Common Law

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 11, 2012 on USA

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  • Dead on arrival!

    This show tripped and fell even before it got out of the gate. The first episode went STRAIGHT (which is the wrong word) to the political left from the beginning. The writers need to understand that type of humor is not funny! With any luck it will have a short run.
  • Common Law: A Very Well-Made Series

    Last month, USA Network, one of my favorite channels, premiered Common Law for the Summer on Friday, May 11, 2012 at 10:00 PM EST. This was the only new series for Summer 2012 (Political Animals is a miniseries). I saw the pilot for myself a week after it aired on demand. As I watching the pilot, I was pleased with the series. The quality of the series was amazing.

    When I was watching the show, I saw the quote, "You may feel as though you know your partner quite well - maybe too well but you'd be surprise at what you don't know," by Dr. Phil. After the quote, we meet Wes Mitchell and Travis Marks, partnered police detectives in the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) who are in couples therapy for their first time as their therapist, Dr. Emma Ryan, tries to help them in future episodes. Wes and Travis were friendly to each other at first, but then Wes pulled a gun on Travis in anger, and since then they have not been nice to each other. Of course, they had to leave for a case, and someone thought they were gay by accident. Travis and Wes corrected him, saying they are partners in the LAPD.

    As the show goes on, there is less on-screen fighting between Travis and Wes. The writing is good, and the show has a good storyline. The best scene in this episode was when Travis went to a supermarket at a gas station and there were robbers attempting to shoot him. Wes was being bugged by a robber who stayed outside. When Wes saw Travis in danger, he drove the car into the doors and arrested all the robbers and saves Travis, who was hiding behind the Twinkies. However, their friendship can never last. They attack each other in their office and at the end, *SPOILER ALERT* they attack each other again in their couples therapy session *SPOILER ALERT*.

    Another good thing about the show is the reunion between two FlashForward characters, Michael Ealy (Travis) and Sonya Walger (Dr. Ryan). It was almost a month between the cancellation of FlashForward and the series order of Common Law. Although I never watched FlashForward, I'm proud that their careers lasted. Also, the Wibberly brothers created this show, and they are good at creating shows and movies. They are the creators of G-Force, which I saw the day it came out, which was good. I thought to myself, "If G-Force is good, then Common Law is better," which it was. I'm proud that I have seen each episode to date.

    What's my take on season 2? It's possible, but it's on Fridays. Friday is known as the "death slot", mostly with NBC. USA is owned by NBC, so cancellation is possible. I would classify this show as "on the bubble", since USA usually gives second seasons to new shows. I have high hopes for season 2! I want to know what happens next!

    Thanks for reading!
  • Seems like this will be sure to get some laughs

    Who says that they have to remake a genre every time a new show comes out? Sometimes a new show about the same old thing is okay. I have no doubt that this show will be funny and this pilot was entertaining. Michael Ealy is fun to look at and the both of them together are funny. Nice to see Sonya Walger in something again. She was great for this part because she has a calming demeanor.
  • Pilot Common Law

    It is Psych, except it is not funny and focuses more on being a cop show. The shootout scene in the quickie mart was fun, but this is just a program with zero originality whatsoever, and not really any substance, good acting or good writing. Fans of USA Network may like it, but I am just not crazy about it based on the pilot.
  • So Glad I tuned In....

    Just saw this, It's pretty intense. And funny. The writing is pretty damn good and the acting too. The partners couldnt be more diverse. I hope folks tune in more cause Am really Loving this.

    On another note I wasnt a fan of Micheal Ealy but wow I love his character I hope he satys this way and doesnt turn to the usual black cliches( womaniser etc)

  • The next USA summer hit

    As a big fan of all things USA -especially Burn Notice- I had to check out this new summer show. Yes, I know we've only seen the pilot so far but I am already a big fan. Like Burn Notice, this is a breezy-light-summer-sunshine-show, set in L.A. about two detectives in therapy, constantly bickering. That makes for a lot of funny moments and I mean really funny not just haha or haha inappropriate. But we also got to see a lot of background about the characters and they feel well rounded and real. And there were a lot of familiar faces around, like the DA from Pretender - old times.

    Hope the next episodes keep up with this great start.