trying to influence, subliminally or not, the political scene and I really do not want them using a weekly tv show to try and get a certain person elected to the highest office in the land. Will at least a part of the budget for the production of this show, etc. charged to the Clinton campaign fund or is this just another version of White Water
  • Oh Please!

    I can't believe that people are liking this show and even more I can't believe that Geena Davis won the Golden Globe for it.
    It gets more than a zero for the idea.
    I think it misses the mark by miles.
    And what is with Geena's stiffness; it's like "I'm acting like a President now."
    I would hope a President, man or woman, would have more to deal with than whether or not their gender is being accepted by the public and their staff.
    She was once one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and to see her put on this air makes me cry for Thelma & Louise.
    From the actors point of view I understand why she would want to be the first woman to play a President on TV, it'll go down in TV history and she will be the player to claim that honor, but...oh, please!
  • Why do people watch this.

    I don't get how (Commander in Chief) is so popular. I guess when Desprite Houswifes started people started watching ABC more often. I mean this show is copying off anouther bad show (The West Wing) instead changing the character to a women. Donanld Sutherland; I find anouhter screwup in this show which I am very surprized. People just chose to watch (House) its a way better show."
  • I find Commander-In-Chief....a waste of time.

    Commander-In-Chief, the new show about the first woman president. I find this show a little interesting, but mostly boring. I mean, they don't really do anything. They just talk about all the people who are against her and finding a new vice-president, and.....finding her daughter's diary? I wouldn't recommend this show and advise you all to watch house which is on at the same time as this. C ya!
  • This new program is so exciting! I'm thrilled to finally see both positive female role models and breaking through the glass ceiling represented by the US Presidency. I am telling everyone I know to be sure and check out this excellent new offering - and

    The core topic of "Commander in Chief" is one that is long overdue in the national dialogue. This program raises important issues that need to be considered, and promises to be fairly even-handed in both the promises and the pitfalls in addressing key gender issues and changing the traditional image of the highest political office in the US. I am also glad to see the relationship and family issues included in the story lines, and hope to see some different approaches to power and leadership than the traditional offerings. This is definitely an exciting new program; one to watch - better yet, with friends who would enjoy having follow-up conversations about the issues raised.
  • It Bled Sap....

    As political shows go... oh, my, what a smell....

    How anyone can sit through weeks of watching a "new" President having to get a new administration together is bad enough. Now we have to watch it "just because she's a woman President?" And all her problems with it?

    The sufferage years are over folks... this show will become tedious and boring.... and as of the pilot show, it had "agenda" written all over it.
  • The show idea fine but idiotic first episode idea and some very bad actors included.

    The main purpose of a vice president is to take over in case the president cannot perform their duties. Period. There are other things for them to do but that is the main one. So in the fist minutes of the first show some horrible black actor with an attitude steps way over the line and asked the VP to resign. (Now later the president also does and that is plain stupid as he would just not do such a thing but as far as the first guy to ask - he would have been fired in a heartbeat. Maybe this is the same casting people who but a total failure black man in a presidential role on the show 24. If I were a black I would be livid. In The West Wing one of the best actors was Fitz - a black man and they have many blacks that are suburb actors so to place a grade b actor in the first couple of minutes is nuts.

    They are trying to copy the idea of West Wing and that is understandable as like with one hospital show or lawyer show they tend to multiply.

    Moments after the president asks her to resign there is a flashback of him years earlier explaining how her independence and Middle East expertise is valuable and how her other inexperience is not important. Duh - idiot writers as the president would not ask he to resign now wound a vive president ever ever even think of it as that was the reason they ran for VP was to some day become president - have the writers a mind at all.

    The music is a try at the WW music idea and the overhead shots of the government building as establishing shots - WW2 - such blatant tries to copy are so unprofessional.
    The speaker of the house (a good actor)has foolish lines in faulting an adulteruse woman in saying she could not keep her legs together. I think most leaders would act as the VP did in her abhorance to his comments. But why would the writers put in such stupid lines. There are tons of dumb people in the congress but cannot imagine any acting the way that man did.

