Season 1 Episode 1

The Pilot Episode

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 04, 2005 on NBC
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The Pilot Episode
Nate is set up to go on a blind date with Susan, only when he goes to pick her up, he picks up Marni, who was set to go on a different blind date. After talking through dinner, they realize they are perfect for each other, but also realize that they are on the wrong dates.moreless

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  • it's about two people who accidental think they were each other blind date and they have a good time until they found out that they picked up the wrong person

    i know this series got cancelled after 13 episode but i choose to watch this comedy anyway. ok i really enjoy the pilot episoide of this show.

    it's about two people who accidental think they were each other blind date and they have a good time until they found out that they picked up the wrong person. Basically that what happend in this episoide.

    i thought the chacter were odd, Marani has a tenat living in a cupboard while other guy Nate who counts fire-exits at resterants and scared of lift realise he love when he used a lift to find Marni. That proved to him he fancy her.

    it's a strange comedy however i didn't like token black-guy chacter in this episoide but he definatly amusing and his voice cracked me up. it's a shame they protrayed him like that.

    i will definatly be watch this next week.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this pilot episode, Marni tries to get a date to sing "Mahna Mahna" with her. In later episodes, it turns out to be her cellphone's ringtone.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Marni: (sees the milk sitting on the counter) You didn't put your milk away, Clown! (walks to the closet door) Clown! (bangs on closet door) I know you're in there! How many times to I have to say it? Put the damn milk away! (pause) And I know you've been juggling my fruit!

    • Nate: It just sucks! You know? I finally meet this girl who's the perfect mix of sincerity, wit, and nice lips and there is no way I'm ever going to see her again. (Marni walks in the door) Oh no! That's her! (Nate runs into the back room, followed by Bowie)
      Bowie: What the hell are you doing? You finally meet a woman you like who may actually like you and run? You do this crap, it makes me want to stab you!

    • Marni: My online therapist says you can't live your life in fear.
      Nate: Your therapist is online?
      Marni: (nods) Budda88. He also sells shampoo.

    • Nate: So you ready to go?
      Marni: Yeah. Could you just hold my purse? (walks to the door without him)
      Nate: Uh, wait! I thought you needed to do something.
      Marni: No, I just don't like holding my purse.

    • (The clown walks out of the closet and plugs in an extension cord)
      Nate: Who was that?
      Marnie: Nobody... just you know a dying clown. You were saying?
      Nate: I'm sorry... a dying clown?
      Marnie: Yeah, he's a clown, he's dying, it's not that interesting of story.

    • Marnie: I'm sub-letting the apartment. The clown was already living here in the closet when I moved in. It's one of the conditions of the lease that he gets to live here until.. you know... he's dead.
      Nate: And he lives in the closet?
      Marnie: It's a walk-in with a bed and TV. He's use to small spaces... you know the cars?

    • Marni: So then I said, "Hey, you can't touch me there! You're my uncle!" (laughs)... Aaah, family.

  • NOTES (2)