Commander in Chief

ABC (ended 2006)



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  • For the first time in American history, a woman holds the office of U.S. President.

    Commander in Chief was the story of Mackenzie Allen who after the death of the sitting U.S. President became the first female President in U.S. history. The show followed her through the regular problems a leader faces, to the back stabbing that is so common in Washington, to her on going political battle with Speaker of the House, Nathan Tempelton. The show had great stories as well as awesome characters but was doomed by behind-the-scense problems.

    Rod Lurie, who created the show, was bogged down with writing episodes, prodicing and directing began turning in scripts late. ABC replaced him with Stephen Bochco only after the first four episodes had aired. While Bochco did come up with better stories he faired no better in dealing with ABC. He left the show only months after signing on do to creative differences with ABC. He was replaced by one of CiC's head writers. She had the show for only 2 weeks when ABC canned the show. While alot of the blame belongs to the Creative forces behind it, alot belongs with ABC as well. During the break it took when Lurie was let go ABC opted to show no reruns, not giving the show the chance to gain more viewers. They then put it on a two month hiatus from December to late January. The show's Christmas episode aired in February!! It was a great show that was killed not becuase of creative problems but becuase of behind the scenes problems.
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