    Much of the world accepts women in power better then the USA so would not have any problems with a woman president. (heck - I voted for Kerry but really wanted his wife and hoped at least some of her ability would be put to use as we all see the failures of the Bush administration)

    So - after a few more minutes the awful chief or staff i the opening minutes completely changed and the new president wants he to be here CoS.

    The music is way overdone and the sets are moderate - they are trying to copy but they fall short so why try.

    I do like the premises though and think it may have a chance to be educational- but it is not yet. We know that West Wing should be mandatory watching in schools so kids can learn about politics and get idea of freedom and big how big business and big pharma controls the government now. This show may in the future raise some good issues but the first episode needed an editor to take out the silliness like thinking the husband could be chief of staff and having him allowing himself to be treated like a first lady... just not at all logical.

    We will check next week.

  • This show sucks.

    Ok this show just sucks its just such a stupid idea anybody could have thought to make a show like this! Nobody watches this show that I know its just so stupid is this show like to inspire women to become the president or something? Its just ridiculas I mean its just another stupid frickin show! A far as ive seen she gotta be the worst president ive ever seen! TOO DRAMATIC!
  • A luke-warm West Wing knock-off for those less inclined to honour substance over this goo.

    The only thing this show has going for it is that more people can find it accessible, as it uses less big words, less seriously researched situations, less true drama and more hankerchief and good-for-a-cheap laugh tactics.
    It is politics for soccer moms and that is all.
    Just one example of fleeting writing:
    When Gina calls in her Vice-president-to-be, she builds the scene up by hinging on the sole fact he is a soldier and she is giving him a direct order. She then reiterates this when he does arrive. However, after a HOPELESS exchange of words, it comes down to "well, you wanted to be here, right?" Well, which is it?
    And the good ol' pat in the back of the "Wow, won't the make a GREAT team, eh?" line really brought it down for me. Watched three episodes to give it a chance - no way.
    Luke warm, getting colder by the minute. Throw out with the rest of tasteless porridge.
  • Are you kidding me with this show...

    Now I am not saying that this show is bad because a woman is president. I don't really care about that it is that there are just so many scenes that are poorly done.

    1. Having the husband of the Vice President be their Chief of Staff is ridicolous. That would never happen.
    2. If the President was ever in any risk of dying then the VP would be so heavily guarded by the Secret Service she would not have had to find out about the Presidents condition in a back alley. And the fact the COS for the president flew all the way to Paris just to tell the VP that the President is sick is crazy. I would imagine that he would be a little bit more busy at that time than to be a messenger.
    3. I highly doubt that the VP could be telling nationally classified information like the Presidents condition to her 6 year old daughter!
    4. Why in the world would they be having high level meeting about the condition of the Presdient in a living room. Makes no sense.
    5. And finally, the teleprompter going out in the middle of a speech...come on!

    All in all a very bad attempt to compete with teh West Wing.
  • Geena Davis, an independent, becomes the first woman president after the president (a republican) dies of a stroke. The series follows the drama and shock surrounding the first woman president. Not only does she have to care for a grieving nation, but h

    This is a terrible show. Not only does the show have a weak premise, with no real promise of a continual story line, but the acting and direction is terrible.

    Beginning with the premise, this is an absurb idea; not the fact that a woman could become president, but that a republican would ask an independent who hasn't been involved in politics for years to be his vice-president. As the speaker of the house says in the episode "you're vice presidency was a whole lot of nothing." It's a prank played by the eventual president to get votes. Her decision to become president revolves around her desire to spite those who want her to step down, and because she desires the power that comes with the office.

    Not only does the show lack a premise and a story line worth watching, but the acting and the direction is terrible. Most of the speeches, especially the "feel good" speeches seem fake and forced. None of the actors seem to believe their characters and deliver their lines in a very rigid, wooden fashion.

    I saw nothing in this show to make me want to watch it again and I feel that I lost a valuable hour of my life. It almost seems to be a show that tries to combine West Wing with a teenage drama like Gilmore Girls or Everwood. It is a combination of a number of shows already on TV and does a poor job of combining them. Jack and Bobby, a show on WB last season, took a premise similar to this and did a much, much, better job with every aspect of television.

