Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 9

The Mom Who Came to Dinner

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on ABC

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  • What happened in this episode?

    Is it just me or did nothing happen in this episode? When it started, I felt it was all over the place but it seemed like nothing and all was resolved. I still gave it a 9 because it's my favorite show and it kept me entertained but I can't bring myself to saying it was a 10 or perfect. New guy "Dickie" seemed lost and like he really didn't belong there. I guess we'll have to wait and see where they take his character. Hopefully this episode wasn't a sign of things to come from new guy Bochco.
  • Zzzzzzzzz....

    You know it's not a good sign when I'm finding the weekly grocery flyers more interesting than the episode...

    The best part of the show was the interaction between Nathan and his wife. He's finally getting more of a character and is not just foil for Mac anymore. I love Donald Sutherland, always have (Keifer too, yum...) so it's just great to see him in a weekly role.

    Other than that, really, nothing much happened. The episode was all over the place, story-wise, and there was no real forward motion in any of the character development. If this is indicative of the change from Lurie to Bocchco, this show might wind up in trouble...

    And, Mark-Paul Gosselar? Why?
  • Looking at other reviews, my verdict might be surprising, but I believe this episode has put quite a few interesting storylines in motion.

    To be honest, I wasn't too happy with this series until now, it didn't seem to be going anywhere. Naturally, the new President needed some time to settle in, but one didn't get the impression that the producers had much of a vision where the show was going to go. This episode singlehandedly offers us a series of plots for the future:

    - Kelly and Dickie - they seem to be made for each other...
    - the election campaign of an independent candidate
    - how will Nathan Templeton play the game now that he has the original tape? (Well, can he be really sure that there ain't another copy out there?) Templeton sometimes seems to have some honor - it will be interesting.
    - Mac's mom as a "Barbara Bush"-style first mum, I see trouble coming
    - the career of Jayne Murray (I hope they make her a regular, her character has potential)
    - Dickie seems to be a crossover of Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborn and Joey Lucas from "The West Wing", he just might bring some action into the White House

    Well, now I am actually looking forward to future episodes of "Commander In Chief" - especially as one of my favorite shows "The West Wing" seems to be finished.
  • A good show that helped us understand characters better.

    I thought the episode was well-done if not gripping. Hey, character development is good!
    The episode showed us more of Mackenzie's moral bearings, as well as hinted at her upbringing. We learned more about her relationships with her husband, children, and mother. I appreciate the way the writers portray Mac as strong yet tender.
  • a good show with some great actors

    like i said many time, this show has the making of becoming the new west wing. In this episode we see how difficult is for any persone to have the job of president od the united states. The writers and directo make a fantastic job in combining the private life and work in the oval office.
  • I don't get everything here...

    ... but I still like it pretty much. Why does president Mac accord so much importance to mister Speaker Templeton? I don't get it since we don't get to see the Democrat speaker that much. Is it only because the government is mainly Republican? I am sorry if my questions sound silly but I am not american and I don't know everything about the American constitution.
  • Mum (mom) looks a lot of fun.

    Well Mum looks heaps of fun but I think that it may lead to some trouble.
    I like that this episode shows more character development and a more personal side to the characters.

    I am glad that Jim and Jane have decided to end their relationship but I would like to see Jane come over and join the White House staff.

    Mac is a very strong lady who likes to do the honest, good, responsible thing however I think it was a stupid move to give the original film back to Templeton. I understand why she did it but I don't think it did any good for her career.
  • a lot of things started in this episode...

    *NO!!! It's DICKIE!!! Augh!!! I really don't like him, I mean he was fine at the beginning, but then now that I know how obnoxious he is, I can't even begin to like him. And there is no way he is a crossover between Josh and Sam from the West Wing!

    *The execution was about the mentally retarded woman, right? That was really sad... And how it was Mac's friend from Law School coming. Sniff.

    *Mac's mom... she's funny. I like her.

    *The thing with the tape!!! OMG! I remember that. Ohhhh... And I can't believe she actually gave it back to him... Wow, she really is a good person like that.