Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 13

State of the Unions

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2006 on ABC

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  • Good to see a scandle

    Well another great episode showing the more personal side to the presient. I love this aspect of the show.
    Have a scandle like this would be hard enough to deal normally without it being in the public eye.

    I think Mac handled it very well in the public eye even though it was crushing her on the inside and the poor kids also had to see everything.
    With the press it is so hard to know what is real - what do you believe and what don't you believe?

    Rod is still finding his place at the White House and I hope things work out for him soon.
  • Glad Commander in Chief is back!

    I'm just so glad to have my favorite show back after that very, very, very long hiatus that I wasn't following the show all that well. I had to go back and watch the episode again! Nice to see that Templeton is his old, nasty self again. Also, very nice to see Mac take a stand against corrupt politics. Of course the show didn't do so well in teh ratings on its new night but here's wishing, and hoping, and praying that ABC will give it a little more of a chance. They're the only ones to blame if CIC "tanks."
  • I am so glad CIC is back. This episode was good. Geena Davis remains dynamic as always. I always love the interaction between the president and the first gentleman, especially the more intimate moments.

    I enjoyed this episode. It seems that Templeton and his sidekick are back to their old ways. I haven\'t decided how I feel about that. I also noticed in this episode that President Allen did not exactly come out on top in the end. I continue to like the balance the President\'s mother adds to the first family. Again, it was an enjoyable episode and I am extremely glad my favorite show is back. I look forward to seeing what Dee Johnson will bring to the show as the
    executive producer. Go CoMMander In CHIEF!!!
  • I wish this was our State of the Union.

    Politics is a tough job. Hard for the people involved and their moral compass. Commander in Chief with its special cast illustrates this.

    The move of the President to skip going to Capitol Hill and giving the the Congress a report is how George Washington did it.

    Good job!

    Thank goodness for Stephen Bochco.
  • Geena Davis is wonderful in every episode.

    This show was phenomenal in every aspect. The only thing wrong is the excessive amount of comercials that tend to totally disrupt the flow of the show. Geena Davis is the best and the cast is wonderful and the plots are always interesting. Unfortunately there have been inconsistant episodes played which has been very disruptive. I love this show and I hope it doesn't go away.
  • I believe a secret world exists behind Washington, D.C.’s closed doors, but not the obvious secret world of midnight parking-garage rendezvous, undisclosed locations, and fiercely clean-cut G-men types whirling around town in black sedans, frequen

    Commander is an archetypal liberal tale: A hero is challenged by blind prejudice but rises to show us that when we embrace equality and diversity, it all works out. While on a state visit to Paris, Vice President Allen learns her boss has had an aneurysm. The ensuing dialogue sounds like something that’s been translated into a foreign language and then translated back to English in a hurry (“So what happens now? Do I take the oath?” “Can you smell the history?”). Top aides urge her to resign. The world is too unstable, damn it; Americans need to see strength, not a woman. Allen agonizes, supported only by her dopey-but-redeemable husband Rod (Kyle Secor, who apparently didn’t fall off the face of the earth after Homicide: Life on the Street). Her potential Cabinet starts falling apart in a perfunctory sort of way. Her nemesis, the glowering Speaker of the House (played as well as the circumstances allow by Donald Sutherland), gives cynical, sexist diatribes, makes veiled threats — and smirks. Allen agonizes some more.

    In all this Commander tries to capture something of The West Wing. But it never builds up the necessary speed or suspense.