Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 12

Wind Beneath My Wing

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2006 on ABC

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  • I think CIC continues to show why it is indeed a great show. Yeah, there may have been some unrealistic parts but again this is TV. If we want everything to be factual and realistic we can watch CNN. Continue on Commander In Chief. You rule!!!

    I think this was a very interesting show. I like as always the way the president handles her business. She continues to surprise her staff regarding her approach to situations. They, along with Templeton continue to underestimate her. I also like the party at the White House. It may not have been very realistic but it was fun. I also like the way grandmom has become a signficant part of the first family. I see that Templeton is easing back to his old ways. Watch Out President Allen. Bravo! Bravo! Commander In
    Chief. I Love It!
  • I miss Rod Lurie!

    Ok I tried to give Bochco a chance, I did, so it's safe to now say, please bring Rod Lurie back!! Bochco is butchering my favorite show. This episode, while "somewhat" entertaining, was a joke compared to what we were given in the beginning by Rod. Templeton vs. Mac has gotten extremely old and should be dropped ASAP. Give it a break for at least a couple of episodes, if later the writers want to come back to it, fine. But for now, can it! Secondly, I was so hoping that the hitchhiker would've been shot. If running the country was as easy as it has been for Mac in every episode, heck, i'm running for President in the next election!! Finally, I was right, "Zack Morris" does not belong in the White House. It's been 3-4 weeks since he's been on the show and his character is still walking around dazed and confused? Can him too!
  • an impossible truth

    to have this happend in real life is almost imposible and the out come will not be the same and easy. I think that this show will have success only if it sticks to real issues that happend in real life. The part of the party shows almost no control by the secretr serviices and i think that was a mistake by the writers and director
  • There is one scene that made this whole episode for me, otherwise it would be lower than an 8.0...

    I know I say it every time, but I really do enjoy seeing Donald Sutherland every week.

    You know when you see Air Force One that something bad is going to happen...

    Kate Allen managed to put her foot in it when she said for Horace and Rebecca to invite their friends over - does this mean I'm going to be cringing my way through the B storyline in this ep? Yeah, yeah, reviews on the fly - you knew it had to be that way.

    Hubby is getting his undies in a knot over Nathan's comments that the American people have gotten two for the price of one - I don't see why, as it does appear to be true. Both Mac and Rod have been playing the political game for years, according to the storyline, so how is this insulting?

    Well, Mac gets to get out of her political glad-handing - her schedule was definitely stupid, but the organizer was just a little too happy that Mac was sticking around - not letting some nutcase run her out of town.

    Could we please blow Dickie up? I find him really irritating... He's on a plane with a fuel truck under the wing and a guy wearing explosives, and all he can do is ask if she wants to go again? How crass...

    It's only when you see Geena Davis standing next to other people that you realise how darn tall the woman is - and how short others are beside her.

    That entire speech to Terzano is perfect - the writing was great, and the delivery was also excellent. Playing on his duty to his country and his family, then giving the order to take him out if he doesn't surrender in five minutes. That whole scene pretty much made the episode for me.
  • They could have done without the whole -- kids in the White House subplot.

    I found the whole subplot of the first kids throwing a party at the White House laughable. As antagonistic as the press the press has been towards the Allen Presidency there is no way there wouldn’t have been an urgent bulletin that there was a teenage party. Mac would have been alerted and the party would have surely come to a swift close. It was further let down to see Hayden Panettiere, of Ally McBeal fame, playing the fluffy-brained air-head, she usually chooses smarter roles.

    And don’t get me started on the whole missing Gettysburg Address thing. There is no way this document would be out in the open, exposed to the air, and therefore it would have been under some sort of glass container and that container would have some sort of alarm that would activate when the container was opened—sending the Secret Service running.
  • Things happened, but nothing really great...

    Air Force One is held hostage and I'm still a little foggy on how that happened exactly...

    The thing with Dickie staying on board to fool around with that reporter was kind of ri"dic"ulously funny... I personally wouldn't have minded Dickie getting blown up.

    Mac had a difficult situation to face, but I think she did an okay job... I certainly couldn't have done better. I felt bad for that guy.

    The whole thing with the twins was a little stupid... I get trying to work them into the show... I really like Caitlin Wachs (not just cause we have the same name) but they could've come up with something better!
  • Nothing Really Special!!

    This is a decent show, but every week is starting to get more and more painful to watch. The main point of the episode was good, the whole Air Force One part was exiclent, but they would of killed the man the moment it started. But that would of made bad TV. Beyond that the show started to go down hill.

    The Sup-plot of this episode was the party at the White House. This was so lame, and so could not happen that it was almost painfull to watch. I really wish they would think about these things in the writers room. And the thing that was stollen was really a weak ending.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Laughable and cartoonish...

    As if the treatment of all aspects of the Air Force One situation wasn't bad enough, then we have the kids throwing a party and...shhhhhh...we have to keep it from Mom -- I know, I know, she's the President and the party happened **in the White House**, but she never has to know, wink wink...


    CIC became a friggin' episode of "Charles In Charge" tonight and this show deserves better. It deserves what it was when Lurie was handling things the first few episodes. Bochco needs to be tossed ASAP, and he needs to take Zack from "Saved By The Bell" with him once and for all.

    Oh yeah, and don't forget that pile of crap he's written to fill the rest of the season -- hurry before someone films it! If I want to watch cartoons I have three other channels I can find them on.

    This was embarrassing! Plain and simple. How a show so promising can turn into feces at the hands of one person is amazing -- thanks Steve! The 80s were 25 years ago, bye bye now!
  • This was really painfull to watch.

    When I heard West Wing was cancelling, I thought I needed to get into the spirt of this series before the series ran to long. But this espoide showed that this series might not be as long as we thought.

    First of all, it gave a unrealisic way that the President of the Untied States travels to Air Force One, when leaving from the White House. The Presdent always leaves from the White House to Andrew air Force base in Marine One, allowing for the motorcade to travel to the destenation hours before the Presdeint arrives.

    Another realisitic interpertation of the show was that the refueling truck was not searched properlly before it approched Air Force One. Any bomb sniffing dog would have located the C-4 that was strapped to the bomber.

    Also, even our real goverment, does not negoitaiote or ever talk to terriots wanting to talk to the President of the United States.

    The party in the White House would never be allowed to spread to the West Wing and the White House would be the centtreal location of where situations would be handling even during the weekend and not in some hotel room.