Season 2 Episode 11

Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Dec 09, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • This episode was co-written by Star-Burns!!!!

    It wasn't until the second time watching this episode that I noticed Dino Stamatopoulos co-wrote this one. I find little tidbits like this fascinating. This show as a whole, for me, is something more though. Not just an extremely funny show, but FULL to the brim with heart, and this episode had A LOT of that! I like how the journey was through Abed's mind via his pov... The realization of what was making Abed act so strangely was sad, but his friends gathered around him and helped him through it.

    The stop motion was great, even though a couple of them were kinda scary: Britta and Jeff.

    I loved that Chang was the snowman. He cracks me up no matter what he is, says, does... etc.

    All in all this episode was fantastic in all it's entirety.
  • i started crying :'(

    I feel bad for Abed and since i don't really cry a lot, crying when Abed found out his mom wasn't coming was sad. Besides that it was a good episode overall, i'm gonna watch it again next christmas! =]
  • The Meaning of Christmas

    I didn't see this episode the first time it aired, and that's something I truly regret, because I've missed an entire year of watching it over and over. Now, this wasn't the funniest episode of Community, but it is in the top ten, but it is one of the most creative and enjoyable episodes. It had humor, suspense, and heart. It was very well written, well put together, and amazingly animated.

    I feel that even if Community gets cancelled this year, which I really, really hope it doesn't., they should still air it every year, because this is an amazing special.
  • Superb Christmas special!

    I loved the craft and detail that went into each scene as well as the overall story. Pierce was hilarious as always along with Jeff, Annie, Troy, Abed, Shirley, Britta, Chang and the rest of the cast. I had to watch it twice just to make sure I didn't miss all the witty details. I could only give it a 9.5 rating due to the fact it was animated and therefore was unable to see Alison's really cute doe eyes this week. Man! she really is cute. Other than that it was superb! I really appreciated the extra mile they went this season and hope the show continues for many more.
  • Abed searches for the meaning of Christmas whilst everyone is in cartoon form.

    Personally, I didn't like this episode. I liked the idea of it but not so much the execution. It's sort of annoying and very out of context with the rest of the series. It was just... kind of lame. I love Christmas and yes, I love learning life lessons from cartoons but at the same time I love this show and this episode didn't have anything in common with the rest of the series. They shared characters but honestly, nothing like the other episodes.

    At least it had some token songs which really make Christmas Movies what they are. And the way they all beat up the Christmas Wizard was great.
  • Brilliant idea, and a perfect christmass episode

    From start to finish I loved this episode. I was a bit worried about the stop-motion idea being too gimicky, but they really pulled it off, all the charecters felt natural and more importantly they all got screen time in this episode. Pierce was back after being something of a non entity last week and it was definitley a more positive mood overall despite dealing with the darker side to the holidays at times.
    Only community could have exploding dinosuars fit into a show so naturally. This might well be my favourite episode of the season so far.
    Happy community Christmass!
  • Pretty good.

    This episode was a little weird, since it was in stop-motion animation. It was still pretty funny though, but I was expecting alot better, especially since it was a holiday episode. Abed has to search for the meaning of Christmas and everyone is in cartoon form. The group explores Abed's winter wonderland and find out the truth about his madness. Overall, a decent episode, though it could have been better. 7.5/10
  • Unecessary

    I really enjoy watching this show every week. At times it is the best comedy on tv, that said I sincerely hope they never do that again. Not sure why they took a wicked left turn with what normally works. Had they just done a normal episode stop motion animated it would have been weird, but still entertaining, but I didn't even think this was funny. I've liked Abed centric episodes in the past, but if this is the result hopefully they scale things back a bit. Maybe I'm being hard on this episode because I watched 30 Rock's Christmas episode which I thought was great.

    All this being said, still looking forward to the next new episode.
  • Uncontrollably Good

    Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas is sure to become a Christmas classic. It has a tiny bit of everything you could want in a holiday special. It has stop motion animation, English Christmas wizards, Frosty the Snow Change and even a Christmas pterodactyl.

    Like other episodes of Community there is a fair bit of heart in it too. And even from an unexpected character in the Hall of Frozen Peas. The quality of character modelling is very high. And the songs are all original (take that Glee) which means I'll be singing Abed's Christmas rendition of the theme song for days.

    I guess the only other thing I can say about this episode is, "Troy and Abed in stop motion!"

    Merry Christmas TV land!
  • Worst episode ever.

    Worst episode ever. Absolutely hated it. I kept, kept hoping that only the intro was claymation but no, the entire **** episode is claymation. The creators are usually masterful in all their references to genre's and Abed's continuous breaking of the fourth wall is funny, but this time they have gone too far. Even when I was a child I barely tolerated the Rudolf claymation show, but reducing one of my favorite episodes to this is unconscionable. I hope they never do this again. I wonder if they had all the cast record their parts in one day and then gave them the rest of the time off...
  • they actually found the meaning of christmas!!!

    i found this episode truly entertaining and adorable!! the group went inside abed's mind to find the true meaning of christmas and they did! it was a very touching episode where everybody (except for jeff and shirley) had something to share. annie talked about the holidays before her parent's divorce, britta was touched with a song about a not having faith in herself or her friends, pierce admitted feeling lonely this time of the year, troy was there for abed until the end, and even duncan shared a sad memory of christmas.
    one of my season's favorite episodes! it was well excecuted and had a lot of fun moments!