Season 1 Episode 1

The Pilot Episode

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 04, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

Nate Soloman hasn't had much luck dating women lately, so he is skeptical about the blind date he has that night. He says his problems are because the women are whack jobs, but it's clearly because he's odd.

Marni Fliss also has a blind date, and has the same problem dating. She says that dating is hard because there are so many strange guys out there, but again, Marni is the strange one.

Later, Marni steps off the elevator into the lobby of her building and sees Nate sitting there, waiting. She asks if he's waiting for her, and they head out for their date.

While walking to their restaurant Nate tells Marni that he studied Physics at Yale, but he works in a used records store. He says it's a good thing because his family is filled with geniuses who do great things and then go insane, so he is cheating destiny by not exercising his potential. Marni tells him she is an occupational therapist at a hospital.

During the date Nate is highly irritated by a man who is blocking an emergency exit. It bothers him so much Marni finally tricks the guy into moving. Nate likes that, but calls her Susan. When he does it again, she finally tells him she isn't Susan.

At the record store the next day, Nate tells his friend Bowie the story, and that they went back and got their correct dates. Nate didn't like Susan, but he does like Marni. Just then Marni shows up in the record store, and Nate hides in the back room. Nate tries to over-analyze things but Bowie forces him to go talk to her. The conversation starts out okay, but Nate ruins it by cutting it short.

While returning to her apartment Marni tells her neighbor and friend Tess that she finally found Nate after going to five record stores, but the meeting was... odd. After Tess goes inside Nate comes running up, having taken the stairs because he is afraid of elevators. They talk, and Nate is sounding crazy just when someone walks out of Marni's closet. She explains that she is subletting the apartment and as part of the lease the guy (who is a dying clown) gets to live there. Nate finally manages to ask her on a date Friday night.

At the restaurant on Friday Nate shows up and finds Marni there with Todd. He is a friend of hers whom she invited him along. Nate tells her he wants Todd to leave because it is their first real date, and Marni asks him to, but it causes a big commotion because Todd is in a wheelchair. Marni is upset and Nate is embarrassed, so they call it a night and go home.

At home Marni yells at Clown for not putting the milk away, and for juggling her fruit. When he comes out she cries because she really liked Nate.

Walking down the street, Nate and Bowie talk about the date. Suddenly Nate runs off and goes to Marni's apartment, saying that the emergency exit was blocked at the restaurant but he didn't notice because he was thinking about her. She is happy he is there and they kiss. Nate gives her a gas mask as a gift because he wants her to stay alive so they can get to know each other better.
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