  • I didn't care for it and finally ABC got rid of a show that wasn't really all that great

    It had potential to be great the story was a good idea, but once again it used the format to bring out it's own political beliefs, which I didn't care for. There are a few shows like that on ABC, but I think it's getting better. If they just stuck with the story it would have been great. They could have kept with him wanting her out of office and her staying in and how she was doing in office, but Hollywood thinks that everyone should think like them for some reason, and have the same beliefs which shows you how out of touch some of them are. HHMM HMMM sorry I'm back to the topic if they changed it up then they could possibly bring it back in a few years or so.
  • i hate it

    come on i cant beleive i just watched that though the geena davis show which was so good i watched every episode. The first episode was alright then it turned rubbish. That was okay but it is just not my type of programmes but i still like the geena davis show.
  • boring,does not hold my interest

    I found this show VERY BORING.The acting isn't bad,but the show does not hold my interest.I have watched it only because I new a few people on it,but i turned the channel each husband felt the same as I.It had a lot of hipe but was a real let down.
  • Commander in Chief: Contrived and Lacking in Verisimilitude

    I was thoroughly disappointed with last night’s premiere of “Commander in Chief.” In a nutshell, the show is a combination of “The West Wing,” and “24.” Unfortunately, “Chief” lacks The West Wing’s integrity, and 24’s sensationalism. It is clear, that with The West Wing taking in its dying breaths, that ABC is looking to capitalize upon a soon to be orphaned audience. If that is their intention, they need to do better. The West Wing is a show built upon great writing and realistic situations. Commander in Chief has neither. In fact the only thing I found entertaining in Commander in Chief, was the scene where Vice President Allen’s speechwriters are told to write her resignation. The moment turns to unintentional hilarity as one of the writers says “Woman… President.” Why didn’t he just say “Premise… Show?”
  • I was surprised that I lasted the full hour of the debut episode of CIC....

    I was surprised that I lasted the full hour of the debut episode of CIC. My thumb was on my own "red button" -- the one on my remote control -- after the first ten minutes.

    For one thing, Geena Davis' lips have been overstuffed with whatever the latest cosmetic enhancement potion happens to be, and they dominate the screen in ubiquitous closeups. My thought was that they alone could intimidate any opposition, domestic or foriegn.

    More seriously, before she was even sworn in, she's standing in the control room of Air Force 2, her private government jet, deadly serious, ringing up the Supreme Commander of the Navy on a huge TV/phone that would make Sony envious, ordering him to move aircraft carriers around the world's hot zones like chess pieces. Of course, he "didn't say boo" or ask any questions.

    The idea that she might be forced to resign so the Speaker of the House could become President, struck me as treachery of the highest order. Wouldn't even our currently brain-dead press "go bananas" when it learned of this Machiavellian maneuvering? Yet it was presented on the show as a fait accompli, because it was the dying President's wish, so his personal "vision for Anerica" might continue. Sorry, any V.P. with half a spine would say "too bad for you" after about three seconds of reflection. Yet Geena was ready to do her duty and step down, until....

    House Speaker and shameless over-actor Donald Sutherland, who's trying to persuade Geena to resign, plans to do this via a brilliant scheme to insult her intelligence. The kicker was his deprecation of her plan to rescue an adulterous woman in Nigeria from a political execution (Geena's apparently ready to send in the Marines, which is ludicrous for a dozen reasons) by shouting that it's too great a risk "just to save a woman who couldn\'t keep her legs closed!" Well, of course that just clinched it for Geena; she's going to be Prez, dammit. At least good loser (and now-and-forever-adversary-and-pain-in-the-butt) Sutherland was kind enough to let her use his handy Bible during the swearing-in ceremony.

    Add to all this the nation's "Mr. First Lady," three cheeky kids, one of whom seems to be a Young Republican (yecch!), and another an innocent ten-year-old girl; staff members more Vulcan than human, and you have a prime candidate for impeachment.

