Commander in Chief

ABC (ended 2006)





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  • This country is not yet ready for a female president,,on or OFF the screen

    Of course the show is cancelled this country isnt ready for anything that puts Women first,,,Oh hell a woman could never run this country,,i mean after all we still live in the dark ages women belong decorating a mans arm,,,or barefoot and pregant in a kitchen,,NOT RUNNING A COUNTRY,,,see how dumb that sounds,,???? The real problem with this show wasnt the show,,,its the jumping beans they installed in its schedule,,,i could never find it,,i waited for it to come back and then couldnt find it to watch,,its here,,,no over there no,,,ut its over there,,,bite me ABC Gena Davis was the best representitive of what a female prez should have been,,,her acting was impecable,,,the story line was going great,,,it was the very best series about the white house i have seen ,,,and there have been a few,,,it was fresh and strong and showed women in positions of authority could keep it together like any man could do and better,,but then that may have been its problem,,,she did it too well,,,WELL I GIVE IT A 15 STAR rating,,,oh i know they go to ten here but this one breaks the records!!!