Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 10

Sub Enchanted Evening (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on ABC

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  • Well, wasn't reading the grocery flyers while watching this one :)

    Ah, a new episode... I seem to be saying that a lot these days. :) And, as a bonus, I get to see Donald Sutherland again, since Keifer isn't available for another week.

    The teen angst from Rebecca is getting old already, and we're not even technically half way through the season. I can only vaguely understand the pressures that would be placed on the "First Children", but the little one acts more mature than the teenager. She has a point about the privacy issue, but there are ways to deal.

    The sub scenario is interesting - although the flagrant disrespect shown by the Secretary of Defense and General Krieger towards the person who is the Commander In Chief of the military is disturbing. The general, at least, should have answered "Noted, *sir*" - she may have no real military rank but she is in charge.

    Mac has had four people who know what they are doing tell her that rescue is impossible - I don't like that she's being portrayed as such a bleeding heart who has to have everything go her way. The life of a President is not always going to go smoothly, and not everything is going to go right. How come she can't make the hard decisions and then have to deal with that fallout, instead of constantly trying to do an end run around the circumstances that exist to make it all come out "right". The more realistic scenario would be for her to accept that the men on the sub cannot be saved, and have to deal with that, and with the fact that they would still have to get the sub out of North Korean waters so the technology does not fall into their hands.

    Hmm, "to be continued" - is this to show the new hands on the reins at the show? Or just a "welcome back" for having suffered through the dearth of new shows over the holiday season... :) I'm still not sure about Dickie, have to say - and what an awful name.
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