Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 15

Ties That Bind

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on ABC

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  • This was one of the best episodes of CIC. It also reminded me of some of the earlier episodes. GO CIC!!!

    I really enjoyed this episode. It is one of CIC's best. The episode was interesting from start to finish. I also like the way it gave us some background information on the Chief of Staff and show us a little more about her assistant-Vince. I am going to miss the Vice President. I like the way
    he changed his views regarding the competence of Mackenzie Allen. I do not know if I like the way the show seems to be going in regards to the first gentleman. I liked it better with him as part of the adminstration. Geena Davis remains awesome as usual. This was a great episode. GO CIC!!!
  • Changes in the oval office..this review contains spoilers

    I finally was able to watch an episode after the long...long...hiatus and missing the last 2 new episodes. It was a good one to catch. CIC is finally getting back to the earlier episodes and hopefully that may just save it.
    For some reason however, I really do not like the first children. They act nothing like one would expect children to ask seasoned for years in the public spotlight. Who ever writes the plots for Becca and Horace do not know anything about teenagers except the media's portray of them. Becca is spoiled, self -centered and very very annoying. And the thing with the IM? Who talks to strangers on AIM like that? I know it’s an issue but at least in my opinion one that is a bit dated. Maybe 2,3, years ago that would be a reasonable plot line for a teen on TV but not know. And Horace? He started out the show so differently. Now he's almost as bad as Becca. Please don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled:

    But if it is going where I think it is going and Horace gets the girl pregnant-I just think it is a bad plot to go on. I love Everwood but Everwood it is not. I understand that it happens in today's society but a president's son getting a girl pregnant? I mean you think a son of the president would know something about protection. Maybe I can buy the whole getting her pregnant but having it come out to the press? That's dumb. Could you imagine if that happened to Chelsea Clinton or the Bush twins?

    End Spoiler

    Rod is my favorite character but he didn't even talk to his son for more that five minutes about the night before. The kids get ignored a lot on this show.

    The rest of the episode was good; I liked the conversation Mac had with Warren though I'm sad to see him go. I don't know if it was mentioned before the hiatus or after but I wonder what deal Warren and Templeton made.

    I like Dickie -another spoiler-
    and I don't want to see him fired. But the 3rd shakeup and CIC may send him the way of Bochco. While Bochco gone is good- not Dickie. I hope not he adds nice conflict.

    Good episode can't wait for next week. Makes up for Jack and Bobby...almost :)
  • Another great episode, making it more disappointing it's off the air.

    This episode was another great example of wonderful writing and good storytelling. The multiple plotlines were expertly woven together. It was very revealing to see the number of issues that a president faces day to day - from the prospect of weapons falling into enemy hands to something so simple as a friend's commitment ceremony. The issues were all dealt with quite well, and I am hoping this will not prove to be the last episode of CIC ever aired.
  • good episode almost 100% real

    this is another good episode fro this series. The actors deliver a good job of giving us all the angles of a day in the white house with diferents problems in the personal and nationwide. The sudden removal of the vice president was a turn off for me because i belived that he was delivering the perfect role in the series
  • Another great episode, who will become the Vice President now?

    Well Vice President Warren Keaton has resigned to be with his sick wife. It is great to see that he has put his family first, something Mac also seems to admire.

    Kelly shows that she is very hard working having fell asleep on her desk. It is amazing that she can still look so great!

    Dickie is a bit of a sly character, I think he will be one to watch out for. I don't think that he really suits the team and even though he is trying to help the president I don't really think that he supports the same issues as Mac.