Commander in Chief

ABC (ended 2006)





  • Season 1 Episode 2: First Choice

  • It is revealed that Rebecca's code name is "velour".

  • Running Gag: Forbidden breakfast item in this episode: doughnuts

  • In almost 4 min into the show the president steps out of the car and the reflection of the cameraman is visible in the door window.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • Goof: When President Allen is speaking to a Joint Session of Congress, Speaker Templeton is visible over her right shoulder. The Speaker of the House should be behind her left shoulder, and the Vice President (as President of the Senate) behind her right shoulder. At this point in the series, there was no Vice President, as President Allen was the previous V.P. before becoming President, so possibly there should be no one there. However, it's likely the man sitting next to the Speaker is supposed to be the President pro tempore of the Senate but he would also be in the wrong seat.

  • Goof: In the credits, the general is credited as General Pollack, but in the scenes, his nameplate reads General Pollak.

  • Rod Calloway is called "First Lady" while he is given a tour of the White House kitchen.

  • Trivia: The show states that President Allen is the 1st independent President, but George Washington was also an Independent. However, she was the 1st independent Vice-President.

  • Goof: The plane used in the pilot for Air Force 2 is a different model between the in flight scene and the scene where they exit the plane.

  • During President McKenzie's address to Congress, the scene cuts to images of the extrication of Mehdulla. The ship and aircraft in General Pollack's description of the extrication mission do not appear in the cut scenes.

    Cut Scene 1: The real USS Tarawa is an Amphibious Assault Ship. The ship identified as the USS Tarawa in the cut scene is an aircraft carrier. You can see the canted flight deck and F-18 Hornets on the deck. The aircraft flying in the foreground is an SH-60, an anti-submarine warfare helicopter.

    Cut Scene 2: Two UH-1 with rocket pods flying over sand dunes. The official designation for the UH-1 is the "Iroquois" but is more commonly called a "Huey". These helicopters are in a gunship configuration not the "command helicopter" that General Pollack describes.

    Cut Scene 3: The helicopter in the background is a Bell Helicopter Model 407. It is a civilian model not used in U.S. military service. It looks nothing like the CH-46 that is suppose to be used to rescue Mehdulla. Dead giveaway that the aircraft is not a military helicopter; the seats are way too comfortable.

  • This episode made reference to Vice President Cheney and the fact that President Bridges moved from the Governor's Mansion to the Observatory (the Naval Observatory at Anapolis, official residence of the Vice President) meaning that, at the very least, the pilot is set in the year 2014.

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