Season 1 Episode 3

The Apartment Episode

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 11, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

Nate calls Marni while she's putting on lotion. After a few minutes they start to describe what they'd be doing to each other if they were together. Marni says she can't picture him because she's never been to his apartment and tricks Nate into inviting her over. He's panicked because his apartment is a complete, total mess.

When Marni arrives Nate tries to keep her out, but then takes a few seconds to figure out what to do. He finally just turns off all the lights and they find the couch in the dark.

The next day at the record store Nate and Bowie talk about how Nate needs to throw all his crap out. The Chinese delivery guy shows up and tells Bowie that his tattoo doesn't mean "Fiery Strength," it actually means "Lil' Bitch." Bowie doesn't take that well.

Marni and Tess discuss how weird it was that Marni hasn't seen Nate's apartment. They decide to break into his apartment, and when they do, they see the mess.

Nate almost talks himself into letting Marni see his apartment, but then he chickens out. Another Chinese delivery guy shows up and Bowie has him translate his tattoo. He says it means, "Of two men who love each other, you are the one who plays the woman."

Tess and Marni start to snoop around the mess, looking in cabinets and reading things from Nate's huge stack of legal pads. Marni thinks that it's "like standing inside his brain." They decide to leave and Marni puts the legal pad back on a stack. The stack falls over into another and another, causing a domino effect through the whole apartment, making an even larger mess.

As they are trying to figure out what to do Nate calls saying he's on his way home. Marni panics and accidentally tells him she loves him when she hangs up. They hide when they hear Nate at the door. He comes in while reading and doesn't notice anything before he moves into another room. Marni and Tess escape, but realize that Marni left her phone in Nate's apartment when it rings. She darts in there and grabs it just before Nate comes to investigate the noise. He finally sees the mess.

While at a tattoo parlor with Bowie, Nate tells him that someone ransacked apartment, but Bowie says his crap just fell over again. Bowie is picking out a new tattoo, and the tattoo guy suggests picking another Chinese character. Bowie doesn't trust the poster of them on the wall, but starts to look at a Chinese food menu.

Nate finally calls Marni and invites her to is apartment, worrying her. He has cleaned the apartment completely, and Marni asks where all the stuff is. Nate realizes she's the one who broke in and when her phone goes off that confirms it for him. They argue about hiding baggage. Nate starts spouting off all kinds of weird things about himself. Marni calms him down by telling him she thought his apartment was kinda sexy.

Bowie is on the subway and a guy compliments his tattoo. He asks if Bowie knows what it means and he says "Lemon Chicken." When the guy says that Bowie must really like lemon chicken, Bowie says, "I do now."