Season 1 Episode 5

Advanced Criminal Law

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 15, 2009 on Yahoo

Episode Recap

Dean Pelton opens the day by announcing the school's planned unveiling of alumni Luis Guzman's statue and the presentation of the new school song. Professor Duncan runs into Jeff in the hallway and expresses his intention to make a move on Britta. Before the start of Señor Chang's Spanish Troy tricks Abed into believing that he is President Obama's nephew. Meanwhile, Jeff confronts Britta about the fake mobile number she wrote on the study group's contact sheet. During Spanish Señor Chang reveals that someone has cheated in a recent test. He then threatens to give everyone a zero for the exam if no one owns up to using the crib sheet in the next twenty-four hours. Later during their study group session, they point fingers at each other. Britta then expresses her dismay at Chang for threatening them to give a zero. At the cafeteria, Annie talks to Pierce and contracts him to write the Greendale school song. Much later, Pierce has trouble coming up with an original composition and finally confesses to Annie that his previous work has been a rip-off of another song. Annie gives him a pep talk and inspires him to continue with working on the school song. In the end, Pierce comes up with his own lyrics while using the music to Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is". The next day, Britta comes forward and stands up for the class against Chang, who throws her out of the room. Jeff goes to Britta and volunteers himself to represent her during the disciplinary tribunal session by the school swimming pool. Trying to get back at Troy, Abed initially comes up with lame pranks to fool him. Troy gives Abed some tips on tricking people and sees him taking notes, seemingly written in an unknown language. Later, Troy catches Abed recording his observations on human behavior. Taking his pretense as an alien to another level, Abed goes into the audiovisual room and talks to another alien who looks just like him from the television. Troy finally pulls the plug on Abed's prank and tells him that as friends, they should not mess with each other. In the meantime, the tribunal consisting of Dean Pelton, Professor Duncan, and Señor Chang puts Britta on trial for cheating in the Spanish test. Britta initially denies to making the crib sheet and that she previously confessed to protect her classmates from the Chang's threats. She then changes her testimony and admits to cheating. Jeff later uses insanity as a defense and points out that the self-sabotaging Britta only thinks she can not succeed in anything. He ends his speech by saying that craziness should not be considered a crime in Greendale. At the end of the school week, Dean Pelton unveils the statue of Luis Guzman and presents the school song composed by Pierce. Later, Abed and Troy play the pencil mouth game, the object of which is to have the highest number of pencils placed in one's mouth in order to win.