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  • She let her husband in! Some would say that this is a huge mistake. If the rest of the show unfolds as it has, this will be proved to be a correct move. The mystery and drama of true and right leadership and mastership.

    She let her husband in! She revealed that she herself was not a virgin when she was married! Yet she is still on top. She is still very moral, noble, true, and great. It is great! "Open their eyes and they will see." This show has rose a notch in my book! Of course, this could be like the calm before the storm! Do you really think a little video is going to hold Templeton down! If he were to measure what the president has gone up against without even a hesitation, he would realize that he has to face the video to prove that he has bigger... courage than she does! :) Very nice!
  • God Save the Queen. Er um President that is.

    Well, All I can really say is that I hope among hope that this show is well done and succsussful.
    Genna is one of the best actresses alive (IMHO) and this shows premis (west wing meets buffy the vampire slayer.. well kinda) I like ALOT!
    So heres to ABC please don't pull a fox and keep this on the same night and give it more then 4 epsoides to gain steam!
  • The "Right Wing" Protestants exposed

    Great show! Very realistic story lines. I love The West Wing as well. This show will continue to spark much needed dialogue for the makeover that our government needs! The diversity incredible. It gives American politics a sense of humanity. While exposing the sad egos of people we elect to run our country.
  • Make Room in the White house everyone there's a new president in town. A First woman president name Mackinze Allen. She takes over the job after the death of a president who died of stroke and wanted her to resign. But she plan on being the first female p

    I really like this show alot cause it has more focus on the president then on her cabinet members like the west wing. I'll admit I thought it was going to be ok and not that great. To my surprise I wanted to see more of it. I look forward to see more of this episode with Mrs. Davis. It's really good.
  • UPDATE: It's better than I expected, and improving! I'll be fair. I've seen 1 episode, and it's just the pilot. Pilots are usually pretty bad, and this one is no exception...but it does show promise, and the potential for

    UPDATE: I must give the writers credit. The show is not as bad as I's actually watchable. This is about as far as I'm willing to go, as I can't stand the preachy attitude. And, get over it already -- a woman is the president, and we don't have to hear about it in every scene.

    Bottom line: If you can stand the acting and the actors (Mark Paul Gosselar--what were they thinking?!) this show actually has a little something going for it. If they continue improving at this rate, it may actually be good by the time Mac runs for reelection.

    I've upgraded my rating to a 4, from a 2.5. It has the potential to actually last a whole season, if they don't kill it off playing musical-time-slots.

    Geena Davis is one of my favorite actresses. Her role in "Earth Girls are Easy," starring beside Jeff Goldblum and Downtown Julie Brown helped produce one of the funniest kitsch movies of the 1980s.

    But apparently Earth Girls are now Presidential material? Like, gag me with a spoon! Totally!

    This is not the first show depicting a female President...there was a previous, short lived comedic series, also from the 1980s named "Hail to the Chief." Patty Duke as the President?! Funny, but not sufficiently memorable.

    This one, being a drama, has the potential to remain interesting. And, considering the role of women throughout most of the world (Islam, especially), it has the potential for some volatility...

    The treatment of the First Gentleman was unnecessarily comical, and his emasculation was quite offensive to me as a straight man. It won't surprise me if the "Queer Eye" Fab 5 show up to give him a makeover and redecorate his pink office, in next week's episode.

    Were this being presented as a serious drama, and not just as a way to prepare the country for Hillary's presidential bid, it might show some promise. The American people are not this dumb. With an agenda so blatantly transparent, I expect this show to last only a few most a season, if they pre-filmed all the episodes.

    Bottom line: A minor disappointment, but the premise has some potential, if they play it right. I doubt they will.
  • Wonderful trendsetting - ahead of its time - show! ABC is losing an outstanding show that examines the positive of this country instead of the conflict.

    Commander in Chief is an outstanding show and well ahead of its time (as the original Star Trek was in the 1960s). ABC is making as big of a mistake by cancelling the show as NBC did when cancelling Star Trek.

