Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 18

Unfinished Business

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2006 on ABC

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  • Good night, and Good luck

    That's it, my favorite show of the new season comes to an end and after seeing this episode, it hurts...A LOT! This episode had many issues that could've been great storylines in a second season: African-American vice president, Dickie running to Templeton after getting fired by Mac, Rebecca becoming friends with someone from Templeton's staff, oh man my imagination starts to run wild just thinking about what could've been. I still hope and pray that ABC nitwits realize they made a big mistake but I'm realistic and no that won't happen. So I blame them to no end that such a great show, with such great actors, wasn't given a fair chance to grow and play out.
  • This series is the classic combination of history, current events and politics.

    This series finale embodies politics and history and reminds viewers of how our country is run and policy is made. This finale brought forth something that has been brought up constantly and that is the fact that Mac is the first female President or should I say Madam President. For the first time she brought forth a possible "feminist" agenda in trying to push through the Equal Rights Amendment so both women and men can officially play on an equal playing field. To think that this show may possibly end, they chose a great way to end it but hopefully this will not be it. This episode is politics.
  • And so ends a show that really deserved to go longer.

    It's always a shame to see a show with such potential end just as it's starting to improve after a slump. It's all the sadder because of all the subplots it lays out for a 2nd season that will never happen.

    The developments were interesting like the First Daughter finding her online friend to be working for the enemy and the revelation Kelly was married. That last one seemed a little too soap opera to go far though.

    For Gardner to be VP is interesting although it does smack a bit too similar to West Wing and Leo. Still, would have been interesting for Templeton to try running against Mac without coming off racist or sexist.

    Sutherland was great with Templeton, actually showing a bit of anxiety for once about running but proving he could by announcing it the way he did. His interactions with Mac were good.

    Of course, the big thing was Dickie getting fired and then going right to Templeton. Dickie's always been interesting in that he's often right, Mac is too niave in politics for her own good. Of course, going against her wishes is not a wise move so she was right to fire him.
    That he'd go right to Templeton isn't too surprising as he wants to show he can run a Presidential campaign and win it. Too bad we won't see that develop.

    And so ends a show with so much promise until behind the scenes shifts led to constant changes in tone that ruined it. Through it all, Geena Davis was excellent as a woman in a position that would break many men and holding onto it tight. She was the heart of this show and I wish to hell she could have shown her stuff more. Still, we have the memories of a fine show and what could have been.
  • Why cancel such a great show?

    I really enjoyed this final episode. The q&a session in the town hall in this episode was fantastic. Especially Nathan Templeton\'s speech about Casa Blanca and Mac\'s reply about it meaning \"White House\". Fantastic viewing. The greatest thing about this show im my opionion is that it challenges ideals, like the female\'s role being further extended with the modification of the constitution, and the possibility of Jim Gardner filling the role of Vice President. Hopefully the real government will take note and follow some of the shows steps in breaking the boundries of stereotyping. I will be very sorry to see this show disappear! I hope ABC see their mistake of cancelling this show and bring it back again! I thought it was an excellent last episode of course leaving loads of open possibilities. Hopefully they will make more episodes for a DVD release just like firefly!
  • Eh... Good, I guess...

    There's something about this show... I am in huge favor for the ERA, and I respect Mac for what she says about campaigning, but something about all this doesn't seem realistic, I wish it was, but I don't know...

    I liked finally finding out who Becca's IM buddy was. And I am absolutely thrilled Jim could be VP, although I hope he would still be on the show a lot. Dickie's gone! Yeah!

    Commander in Cheif deserved a second chance, I really believe is does! This show is good politics, even if it doesn't all fit, it's trying to do a good thing!
  • This is an example of yet another great show that didn't hit the right time and network ... ( i guess )

    Right when things started to get interesting this show gets cut off. Yes ABC probably has one too many shows on it's hands but this was a really good show. TV is supposed to be entertaining ( besides other things ) and this show was such. While the issue of having a female president is really touchy there is no reason why it couldn't be explored in a purely fictional work. Also the acting was quite good and killing the show was really a shocker for me.
    There was a full set of personalities a very well though out plot and dynamic and rich story line.
    As as season finale this is a complete failure. If you didn't know you'd expect the show to continue. There isn't even a hint of what is to happen. I guess it was a surprise to the writing staff as well ...

