Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 10

Sub Enchanted Evening (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on ABC

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  • Mac is a very stylish president!

    A very exciting episode I cannot wait to see what happens next week.

    Mac and Templeton are forced to work together and I think that they did very well. They focused on the problem at hand to reach a solution. Mac asked for his help and Templeton offered his opinions.

    I think Templetons wife is the one to watch, she seems a very sly lady as we get to see more of her.

    Dickie is a pain! His need to know information makes him very suss. Is he the leak?
    He also seems to think he is 'gods gift to women', he is mistaken.

    Mac is a very well dressed president, I love her outfits!
  • A military crises forces Mac and Templeton to work together.

    Something I didn't expect. Mac and Templeton had a common goal and worked together to safe the crew of the sunken sub.

    Although the series has decreased it's speed it's still one of my favourite.

    It's nice to see how the characters evolve and get a life of themselves.

    This episode deals the second time with a foreign country and takes a political side. We all know that newspapers and TV can affect peoples view of the world. Hopefully this one does for the better.

    What I miss is a strong Commander in Chief. With risking to get exposed and have there sub with the surveillance technologies getting in the hands of the "enemy", Mac acts more like a caring mother than a president.

    Here vice president, who she selected for his military know how, suggested the exact opposite of what she ordered.
    Maybe it would have been better if she had given up "her" boys.
    It's cruel but...
  • Glad to have my show back!

    Another good show that had me worried that Mac wouldn't be able to get out of yet another predicament....will she? I'm kind of hoping that in the second part of the episode, something goes wrong with "Operation Homecoming" because every issue that ever comes up can't possibly be solved. And did the show really have to have a "to be continued"? I do strongly hope the show doesn't entirely lose the feel and look that Rod Lurie had given the it...only time will tell.
  • It has so much promise, but we're dying inside. I want to watch this show for the drama inside the white house, not military crises. That's what I have E-Ring for. Not to mention, the writers don't seem to have access to the internet for fact checking.

    These are just the problems that I caught while watching. The time codes are from the start of episode.

    1. A submarine named the Seattle would not be an Ohio class SSGN, like stated. It would be a Los Angeles class attack submarine. The Ohio class subs are all named after states, like battleships, and more to the point, there are NO Ohio class SSGN’s. The Los Angeles class are all named after cities.There are 2 Ohio class boats that are currently being retrofitted to become SSGN’s, but they will be renamed and reclassed upon their recomissioning. The first of those, the former USS Ohio (SSBN 726), completed her sea trials on December 19, 2005, and is awaiting recommissioning and redeployment to the fleet. (7 minutes)
    2. No submarine we own is the size of two football fields. The largest submarine in existence, the Russian Typhoon class, is close to being a LONG as two football fields (564 feet), but at 75 feet wide, this is a terrible comparison. Our largest subs, the Ohio class SSBN’s are 560 feel long and 36 feet wide at their largest point. (12 minutes)
    3. Scrubbers do NOT take oxygen from seawater. They remove carbon dioxide from the air. (19 minutes)
    4. Overall, there is no way that we would ask the Chinese for assistance is rescuing the crew of one of our submarines. The Chinese, first of all, would not agree to go down to one of our subs without getting aboard. Look at what they did to the EP-3 that they bumped back in April of 2001. Next, the concessions that we offered would be nowhere near what is necessary for this kind of cooperation. Anything that we offered would have to revolve around Taiwan, and there’s no way that we’d be willing to make concessions where Taiwan is concerned.

    So, in other words, the show is still long on drama, and short on the facts. Why, oh why can't they focus on some internal crises, and develop a character or two? Come on, this is killing me. You have a great premise, but the writing is just subpar. Hire a freaking fact checker, will you? At least the errors will be a little less obvious.
  • After a long a hiatus one of the more creative shows of the season returns.

    The reason I like this episode most, was that everything wasn't wrapped up in neat and tidy bow at the end. I have always liked the show, but now I think it has moved in to more realistic storytelling. I look forward to the rest of this story. I hope that Bochco and Laurie can work together to make this show as great as it can be.
  • Well, wasn't reading the grocery flyers while watching this one :)

    Ah, a new episode... I seem to be saying that a lot these days. :) And, as a bonus, I get to see Donald Sutherland again, since Keifer isn't available for another week.

    The teen angst from Rebecca is getting old already, and we're not even technically half way through the season. I can only vaguely understand the pressures that would be placed on the "First Children", but the little one acts more mature than the teenager. She has a point about the privacy issue, but there are ways to deal.

    The sub scenario is interesting - although the flagrant disrespect shown by the Secretary of Defense and General Krieger towards the person who is the Commander In Chief of the military is disturbing. The general, at least, should have answered "Noted, *sir*" - she may have no real military rank but she is in charge.

    Mac has had four people who know what they are doing tell her that rescue is impossible - I don't like that she's being portrayed as such a bleeding heart who has to have everything go her way. The life of a President is not always going to go smoothly, and not everything is going to go right. How come she can't make the hard decisions and then have to deal with that fallout, instead of constantly trying to do an end run around the circumstances that exist to make it all come out "right". The more realistic scenario would be for her to accept that the men on the sub cannot be saved, and have to deal with that, and with the fact that they would still have to get the sub out of North Korean waters so the technology does not fall into their hands.

    Hmm, "to be continued" - is this to show the new hands on the reins at the show? Or just a "welcome back" for having suffered through the dearth of new shows over the holiday season... :) I'm still not sure about Dickie, have to say - and what an awful name.
  • When I watched "Mom comes to Dinner" I was somewhat concerned about the pace of that show. It seemed rushed. I was pleased tonight to see that the show is back on track. I missed "my show" and I am very glad it is back in the lineup.

    I enjoyed the show, even though I switched between CIC and the People's Choice Awards. As always my favorite part of the show involves the
    first family and how they interact with one another. I am unsure of Templeton's status. I still think he may be up to no good. My jury is still out regarding the new guy- Dickie. I really do not see where he fits in with the rest of the gang. Time will tell. Commander in Chief remains my favorite show.