Commander in Chief

ABC (ended 2006)





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  • Outstanding cast and great storyline... Some of the topics were very much in touch with today's political climate, and that makes it rather dangerous for television...

    This is one of the most interesting shows I've ever watched... Not just because it revolves around the first female being President of the United States, but also because of the events that happen throughout the series and how the situations are handled... The political rivalry between MacKenzie and Nathan is really fun to watch... It's too bad that the series was cancelled... I would love to see how the show progresses... But I think that the reason the show was cancelled was because of the direction in which the show was heading towards and that the writers of the show were making it too bold... The studio executives could not handle that kind of drama and so CIC was cancelled...
    It's really sad as I feel that it was good and I liked the way it was played... It's too bad really... ;(