Season 2 Episode 23

A Fistful of Paintballs

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 05, 2011 on NBC
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Once again a paintball tournament is held in the halls and classrooms of Greendale Community College. Taking a western turn, the study group makes unlikely allegiances whilst trying to survive the backstabbing of disloyal companions and the mysterious stranger who is hunting them down.

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  • Great episode

    I was afraid of what they could do after the paintball episode of season 1, but they really did a great job.
  • Jumped the Shark

    I recently saw the "Paintball" episodes again and it occurred to me that this was the point at which the show "jumped the shark". From this point (i.e., in season three) there were several times when they made episodes that were somewhat random and disjoint and moved further and further away from what made the show great at the start.

  • Love the paintball episodes!!! And this one had Josh Holloway as The Black Rider, so even better!!

    One thing that I love about this show is that an episode can transform into anything (and we know this especially because this is a western-style episode and the part two turns into a Star Wars theme). There was so much about this episode that I loved! The costumes, for one were awesome! Annie in particular, for example.

    I have said this before, that I hate what they do with Pierce's character in season two. They make him the bad guy all the time. They have the rest of the group exclude him constantly, and after a while I just got sick of it. But he makes quite a name for himself for the better part of this episode. His motives weren't pure of course. It was all in an attempt to bring down his fellow study groupers (mostly Jeff).

    Josh Holloway as the Black Rider was a nice touch. I love the cameos in Community anyway, so this was a bonus.

    But, they trashed the school again, that is the best part!moreless
  • Annie comes of age

    Last year I tweeted Community as the most impressive and creative comedy of the year. While the debut season was more focused on comedy writing, 2nd season was all about creativity. Community took an ironic and sarcastic stance on pretty much every ounce of popular culture. Almost every episode in season 2 had a theme to it. From the bottle episode to pulp fiction parody, Halloween, xmas, valentine's day, it was all there. But the stand out episode, (after getting rave ratings in season 1) was the return of the paintball battle. Only this time, twice as much fun. Season 2 saw a two episode special paintball battle to close season 2. I have to admit after season 1, I thought using the same theme (trick) would be a bit of a drag, but, it was quite nicely done. Star of the western themed first part of the 2-ep finale was none other than Annie. She has been the goody two shoes of the show thus far, but this episode saw a welcome change. Annie came of age, and quite nicely ( ;) ). The episode also had a few guest appearances of note; well mainly Josh Holloway of 'Lost' fame. All in all it was a solid 25ish minutes of entertainment (50 for both episodes). Scene below shows Annie in a way we had never seen her. For more reviews please see my blog 'T.V et al' at

  • Community brings back the paintball.

    The paintball episode in the first season may have been one of the first times that the show went completely towards a specific theme. It's been awhile, but we're finally getting back to the Paintball episode, and as the first part of a two part episode, it was actually very entertaining. The show touched on a lot of western themes and actually added in some of their own stuff. We also get some minor character development.

    I suppose the episode wasn't the best the show has done, not even the best of this season, but it was undoubtedly the funnest one yet. Watching Annie become a powerful woman, taking the lead, watching Jeff deal with his insecurity against the "Black Rider" (played mysteriously by Josh Holloway a.k.a Sawyer from Lost), watching Pierce deal with the fact that the group may be kicking him out.. and Chang just being Chang. I'd say it's an all around great episode of Community.

    If there's one thing that I'd like to see more of, it's character development. We had some good momentum here with Pierce, and the idea that he may not be back next season in the study group, is an intriguing plot point. If the show can mix the genre experimentation with the great character work it's done this season, we may have a great season finale on our hand.moreless
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Josh Holloway

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