    As with Star Trek, Commander in Chief shows the positive side of humanity can win out over our greedy and short sighted past. It is about the transition between where this country should be heading and how it can either be in neutral or backslide.

    It is a shame corporate America looks at short term result instead of being willing to stay the distance even with beginning losses.

    The Sci-Fi channel and Star Gate SG1 is an example of being willing to take a risk. Without a first season, Sci-Fi committed to three (or was it four) seasons. This allowed the procedures to do two things most shows can't consider. SG1 could do story arcs and put extra resources into the first year. These two items assisted in the bold success the season has even in its up coming 10th season.

    Many view (such as myself) won’t commit to a series until its second or third year because none of the three major broadcasters will take a multiple year view.

    Commander in Chief is one of these shows. I broke my rule by watching it and again the broadcasters meet my expectations. Shame on me for hoping an old dog can learn new tricks.

    (Fortunately, cable channels (TNT, HBO, Showtime, Sci-Fi, etc) seem to have a better grasp on economics of today’s viewers)


    P.S. The only way I was able to keep up with ABC moving Commander in Chief around (WHY????) was because I use a DVR (Digital Video Record) with Comcast's version of Tivo.

    Broadcasters would be less likely to mess around with the time slot of a show, if they committed to shows as Sci-Fi did with SG-1.While it is true broadcasters would take fewer risks, we would have a better chance to keep great shows around (past their first year).

    TV shows today are superior to those of 20th century because they are willing to go beyond a cookie cutter script. Today a Lost in Space would allow the Robinsons to get home and then find another adventure. SG-1, Prison Break, 24, etc. are willing to go beyond the old cookie cutter scripts where no one accomplishes their main goal. Many of today's fiction shows are realistic (in this regards).

    Three cheers to those willing to those who have, are, and will take risks.
  • Cancelled??? What the hell!

    Poor Gena Davis....she gets this role of a lifetime and it is squandered by a network with no vision.

    This show, while having some scripts better left undone with some innane dialogue, is THE bright spot for drama on television.

    The character Davis portrays is so well defined and she is perfect for the role. She is strong when she needs to be and is totally in charge. Her battles with Nathan Templeton portrayed by veteran actor Donald Sutherland are classic!

    Let's talk about Donald Sutherland.....This wildy un-rated actor is the other gem in this show. He is the consumate antagonist to Davis's President Allen.

    This is a show that deserves more time to be appreciated. It came out of the blocks as a hit and then stumbled due to producers and network nonsense. If ABC doesn't want this show it should go to another network!

  • Who can watch it, give it the ratings it deserves, if you never know when it\'s on??????????????? This wonderful show got a really raw deal from ABC. Sad, I tell ya, a waste really.

    It\'s hard to imagine this show being canceled. In the beginning the ratings were great, everyone was talking about it, then bam! nobody\\\'s watching!?. It\\\'s not because of Geena Davis or the awesome cast or the great writing, or the idea of a woman president being ahead of it\\\'s time - it was ABC or whoever takes it upon themselves to constantly keeping moving this show to different days and different times.

    Who wouldn\\\'t watch a show with Geena Davis or Donald Sutherland? Two of the best actors of our generation? Does everything on tv nowadays have to be a reality show or be geared towards kids/teenagers? Believe it or not, being 40+ means you have some time to watch tv - and we have the money to buy what the commercials are selling.

    Commander has been on Tuesdays, Thursdays and now Wednesdays? I don\\\'t watch tv ever single nite. But if I knew when Commander in Chief was on, I\\\'d make a point to be there. I have no idea how many episodes I\\\'ve missed, I certainly missed 5/31. Last I heard it wasn\\\'t coming back until June. That\\\'s what ABC had written on their website!

    I\\\'m told they move shows to better their ratings, to find what slot works best. But if you don\\\'t advertise it, no one will come.....

    How many wonderful shows have been killed off this way? Countless. Moving your time slot = cancellation.

    Hopefully it\\\'ll be put out on DVD or resurrected some other way. Be nice if NBC picked it up. They certainly didn\\\'t do so bad with West Wing all these years...
  • Best show on TV! I love all the actors in this show. I make sure i am home and nobody bothers me when it comes on. I hate watching those reality show they are soooo boring and stupid, there are alot of others shows on that are to smutty.

