Commander in Chief

Season 1 Episode 12

Wind Beneath My Wing

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2006 on ABC

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  • I miss Rod Lurie!

    Ok I tried to give Bochco a chance, I did, so it's safe to now say, please bring Rod Lurie back!! Bochco is butchering my favorite show. This episode, while "somewhat" entertaining, was a joke compared to what we were given in the beginning by Rod. Templeton vs. Mac has gotten extremely old and should be dropped ASAP. Give it a break for at least a couple of episodes, if later the writers want to come back to it, fine. But for now, can it! Secondly, I was so hoping that the hitchhiker would've been shot. If running the country was as easy as it has been for Mac in every episode, heck, i'm running for President in the next election!! Finally, I was right, "Zack Morris" does not belong in the White House. It's been 3-4 weeks since he's been on the show and his character is still walking around dazed and confused? Can him too!
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