  • Its the Geena Davis , Stupid.

    Its gotta be said that you can throw all the production value you like at a show and it won\'t make a stitch of difference when the lead actor is, well, there\'s no polite way of saying this, just plain annoying.

    Quite why Geena Davis has survived in the entertainment industry so long is beyond me. Her filography is nothing to write home about, and can anyone remember a truly great performance of hers.

    My best guess as to why she was cast was name recognition, but they\'d have been far better off getting a complete unknown and letting the series sink or swim on its merits.

    I\'m sure it would have been a better show for it.
  • getting use to it

    only just started watching the show, but what i have seen of
    it is good (no west wing but its getting there) i have always like watching Geena and Donald its nice to see them in some thing on regalar bases, having Jason Wiles (third watch) guest starring in it didn't hurt
  • Are you prepared to enter the Oval Office with the first female President? Well if you want to you could watch Commander in Chief but why would you want to do that?

    Commander in Chief doesn't have all that many original qualities. If you want to boil it down a lot of the show is borrowed (that is my being nice to the CiC team) from other shows particularly The West Wing. The show is based around the first female President played by Geena Davis. And that is all the show brings in originality. I am a fan of The West Wing if you haven't already guessed but I would like this show too if it were original in anyway. The show seems predicated on the idea that hey why don't we take the West Wing's viewing audience, by the way that task hasn't been that hard since John Wells took the helm). The show could have potential but it would require Hollywood to come up with an original idea and put together a team that wouldn't screw it up. And that seems impossible now days. If you have nothing better to do with your Tuesday evenings then sure go ahead and watch Commander In Chief. You will see some decent acting with completely boring and unoriginal storylines though. In my opinion go read a book during this hour, it would be a better use of time.
  • An Independent Woman President with a Republican Congress, A Speaker of the House who would like her job, and a newly formed staff. This is a complicated life for our newest first Madame President.

    I liked the strength of Commander In Chief.
    Geena Davis does a pretty good job of being Mommy and still acting strong enough to run the country.The fact that she says outloud that she feels she can do this job is a very good moment.
    I loved her face more before the botox/lipjob-I could do with some real wrinkles--this is high pressure occupations here.

    I had some trouble with a President that takes on a VP and then doesn't actually believe in them, and asked them to resign--that did NOT make it with me, but however--she is in the White House now so let the show begin!!!

    I loved Donald Sutherland as the Speaker, their discussion about power defined who they are, and helped us know them better, and he is going to be a great foil and nemisis for her--the fact that he wants her job, and the fact that he doesn't think she can do this job is going to make for some strong drama moments for us.

    I am also really really going to like her Chief of STaff, I think he brings an honesty to her viewpoints. They are not going to agree or even probably get along very often, but their conversations will be interesting and I think his character is a major asset to the show.

    I am going to be disappointed with how they treat her husband if they continue to treat him like Nancy and Hillory, and leave him in a bright pink office---that is ridiculous!! IF he was smart enough to be her Chief of Staff as VP-he certainly rates a personal assistant or deputy assistant to either the PResident or Chief of Staff---to suddenly have him think he has to worry about the menus--did NOT ring true to me at all!!

    They are going to have some great guest shots coming up--Jason Wiles will be a deputy press secretary, and I don't know what he plays, but having Peter Coyote in anything will up the ante for viewing this show. I did enjoy most of it, and I will be tuning next week.
  • "Commander in Chief" had great ideas and was ahead of its time. Unfortunately, backstage issues essentially killed the show before it was really given a chance to shine.

    On paper, "Commander in Chief" is a great idea which may have been a little ahead of its time. Geena Davis stars as not only the forst female president of the United States, but also as the first independent to hold the high office. Co-starring the always strong Donald Sutherland, and you have two great actors in a show with a solid premise.

    Ratings were very good during the first few episodes, but tailed off from there. Unfortuantely, behind-the-scenes issues helped tank a show with great potential. Any show that must endure three different showrunners, three extended hiatuses, and a day/time change all within its first season is essentially DOA. And, as expected, ABC will not air the show for a second season.