    Finally something GOOD too watch other than the so called \"reality shows\" that are stupid and boring. Hope commander and chief has a good many years on tv. I heard that it may be going off the air. I sure hope not, if this happens then i will be VERY un happy with ABC. There are other show on that they can take off.
  • The first female President of the United States of America --- it's about time.

    I strongly suggest that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should find the time to watch this series ... at least when it starts to air here in the local cable channels.

    I love how MacKenzie Allen (Geena Davis) is level-headed and principled, and calm and collected most of the time. She has the support and understanding of her family so she is able to do her job of running the country, while fending off the "challenges" thrown her way by her political opponents. Despite the rigors of her job she still makes the time to be mom and wife.
  • The best new show of the 2005 Fall Season.

    Commander-In-Chief is arguably one of the best, if not the best, new show of the fall season. It stars actress Gena Davis as the vice president who succeeds the current president when he dies. Gena Davis does a fantastic job on the show. She keeps it realistic and informative. Commander-In-Chief will keep you glued to the television and incapable of moving from the edge of your seat. It anyone has not seen it yet, I truly advise you to give it a chance.
  • Keeping Commander-in-Chief on the air.

    I was activated to go overeseas to Iraq the day \\\"Commander-in-chief\\\" premiered. When I saw the previews, before getting deployed, I was very anxious to watch the show. I found the show on I-tunes, purchased all 18 episodes and was amazed by the acting and the chemistry between Mac and Rod and how well of a president Mackenzie Allen would make. As soon as I got done watching the 1st Season. I found out they had cancelled the show on ABC. Shame on ABC!! Gina Davis makes a great 1st 1st lady. With knowing the intellegence she has off the screen, they definately cast the correct person for the role. Donald Sutherland, another amazing actor, is also what keeps the story going because you never know what he is going to do next to try and get her to fail. The show has so much story line for the future. I just don\\\'t think ABC realizes how much they are losing by taking it off the air. Either ABC should put it back on the air and put it on a different night or another network should pick it up and show ABC what they lost.
  • Who Is Afraid Of This Program?

    This program was educational, inspirational, realistic and entertaining. In this day of so many reality shows, and so few worthwhile programming, how has this program been canceled? There was nothing wrong with it. Everyone I knew who watched it agreed with me. So, surely the only thing that makes ANY sense is that someone who was threatened by it "bought it off the air in some way.....
  • OMG...The Best... Bring it back!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this back. I missed it when it originally aired. Now since I have been off for the 4th, I have had no sleep due to watching it 8 hours straight watching on instant streaming. This actually is thought provoking and an alternative to "The Real Housewives of XXXXXX". Don't get me wrong, trashy behavior can be entertaining as well. I hope the network sees all the 10 ratings.

    I didn't know about this show either. Just finished the last episode this morning. Best show ever! At least do the movie with same characters and a well deserved ending.

    I've watched this show for the 10th time ever since I saw it on tv and bought the DVD's. It is THE BEST SHOW ever! Hate that it was cancelled!
  • Great Show. Shame on ABC.

    This show really could have been one of those 8 year shows that lasted two terms for McKenzie Allan. I tuned in every week to watch the episodes, and I was never disappointed. I really wish I could be able to tune in and see how next season turned out. However, the show has been cancelled. It really makes you wish you had one show to bring back for next year and this would be my pick. However, \"American Idol\" is to blame for this show\'s failure. The show opened very strong but flopped when \"American Idol\" came back on the same night in the same time slot. Now my only hope is that another network, NBC or CBS, would revive the show and bring it back.
  • Bring this show back please! One of the best shows ever!

    I just love watching every minute of this show! And I have never seen a better ensemble on TV than this show's ensemble. Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland says it all. And it really gives me pain knowing that this show was canceled. And it didn't have a well deserve ending. One of the rare substantial shows on TV! I have never watched a series with better cast, storyline and etc! Everything about it was just unique and just great! And that says it all!

