Committed: The Toronto International Film Festival



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Committed: The Toronto International Film Festival

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Committed: The Toronto International Film Festival is the AMC documentary series from Morgan Spurlock which follows directors who are on the journey to premiering their films at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. The show is narrated by AMC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff, who guides viewers along the journeys of four filmmakers, first time documentary filmmaker Sarah McCarthy, newbie fiction director Shawn Ku, Academy Award nominated John Sayles, and indie vet George Hickenlooper. These four filmmakers show the journey and experience of a film festival through their different viewpoints and levels of experience, from the nervous and inexperienced first timers to indie fixtures who are trying to make the jump into commercial success. See the excitement, anxieties, and joys that come along with the experience, as these filmmakers commit to getting their film seen, no matter what it takes. AMC brings us on the ride from the day they are accepted to the festival, to the credits rolling on that special night, and the negotiations for possibly selling their film afterwards. Tune in for the journey of a lifetime as these filmmakers follow their dreams in Committed: The Toronto International Film Festival.moreless

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