Season 1 Episode 2

The Return of Todd Episode

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2005 on NBC



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    • Tess: (to Nate) I am proving to Marni that our mailman sucks. She has this annoying habit of only seeing the good in people.
      Nate: Oh my God! I know. And she's so smug about it. Won't believe you, no matter what you say.
      Tess: Isn't it annoying?
      Nate: So annoying!
      Marni: Well, you're lucky I do see the good in people. Because otherwise I'd be standing here looking at (looks at Nate) a headcase who's wasting his life at a record store and (turns to Tess) a borderline alcoholic who complains about her job but never does anything about it. (pause) But I don't. I think you two are super!

    • Nate: (about Todd and his wheelchair) This guy is always trying to make me look bad. He uses his disadvantage to his advantage.
      Bowie: Aw, man! I'm going to Hell just for knowing you.

    • Tess: The mailman, he's evil. He steals magazines, he crumples people's mail, and my last shipment from Amazon? No books, just bubble wrap. And the bubble wrap? Already popped. (pause) What kind of monster pops somebody else's bubble wrap?

    • Nate: (to Marni) You know when you have your shoes for a while and they feel really comfortable, but then all of the sudden they just start bugging you?
      Marni: Do you want out of this relationship?
      Nate: What? No. No! I'm talking about my actual shoes. They're hurting me.
      Marni: Oh! Just say that next time. (pause) You know what, you should take your shoes to my cobbler.
      Nate: Your cobbler? Is he near the candlemaker and the bootblack?
      Marni: No smartass, I don't have a bootblack. And it turns out my candlemaker was just a front for a meth lab.

    • Marnie: (sad) It's too bad you don't have a ramp because Todd was really excited to browse... (cheerful) Oh well it's not the worst thing to happen to him, right?

    • Todd: I see you don't have wheelchair access. It's cool! It's cool!
      Nate: (to Marnie) I'm sorry this is a 1913 building.
      Marnie: Don't tell me, tell the guy who can't walk.

    • Nate Solomon: Marni suggested we do something together.
      Todd: Alright, how about Saturday?
      Nate Solomon: Saturday's no good. I'm doing something.
      Todd: What's that?
      Nate Solomon: Basketball.
      Todd: Oh, I see. You think I can't play basketball because I'm in a wheelchair.
      Nate Solomon: No, I think you're a great basketball player.
      Todd: Why? Cause I'm black?

    • Todd: Just because I'm in a wheelchair, doesn't mean I can't play basketball, and just because I'm black doesn't mean I can.

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    • Bowie: Alright, stop talking about your shoes. This ain't Sex and the City.

      This is an allusion to the HBO show, Sex and the City. The main topics of that show seem to be sex, relationships, men, and shoes.

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