    This show deserves a comeback! even if for at least 1 season more or few episodes. Just give this show the ending it so deserves.
  • After being cancelled, show IMO got a raw deal in the end!

    After the show was cancelled just recently, it got a
    Raw deal in the end after starting out so wonderful in the ratings but I blame a few things:
    1. Trying to be a West Wing wannabe towards the middle and end that lead to it being canned
    2. Focus off family to politics, which IMO, "Jumped the shark" as they say
    3. Switching producers from the original to Steven Bocho, who should had never come in at all in the first place
    4. Deadly time slot which shouldn't had moved to Thursday nights!
    Just got a huge raw deal in the end
  • This show is a good example of how the good of everything a show has, can be used and abused to the point of cancelation!

    I was well informed about this possibly wonderous show when Geena Davis was first signed for it. The first project involving a female President, that was taken seriously. I waited for this show to air, and when it did, it was what I was expecting. The introduction was quick, but affirmative. We understood the characters and their positions on the show. We got to see a bit of how the family of the President functioned. We also saw some of the politics in the Oval Office. The Pilot was very agreeable for many people, and thusly, it debuted in the top ten weekly Nelson ratings. That said, I can also remind you that the following eight episodes that followed were just as nice to watch. Some had their slower moments, but the total outcome was the same.

    That's when the trouble came. For reasons too lengthy to describe, the producers hired Steven Bochco to take the leading hand on the production, involving the writing, the direction, and the style. It turned into another Bochco show, with the main focus on the situation, and the way to solve it. The characters began to become 2-dimensional. The main charm of the show was the intimacy that we saw in the characters, and how the situations effected them. Forget the original charm, and intrigue. The stories became boring and reminisant og NYPD and Hill Street. Eventually, the heads at ABC realized the problem when the ratings dropped drastically. They then brought in Dee Johnson of such hit shows as "Melrose Pl." to retool the remaining episodes of the freshamn season of CiC. Unfortunatly, it was too late. Fans didn't care, the damage was done. The show is now cancelled, and ABC can only blame themselves. This show could have been great, but alas, it was not meant to be.
  • Expected West Wing, got Soap Opera...

    Why did ABC spend so much time and money promoting this show? It is nothing like what they promoted. There is very little in the way of political insight. There was bickering (OK, some Beltway insight), there were miraculous make-ups that seemed more like Days of Our Lives.

    On top of that, did nobody at ABC watch the final product before it rolled out? There were so many technical problems (audio especially), that it just put another nail in the coffin.

    I hope they can work this out and make this a good show, as I like shows about the presidency. But unfortunately, this show will not keep me watching...
  • Please bring it back it was the best ever this was the show that really have a lot to say... what can we do what is it that you guys in tv needs to bring it back please let us know

    please all of you that are here lets agree to do anything it takes to bring this tv show back in tv. my name is Joffre Rodriguez and I really think that this show can brig us to a different world and a real world in the same channel our society right now is trying but this tv show will defenetely give us more idea on how important minority is in USA and it will also encourage us to do things that sometimes we dont ever dare to try just because of what people think.

    thank you so much and i hope that we bring this tv show again to all of those people participating in this tv show you guys are great love you
  • What a shame that it got cancelled due to some other show which came on, on another network halfway through Commander in Chief! It was ahead of its time, but NOW it is the time to bring it back!

    Please bring this show back! What a shame that it got cancelled due to some other show which came on, on another network halfway through Commander in Chief!
    It was ahead of its time, but NOW it is the time to bring it back!
    From its first chapter till its cancellation, it was a fantastic, very realistic show!
    I know so many people that were as in love with Commander in Chief as our family was.
    What does it take to request of you for its return? You can redo it with McCain and Sarah Palin now, and what a success it will be!
  • Commander in Chief was first of it's kind.

