Commander in Chief

ABC (ended 2006)





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  • This show follows the Presidency of Mackenzie Allen. Who Becomes President after Teddy Bridges dies. The Series closly follows Allen as she must make life changing desisions as president and a mother.

    Overall i think this show was very under minded, when it was first released that their was going to be a show about a president people cheered thinking another show like the West Wing was coming. However when it was released that the show would focus around a female president people began to talk. Me, myself couldn't wait to see where this was going to go. I watched every episode when it aired and even purchased a few episodes off itunes, However i think people began to view this as no that likely of a story line and with several behind the set disbutes over scripts and the staff the shows talented script writers began to focus more on Allen's career as a president and not has a mom. Where in the begininning episodes you see both struggles. I really enjoyed this show i would like to see a two hour movie event or even possabliy a continuing of the series at a later date like this year in 2007. I still think there are people out there like myself that would like to know what happens at the end of the campaign.
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