Season 2 Episode 2

Accounting for Lawyers

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Sep 30, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • Possibly Best episode of series.

    I would rank this higher if I could. This episode is flawless. From Jeff's backstory, to Annie's chloroforming people, just a hilarious episode from start to finiosh. And now...the Puppet.
  • Bit of Jeff's backstory plus Chang tries to join the study group


    - Ted, the head lawyer, is Drew Carrey and has a whole in his hand and he puts an olive through it

    - Hat club crowns Jeff

    - Alan and Jeff's nicknames: The Litterbugs, Tango and Sundance

    - Abed brings stuff people use for capers: suction cup, credit card, chloroform

    - Pierce finds out about an island where he can hunt people

    - Annie takes the janitor out, twice

    - Change cries

    - Jeff and Abed's "The Puppet"

    - Abed became a cartoon!

  • WOW. Had me in stitches for over half the episode.

    This is one of the funniest eps of Cummunity to date. Removing the plot from the college for much of the episode helped widen the comedic boundaries for this ep. By far the FUNNIEST scene was when Annie chloroformed the janitor. I was crying at this scene it was so hilarious! This show has really gone to new heights by taking comedy out of a safe place I think. While they still show that the characters care about each other (the 'Jeff coming to realise that his friends are more important than whatever is going on with himself' story has been done quite a few times), this show moves further from that with scenes like the cartoon tunnel wall that Abed creates and almost lures Troy into.

    Congrats if you watch this show, and to the creators and showmakers because this is my favourite show to tune into every week.
  • Best comedy show in years!

    This episode is pure comedy gold! When you thought the show couldn't be any funnier the next one tops that. All other sit-coms these days use the same jokes over and over but this show ads something that hasn't been shown before. I would call it more smart comedy because there are a lot of movie/series/music references that is hilarious if you gets them.

    Each characters have their own charm and NONE of them gets boring. I haven't seen this since the Seinfeld era that was many years ago.

    The plot with Jeff turns down the group but later returns in the end has been played out a little bit but other than that the manuscript is amazing.

    Best comedy show this decade!