    Commander in Chief will be missed. The show was a first for all TV showes. I did not know Commander in Chief went off the are at all in till there were no more shows. If they told us, they need to say "this it the last show of all time". It's not faire to the people of the good people of the U.S.A. I wish it would of never of ended at all. I don't know if the U.S is readdy for a woamn Commander in Chief for real. All I care about is those with disabilitys. Meducade and Medacare are not going to last foreve I don't think.
  • Commander in Chief was one of the highest quality T.V. programs to come along in the past 10 years. It's cancellation reflects the low intelligence of today's T.V. programmers.

    Commander in Chief was a very good show. The plots were always well thought out. The characters were well developed. Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland played off of each other in a most intriguing manner. You could almost feel the polite rivalry between their characters. We enjoyed watching the show and had made it part of our regular T.V. shows. There are so few enjoyable programs to watch on T.V. these days and Commander in Chief stood head and shoulders above the rest. When it was cancelled, we felt hurt and betrayed. Please find a way to bring it back!!!
  • After the stroke and death of the President of the United States, the Vice President takes the stage, becoming the FIRST Female AND Independent President of the United States! As her first act as President, she saves a foreign woman's life and brings her

    I can't believe ABC treated this show with such little respect. This show has got to be one of the most critical shows to politics. It's definitely a classic, and gives us a real insight into politics and polticians. It promotes good role models for not only women, but the underrated Independent Party (and Third Parties in general) as well!

    The people at ABC are cowards for the injustice they've shown to "Commander in Chief"!!

  • One of the \\\\\\\"best\\\\\\\" political shows that has been on in a very long time and it is great to see that someone believes that a woman could hold such a high position and do the job very well.

    I feel that Geena Davis is the perfect actress to portray a woman president who takes NO flack or gets manipulated unless she wants it that way to obtain a specific goal.

    I personally don\\\\\\\'t want this show to disappear. I think there are more followers than the network might be led to think. I don\\\\\\\'t believe in polls and ratings to determine the outcome of a show staying or going. The polls seem to only generate ratings from those THEY choose to poll and not necessarily the general public who actually watch it every week.

    I hope the network gets some political guts and keeps it going.
  • This is such a great show. Please everyone watch the show.

    This show is a great and amazing show to watch. The show keeps you intrested durning the whole episode. I am so glad ABC has this show on air. I give this show 5 out of 5 stars in my book. The first time you watch the show you will fall in lovw with it. I think the show has the best actors and actress a TV show can have. This show is my personal favorite and I will watch this show from beginning to the end. Please, I hope you can watch this show because you will absolutly love it.
  • You know, I normally enjoy TV shows that make me laugh, like FRIENDS, but the characters in this show just pull you in. It is very intense and I can't wait to watch the next episode. I'm disappointed that I missed one week because of the awards.

    As I've stated in the summary, I normally enjoy shows that make me laugh. Geena Davis is one of my favorite actress' and I have to admit that she's the reason I watched the first episode. I don't think you could have chosen a better actress for her part. She's perfect in it. I have to say, I don't know if the issues she deals with in the show are what the real president deals with, or if it's that intense in real life. But if it is, there isn't enough money in the world that would make me want that job.

    On a lighter side, I agree that her TV daughter is going to cause alot of problems. Her brother seems to be borderline too. Cheating by using his moms autograph machine for his test paper proves that point. The youngest girl is the only one that seems to be excited for her Mom, though she's young and if this show makes it, I'm sure she'll go through the trials that her sister and brother are dealing with now. But, it seems to be issues that just about every teen goes through at one time or another.

    I think she needs to watch her back around her Assistant, Jim. He seems to be one of those guys that doesn't have his own idea of what he's all about so other people are using him for their own agenda.

    Donald Sutherland is the perfect bad guy. He sure does make you hate him. At least I hate him.

    I don't know if I like her husband pushing her into creating a position for him. I understand that she does need someone she trusts to watch her back though, so I'm torn on that one.

    Well, hope you enjoy the show as much as I do.

    The concept of this show is inspiring. Its production is... long overdue. Geena Davis is the PERFECT actress for this role. She allows you to see that it can be done. You can visualize a strong, smart, sophistocated, humane/human woman taking point in this country. She's FIERCE! Fearless. It's about damn time! Way to go ABC!
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