Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 14

The Price You Pay

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2006 on ABC

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  •'re mean!

    Glad to see Commander in Chief is back with some excellent writing and back to see the characters are back to their old antics. This episode really had a "Lurie" feel to it. Templeton sure was mean, mean, mean in this episode...yet I loved every single minute of it! Loved that Mac really stuck by her friend, didn't change her nomination, and let him know she would "go down swinging with him." Sure does make one wish we had a President like this in real life...
  • one of the best episodes of commander in chief ever

    i am glad that one of my favorite shows is back after along hiatus, i dont known why it had to be gone so long. i am big fan of the show. i think that commander in chief will be on the air for at least the next 2 years if not more, i think that templeton is a mean person who wants to take her job and ruin her reputation, i'm glas that geena davis does not let him bother her. i also like jim and kelly because they are smart.the whole cast is wonderful in commander in chief
  • Mum's got a boyfriend!

    Well the presidents mum has a boyfriend ... but wait he is married! I can understand that she needs her own life and that she is still adjusting (like everyone) but I still think she should have at least told someone she wouldn't be back until the morning. So not to worry anyone.
    I love how Rod is so protective of his mother inlaw. It is something rarely seen.

    Mac's expression when Kate is introducing her boyfriend is classic, I mean what can you say ... No mum you cannot date him?

    Mac's is very well dressed in this episode as awlays.

  • this series has lost momentum

    with the problems that they had in production thise year, this series has lost the momentum they had gain in the beggining. I nthis episode we see how the administration has a very tought job inhouse and abroad. I hope that they can keep it together so they can re gain the impulse they had.
  • President Makenzie Allen has to defend her choice for Attorney General after he is publically discredited by the opposition.

    It will be a shame if Commander in Chief is cancelled, because it really is one of the best new shows around. I love the detailed characters, and Geena Davis shines as the first female president. This weeks episode was full of the type political intrigue that fuels shows like this. When Mac stood her guns and defended her choice all the way to the end, it showed us what a president COULD be like; noble, strong, and striving for what's right. I can't wait for the re-election campaigning to start, because I think that is when this show will soar.

    I give this episode 8.3 out of 10. (Awesome show, but there have been better episodes.)
  • Either the Allen Administration is not professional enough to deserve reelection (except if you know that Templeton is the alternative), or this story line is ridiculous.

    We all know that confirmation hearings can be pretty nasty - that is why candidates are vetted before being nominated. How realistic is it that President Allen needs six months (as said in the show) to nominate a new attorney general, then decides on an old buddy - but apparently does not have him seriously vetted by her staff?

    Jim Gardner (as her chief political advisor and chief of staff) is experienced enough to know that Templeton will orchestrate problems for the Allen administration whereever he can, especially when it comes to confirmations of new cabinet members. He has to know that whoever is nominated will be under serious scrutiny, and therefore he has to make sure that any candidates are virtually saints.

    I find it hard to believe that this administration could be caught be surprise like this. But I find it even harder to believe that they would be able to get Brantley confirmed despite the ongoing media onslaught - Commander In Chief\\\'s story lines really do not compare well to \\\"The West Wing\\\".