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  • A great show that shouldn't have ever been canceled.

    What stupid fools would cancel a show as great as "Committed"? NBC has yet to prove themselves by keeping a great show. They hardly gave it a chance. They used it as a mid-season replacement, and just canceled it for that reason. I think that they should have given it a shot at a second season in the fall, and then made the decision. I mean, come on! That was like half a season. I hope that they can make a DVD of "Committed--The Complete series" just as they did with "Father of the Pride". This show had it all. Humor, drama, lessons, and more. NBC better prove themselves with "NoTORIous" this fall (which I have no clue when it premiers). Committed did well in the ratings and humor, but it was NBC's stupid decision to ruin it. It was never even given a chance. At least the WB and FOX have been good to their mid-season replacements, they are renewing "Living with Fran" and FOX is renewing "Stacked". Then in may, they will make their desicion. That's good work, you two! As for NBC...I have nothing to say.