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  • Every pot his its lid in this hilarious show about two odd ducks that hit it off on an accidental blind date. Unjustly canceled after a first season of just 13 episodes.

    Unlike most comedies I've seen, this one is actually laugh out loud funny, without the embarrassment humor* that everyone seems to rely on these days. I like fresh, new ideas in the television shows I watch, and this definitely fits, in my opinion. I like the quirkiness of the characters, which was obvious, but not overstated. Nate has phobias and quirks of genius while Marni is friendly to a fault and says what she's thinking, no matter how weird. If two odds make an even, they are an even pair of oddballs. But it works.

    The supporting characters are also odd and hilarious, the entire cast is wonderful. Tess, the boozing, highly irresponsible nanny who lives across the hall from Marni is (to me) a fresh take on the comic relief friend with no inhibitions. I don't know what it is, but I just love her. Bowie, Nate's friend and coworker is funny because he's so different than Nate, so their interactions are funny. He eventually becomes friends with Tess and they are a good (friendly) match. Clown's deadpan humor and odd behavior is also a welcome addition to the entire group of oddballs.

    The show was unjustly canceled after the first season, apparently for low ratings, but it doesn't seem to have been given a chance. It's a shame, really. Of course I don't expect it to ever come back, but I'd love to see it on DVD.

    *Embarrassment humor (my term) puts a character in a situation that embarrasses them severely, just for the humor. I hate this because for some reason I relate, and keenly feel the embarrassment with them. This is done a lot on Frasier and Ellen, usually because of a misunderstanding.