Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 18

Unfinished Business

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2006 on ABC

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  • And so ends a show that really deserved to go longer.

    It's always a shame to see a show with such potential end just as it's starting to improve after a slump. It's all the sadder because of all the subplots it lays out for a 2nd season that will never happen.

    The developments were interesting like the First Daughter finding her online friend to be working for the enemy and the revelation Kelly was married. That last one seemed a little too soap opera to go far though.

    For Gardner to be VP is interesting although it does smack a bit too similar to West Wing and Leo. Still, would have been interesting for Templeton to try running against Mac without coming off racist or sexist.

    Sutherland was great with Templeton, actually showing a bit of anxiety for once about running but proving he could by announcing it the way he did. His interactions with Mac were good.

    Of course, the big thing was Dickie getting fired and then going right to Templeton. Dickie's always been interesting in that he's often right, Mac is too niave in politics for her own good. Of course, going against her wishes is not a wise move so she was right to fire him.
    That he'd go right to Templeton isn't too surprising as he wants to show he can run a Presidential campaign and win it. Too bad we won't see that develop.

    And so ends a show with so much promise until behind the scenes shifts led to constant changes in tone that ruined it. Through it all, Geena Davis was excellent as a woman in a position that would break many men and holding onto it tight. She was the heart of this show and I wish to hell she could have shown her stuff more. Still, we have the memories of a fine show and what could have been.