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  • It's about time this show was canceled!

    Now if those in Hollywood would would just cancel "The new Normal" and "Don't trust the B#$ in whatever" the sun may shine back over the land.
  • Another Awesome Show that Hollywood Couldn't See Was a Winner

    I just can't believe they cancelled this show! Way to go Hollywood - always cancelling the stellar shows but renewing the idiotic mainstream meaningless shows. You also did this with Shark and many other new greats. I love Common Law! It has great plot and well developed characters. This show always had me in stitches. The relationship between Travis and Wes was so funny. And the therapy was a very unique feature of the show. One of the best shows I've watched in a long time. So very disappointed it got cancelled.
  • Entertaining!!!!

    Give this show another chance. It's entertaining, funny, sexy, etc. What more do you need. So tired of watching all those cop shows that make me lose sleep. And reality shows are so not reality. Sure its predictable so what....give it another chance.
  • The Odd Couple Meets Starsky & Hutch

    I think it's a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the "reality shows". Great premise with the two copsclashing but when mixed(not stirred) to solved a crime it goes down smooth. Very cool show..funny, keeps my attention. OH yeah, I love Dr. Ryan.
  • I love these guys

    I love the way they set nthis whole series up with the couples therapy and how they are sofunny and loveable. It's perfect idea for a show and I never want it to end. I look foward to it every week. Well now I'm impatiently waiting on the next season. Whoever thought of the whole idea is brilliant. It is so much different than the other cop shows. They took this one to a whole different level and I absolutely love it. This is one of the best shows I watch
  • The Show You Want To See

    In show you guys have alot of 'love' issues, but there funny. I have to say it "I love this show!"
  • Shame on it and us!

    Boring. Anticipated. Totally cliche, stethoscopic. What elese to say. Ended watching in the middle of 2nd episode, and I usually like all sorts of police/law series, this one is just pitiful. The black guy would be better if he wasn't "SO black", and the white guy would be better ,if... probablly, if he wasn't there at all. A shame what it's put on TV and a shame on me for watching.

    Great show! Funny as hell, and a great cast! One of the best shoes i've seen! MUST return!
  • New Favourite Bromance

    This show is awesome. I love the overtones of the bickering married couple, and I love the good foster angle, where Travis has ten mums he loves, instead of the typical evil foster system. I love Wes' OCD. I just love them
  • great show

    love love love this show! i mean i love every single character in it, they're really likeable.

    I watched the show for the first time today, this morning, and I would DEFINITELY watch it again!~And, tell all my friends to watch it also~! It's serious yet funny, and the "unexpected" things that happen,~~ARE HILARIOUS~~!!! (great~!!show~!!) When they came through the window, "fighting" in the "office"~it was just TOO MUCH~!!~ Funny as Heck~!!!
  • Major goof? Not at all.

    Trained narcotics dogs can find coke wrapped in plastic, surround by gasoline inside the gas tank of a car. Fish tanks and water present no particular challenge for these canines. As most of us know. Can you be a little more careful when you complain about the script of the really turned me off !!!
  • Awsome

    OH WOW those two fight like a old married couple no wonder the group thought that they were. By the way who is Dr Ryan she looks familiar?
  • Entertainingly Funny

    It's fresh! I like the relationship between the two detectives. Realistic to real life partners.
  • Pilot Episode-reaction

    I really enjoyed the first episode of Common Law. I definitely will continue to watch this show every week. The two main leads, Travis and Wes, are partners for the LAPD. They are so hilarious together. They are forced to take couples therapy because they keep fighting. The whole way through the show I was cracking up because of their antics.

    This is a cop show, but based on the first episode it is a much more lighthearted cop show compared to others. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for some laughs and some enjoyable banter between two cops.
  • Episode 1 and already a major goof !!!!!!

    The dog sniffs the coke inside the fish tank !!!! Come on ! The only way to break a scent track is to go through water...Can you be a little more careful when you write the script of the really turned me off !!!