Commander in Chief

ABC (ended 2006)





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  • US power and Girl Power hand in hand

    It's ironic that this show, which showed so much promised, got literally axed because a few individuals forgot.. that it was a TV show.. a fictional TV show.

    It was actually good TV, hell it was great TV!

    Oh yeah, As President MacKenzie, Geena may have been solving issues faster than what reality would say it would take , but you know, it was all fictional to begin with. It borrowed from real life scenarios as it suited it, and placed it in the storyline as it suited the story.

    But Wow, so many folks got offended over so many issues it's mind boggling.

    Yet it was nevertheless great TV.

    I think the producers of the show, should have put a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, something like "What you see is not real, this is a dramatization of a fictional scenario".

    I mean let's face it, Geena Davis was a convincing actress as MacKenzie and Sutherland's Templeton was as riveting a character as it could be.

    All of the support cast where good, quite frankly, the only reason this show is off the air, is because of narrowminded idiots who didn't, couldn't distingues between TV and reality.

    It would be way to much to ask to resurrect this show and continue its intrigues.