Season 1 Episode 3

The Apartment Episode

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 11, 2005 on NBC

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  • Best episode of the series

    One would think that because this show was quickly cancelled it was a total loss and it was a very dull show. However, this episode makes us doubt about it, and makes us think that sometimes networks are just way too hard with some shows just because some people complain about the ratings, or about that they did not like one episode. So, I think that overall a good explanation of why a show fails will be good from them, but the truth is that they don’t have any good excuses except from “not the great success we were searching for, not good ratings”, lame excuse. Don’t really understand.

    So, we have “The Apartment Episode” which is overall, the best episode of the entire thirteen episode series. Really good episode, that consists in a lot of things. For starters, the way in which (sorry I don’t really know names) the big strong guy has a tattoo that apparently means “strong dude or something alike” but according to some Chinese it means “chicken” or something alike. The beginning was something funny that I really think is worth of mentioning. Now onto the main plot of the episode, the woman realizes that she is never allow into the apartment, and the man does not want to let her in because he keeps everything that he has (receipts, checks, even trash), so she decides to break in to see it all by herself. Good idea, except that she accidentally puts everything in a mess and throws every paper and every thing that was being kept to the floor. The funniest part of the episode is when they are trying to do it and he turns off the light so that she does not notice it, but there is so much mess that he kicks her out. Also, when he finally decides to invite her, she discovers that he apparently clean up everything, and that makes her angry because that is not really himself. At the end, it is reveal that he did not throw anything away, but instead he just put in the closet. Overall, the best episode of the series and the funniest too.