    On the political front, the show highlighted the under the table dealings that take place in Washington on a daily basis. Geena Davis's character was strong and balanced, and Sutherland's role as the kniving Speaker of the House was fun to watch. The battles between President Allen and Nathan Templeton were very interesting. The show faltered a bit when it came to highlighting the role of the president's family. Storylines regarding the missing Declaration of Indpenedence and teen sex in the Oval Office werew unbeliveable, but early attempts to focus on the children's struggles in public school were handled better.

    This show deserves a second chance somewhere down the line if ti could get its production house in order. Pick one showrunner, a long-term story arc, and a single uninterrupted season with an established day and time, and this show would have a good chance at staying afloat, as long it remained topical on the political front and a little more realistic on the family side of the coin.
  • Great Show! I have never watched The West Wing or any other shows that may follow the premise. The fact that she is a woman who is unwanted as the president is what drew me to watch. I am glad I did.

    A woman in the white house? Even in 2005 after several scandalous presidents the mere idea of a women in the Oval office scares people. As humorously stated by Madame President -There is the monthly issue of whether or not she’ll push the button. - I enjoyed the show very much. It was humorous and dramatic. She is met with opposition from nearly every corner and in fact it was the challenge that convinced her not to resign. The show did a good job at pointing out thoughts on why her being president is a bad idea. An example given was, how other nations leaders may not take women in power seriously (Middle East). It didn’t do a good enough job to show the sabotage from within. Maybe I’m too skeptical, but I think the rich white fat cats would do anything to destroy the credibility of a woman in charge of the free world. There would have been slander, threats, and blackmail…but then again, maybe that is still to come. I’ll keep tuned in to see.
  • I would classify it as a West Wing like franchise...

    West Wing has come to a close. Commander in Chief looked to me like it was just in time to grab the West Wing fan base left still hungry for more of fast pace, intricate, politically charged drama. I find it appealing to see how different personalities, with often different if not totally opposed agendas, resolve their differences or achieve their goals. In contrast with West Wing, Commander in Chief adds a perspective into how such high profile personalities attempt to balance the demands of running a country with that of holding a younger family together with such exigent circumstances. (Admittedly something Jimmy Smith could have offered - had WW continued...)

    The added family aspect perspective in CIC is, in my opinion, a nice addition when comparing it to WW. I found it difficult to keep-up with such fast paced dialogues offered by WW on topics that I know nothing about, but even though CIC brings us more of the same, CIC by way of focusing a bit more on the family issues, gives us a chance to breathe - and this in turn helps us assimilate and comprehend the political issues and ramifications, whether they be invented or inspired from actual events.

    I think Geena Davis is doing a great job of her role in this Drama series, and wish her the best in her future endeavors. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to see her lead Commander In Chief into a second season.

    From a Canadian fan.
  • AWSOME show bring it back

    this show was so cool and it sucks its off the air.
    The cast is perfect and Gena Davis is an awsome actor. The storyline is awsome, A women president, so sad its gone. Since its not happeing in america, and all we have is bush. It wouldve been a good idea for the show.

    At least get Gena Davis acting in another show.
  • Excellent, to the point, invigorating, enlightening. Couldn't be any better. Refreshing to see something other than the status quo. This should be retained for those of us who believe there really is an answer out there.

    I believe this show portrays areas of politics that many are afraid to travel while others are fear someone may. It projects a very strong willed individual who is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and the fact that she is a woman only adds to the difficulty factor as it would in a real situation. This is a show that sending fear up the spines of the politicians in DC, perhaps that is the reason for its eary demise.
  • The best show out and I can't believe they want to cancel it. Why don't they cancel West Wing instead. This show is fresh. West wing has become so predictable.

    This show should be given another chance. I don't think they marketed it enough and then removing it mid season was a bad idea. I hope the TV heads will reconsider bringing it back. You can move it to Friday nothing good comes on TV that night anyway. I bet people will set there DVR's for this show. I know I did.
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