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is it me????????????

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    [1]Aug 5, 2012
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    now i love the show but the premise been did before about the buddy cops.fastlane to name one.but do anyone feel like the two leads are about to kiss or something.its very odd.maybe its me thinking that b/c since their friends and have great chemistry.butthe pilot spent more timetrying to say they werent a couple(fastlane did the same thing) and it donw come off that way.

    i heard other say if it was about two gay cops itll be original but what i want to know is it me or does anyone else notices the 2 lead play the characters like something else is going on orare the writers doing that on purpose.

    maybe it is just me.maybe im over thinking this.

    now i dont even think i should have wrote thatoh well too late uh

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    [2]Aug 7, 2013
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    no its not just you.

    the two leads are so close sometimes it makes me alittle uncomfortable.

    but i do agree with you.the two friends who are cops one black and the other one is white has been done so many times.maybe they should have mix it up and made them gay.

    it odd for me to be saying they should have been gay but from a story point it could be very good.considering ppl have one way they think gays should act it would be very wired to see gays that can kick some butt lol

    so its not just you.i liked the show but i felt like ive done seen this before.

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