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  • Wonderful trendsetting - ahead of its time - show! ABC is losing an outstanding show that examines the positive of this country instead of the conflict.

    Commander in Chief is an outstanding show and well ahead of its time (as the original Star Trek was in the 1960s). ABC is making as big of a mistake by cancelling the show as NBC did when cancelling Star Trek.

    As with Star Trek, Commander in Chief shows the positive side of humanity can win out over our greedy and short sighted past. It is about the transition between where this country should be heading and how it can either be in neutral or backslide.

    It is a shame corporate America looks at short term result instead of being willing to stay the distance even with beginning losses.

    The Sci-Fi channel and Star Gate SG1 is an example of being willing to take a risk. Without a first season, Sci-Fi committed to three (or was it four) seasons. This allowed the procedures to do two things most shows can't consider. SG1 could do story arcs and put extra resources into the first year. These two items assisted in the bold success the season has even in its up coming 10th season.

    Many view (such as myself) won’t commit to a series until its second or third year because none of the three major broadcasters will take a multiple year view.

    Commander in Chief is one of these shows. I broke my rule by watching it and again the broadcasters meet my expectations. Shame on me for hoping an old dog can learn new tricks.

    (Fortunately, cable channels (TNT, HBO, Showtime, Sci-Fi, etc) seem to have a better grasp on economics of today’s viewers)


    P.S. The only way I was able to keep up with ABC moving Commander in Chief around (WHY????) was because I use a DVR (Digital Video Record) with Comcast's version of Tivo.

    Broadcasters would be less likely to mess around with the time slot of a show, if they committed to shows as Sci-Fi did with SG-1.While it is true broadcasters would take fewer risks, we would have a better chance to keep great shows around (past their first year).

    TV shows today are superior to those of 20th century because they are willing to go beyond a cookie cutter script. Today a Lost in Space would allow the Robinsons to get home and then find another adventure. SG-1, Prison Break, 24, etc. are willing to go beyond the old cookie cutter scripts where no one accomplishes their main goal. Many of today's fiction shows are realistic (in this regards).

    Three cheers to those willing to those who have, are, and will take risks.
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