    Who knows ... maybe ABC execs would come to their sences ...
  • Mackanzie Allen makes me proud to be a female.

    the way she deliver the message to people, when she talk as the president of the united states, it's like for real, no doubt she won the golden globe, she is awesome and yeah, hell smart... ERA, I think it's worth to be persuaded. logically, the number of population in the planet is dominated with female, the 80% woman have the right to vote same as the 20% man, I guess. the amendment written in 1921 by suffragist Alice Paul and introduced in 1923. To be a president, it doesn't matter if it's female or male, the bottom line is, can he/ she do it or not, we are the same God's creation.
  • This episode focused on the announcements of both the President and the speaker that they would run for office. The character of the Speaker was consistent show his need for power and self interest, opposite to that of the President.

    I can't see the logic in cutting this series with the masterful creation of characters and the acting of Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland. This series was drama at it's best.

    Though I rate the series with top marks, the last episode did not stand up to the best of the episodes.

    The tensions between the members of the Presidential Staff seem to have nearly disappeared. Maybe this was to heighten our interest in the upcoming face off of a Presidential Election but it lacked the character interest that had been present in many of the earlier episodes.

    The meeting of first daughter with her texting friend was a let down, mostly because it was so predictable.

    The "debate" was fantastic. Both Geena and Don did wondeful jobs of making us see what they believed in, and were totally "in character" and interesting.

    I'm very sad that the show will not return and hope that maybe one of the cable networks will pick it up and continue it. Espeically that West Wing is gone, there should be a market for this type of show. This was much better than West Wing and should have lasted at least as long.
  • Aptly titled. We will never know what would have been.

    So many little time. It feels like we were just getting started and now ABC has yanked a good series.

    This episode was a good setup for the President and Templeton to battle it out in an election year. And the election wasn\'t the only battle we could see coming. With Rebecca falling for one of Templeton\'s staffers, the potential conflict within the President\'s family is huge. Not to mention the professional reprecussions as Rebecca\'s typical daughter-ly complaints to her boyfriend could become national news.

    And what of Jim Gardner being asked to serve as VP. This show was carving out a nitch for itself. We were just learning who these characters were...and what they really stood for.

    It felt like both the show and the "administration" were just getting their footing. Not following in the footsteps of previous political dramas, "Commander in Chief" had the potential to blaze a new trail - even if it was just a Tv show.\'s been left unfinished.
  • Good Night

    It was a bummer watching this and knowing it will not come back next year. I thought this was a good episode. It really left a lot of stories open for more.. more we will never get! I will miss this show, it was exciting! The idea of watching Templeton and Mac go at it for the White House was great, I think it would have made for GREAT tv! Donald Sutherland was WONDERFUL, the rest of the cast did well. This is one of the mistakes ABC made this year... along with the cancellation of Sons & Daughters! Shame on you ABC!
  • Good show, great actors, why do the mess it up with political plots that don\'t make sense and silly debates?

    As a political junkie, I love political fiction shows like West Wing, and Commander in Chief. Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland are great in this show, as always. What really irritates me about these shows, however, is the way they blend fact and fiction to give people a very biased view of politics and political subjects. This episode is a perfect example.

    The President finds out that the Speaker of the Illinois House has died and decides she can now push for passage of the ERA in that State. The Story plays out that the President is bravely taking on an important issue of justice against the better judgement of those looking out for her political survival.

    Let\'s put aside the fact that the ERA was supposed to have been passed within a certain number of years of its proposal. The fact that it was not passed within that time was the reason people stopped trying for passage. It wasn\'t like all the supporters just gave up. They ran out of time.

    What really bothers me is that the issue is portrayed in terms of justice rather than having people talk intelligently about both sides of the issue. Opponents all just need to be \"educated\" a little before they will support it, like the dim-witted Speaker of the Florida House who initially opposes passage because we have \"too many laws\" already. However, she comes around after the President points out that she personally benefitted from a sex quota for a sports scholarship in college that she probably would not have gotten but for Title IX. Wouldn\'t the perfect retort to this be that Title IX and a myriad of other discrimination laws already make sex discrimination illegal in they ways socieity dislikes? Another response might be that maybe that scholarship was an unfair quota that forced other students to pay higher tuition in order for her to benefit from a sex quota and maybe that is wrong?

    But no real debate on the topic ever takes place. All opponents are either too stupid to understand the subject or political cowards for not stepping up.

    The real reason many people opposed the ERA back in the 70\'s was that they saw what the Courts were doing with other anti-disrimination Amendments and Statutes. If a Court can say that a law which clearly bars all discrimination on the basis of race and sex, can actually mandate discrimination in favor of certain classes, there is no telling how they might twist the ERA. This is not ammunition people wanted to give to activist judges, even though almost everyone supports the idea that women should have equal rights under the law.

    It is too bad conservative arguments are never given honest discussion in these shows.