Commander in Chief

ABC (ended 2006)





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  • \"Commander in Chief\" is what \'cutting-edge\' TV SHOULD be! It has everything! I was disappointed every time an episode ended and couldn\'t wait for the next.

    Television has deteriorated badly of late (especially with cheap reality shows) and when \"Commander in Chief\" came to our screens in the UK, it was not simply refreshing to have something decent to watch, we were given the \'icing on the cake\' also because it is truly superb. It has everything including intelligence, sensitivity, tension, intrigue, plots, family relationships - to name but a few - but, above all, the ongoing message of \"honesty and integrity eventually wins\" comes through with every episode. It is well done because the result is neither patronising nor insulting to our intelligence. This is a programme which evokes discussion and in which one cannot help but become \'involved\'.

    A programme of this quality should appeal to male and female tastes alike. It assuages every woman\'s dream and yet has enough \'testosterone\' to appeal to men. I love every minute of it and, for me, the most salient point is the honesty with which this president tries to serve her country. She\'s not perfect but she really tries. Today\'s world is a harsh reality and few heads of state run their countries with such integrity and the sincere wish to serve their people. Oh that they did! Whether, during our lives, we shall ever see such a person is something we will discover as time passes but to be able to dream for a while whilst watching this riveting piece of television makes it a pleasure to turn on the TV. PLEASE bring it back.